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A freindly list for Christians with Invisible Illnesses like MCS, CFS, FM, MS etc. who share and care. A home away from home! Our motto is: "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine!"

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Are you stuck at home due to a chronic illness or disability? Do you have a home business, hobby, skill ? Do you like to swap, exchange, share or sell ? Come join our community at Homebound'ers XChange today! We need you! (those who exchange things like postcards and bookmarks welcome here too! ) Are you interested in disability advocacy? Educating others about your illness, educating churches and the community on the needs of those who are homebound? We do this too and your ideas are always welcome here :)
Do you like surfin' the web? Are ya bored and want to find some good sites? Do you have great sites to share? Has the owners of the e-lists you're own warned you about posting one more url? Then you need to be at Just Around The Corner  ! A christian hangout where we share sites.
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For those who are interested in remodeling, revamping, refurbishing your home or are starting from scratch building a new one. This group is for sharing information on safe building products and materials and Designed 4 Living for those with chronic health problems or disabilities. Builders, Designers and those with Chronic Conditions are welcome to join. [As a home designer for over 18 yrs I found very little to accomidate those with disabilities. My particular interest is in designing for those with little energy to expend on cleaning and maintaining their home. Now we have a place to share! ]
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OK- CFS-FM-MCS - Okanagan B.C. area - Kelowna local CFS-FMS-MCS support & advocacy network
CCFS_FM - is a sub list of CMCS-ei for those who have CFS and/or FM
CMCS-Research & Resource Center- a place to share research reports, studies, websites & your own research experiences. Lots of info in the archives!

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CMCS-wKidz This group is for discussion and sharing of anything related to children and raising children when you have a chronic invisible illness.
CMCS-Chap - is a list for those of you who can no longer attend church. It is not a chat list but a list where you will find scriptures, song lyrics, devotionals, prayers and prayer requests weekly just like you'd have in church !
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My Island Place - Don's the poet's site :) Don is a friend who has MCS. I highly recommend reading his poems!
Zona's Zone Blog ! Check out the new chronic illness cartoons!
Martha's MCS blog "Sharing Air" - excellent blog on all kinds of info re MCS related
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