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What do I do to get these shows?
Just drop me an email with what shows you have to offer and we can discuss a deal and exchange snail mail

WHen I get these shows can I use them to trade with other people?
We'd rather you not for personal reasons. Just guide them to us as we're usually pretty reasonable as one of us would probably like what you've got as we want to make everyone happy.

Is it true that the CJOH studio destroyed the shows?
I'm afraid so but we're looking to find every single episode possible with all the musical guests.

Everyone said that only 12 episodes we're made minus the Saturday morning pilot. Do you have all the episodes now that you got the promo episodes that were the missing one's too?
They made a mistake. There's actually 14 of them made and we have them all now thanks to someone in Kelowna taping them when it aired twice a day on YTV in 1988-89 but the musical guests were cut out of them. However, we plan to put the existing ones in where they belong. But we're trying hard to track anyone else down who has the full versions of them.

Are they really in great quality instead of the one's that were taped in 1979?
Yes, you couldn't get a better pic quality..

Do you charge money for these shows?
Absolutely not. We only do tape or dvd trade with the shows so it will prevent us for getting in trouble since we don't license these shows and want to be safe about it all.

Did you ever contact YTV seeing if they have these shows still?
We did but they told us those shows were expired a long time ago as they ran with it's sister show when the channel was new and couldn't afford new programming.


That's right folks after 5 years of waiting Jim Clarke sent us the promotional copies of 4 episodes that he found of Whatever Turns You On plus they happen to be the lost episodes that no one taped when it aired in 1979 on CTV or in 1988-89 on YTV when it came on in re-runs.
The show has a counter on each episode plus they didnt put in the canned laughter, music intros or certain sound effects as well as having a few minute blank spaces for commercial breaks. All of them are in A+ quality. However the 4th one has no audio at all. The second episode on the DVD is the full promo version of Drama Lessons in which the only existing copy was taped on YTV and stopped recording when Max Webster came on as a musical guest but now you can see the whole thing.

Important: Please look at our frequently asked questions about the rules for our trading services and any other information which is important as we are happy to help you all out by getting these shows as well as look around the other pages here including the stills so you know what you'll be getting.


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Drama Lessons

Public Library

Social Worker (No Audio)

Bonus Shows:

YCDTOTV: St. Patricks Day (In better picture quality)

WTYO Pilot Episode (In crystal clear quality)

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Click on the banner or image to check out the stills from this episode as it features Kevin Schenk doing a cereal commercial called the Whole Earth forcing to eat it although he doesn't want to. Kevin Somers was rejected for his height as Mr. Dime thought they wanted him and there's a musical guest by Alma Faye Brooks performing "Too Late"

We have the full promo version of "Drama Lessons" about Ruth Buzzi's character trying to teach the kids at the studio how to do Shakespeare and then Max Webster was going to perform "Paradise Skies" during the middle of this show but whoever taped it on YTV stopped but we got it all and took many stills of Max Webster and the rest of the skits.

This show was about a public library with some skits involving Kevin and Jono opening a book and noise comes out of it or a penalty for bringing in books late like a pie in the face or tortured in a dungeon.
The topic is also about the kids at the studio wanting to go to a concert but can't find a date as Marc Baillon tries so hard to win a date with Moose and Ross tries to trick him in buying his old car so that way Marc can go out with her.
Kevin (Nope not Moose this time) also introduces Max Webster as they perform again for the second time with "Lip Service"

Here are the images from the muted episode as Ruth Buzzi plays a social worker of some sort and tries to take the kids away from the program studio thinking that they're being too hard on them and then she tries to get them to go to school and they refuse then Mr. Dime comes in saying they have some sort of a new contract saying that they can come back to the studio. I remember this vaguely when I saw this on YTV 20 years ago.
Christine introduces Kevin Page as he performs a song as the dome looked more spectacular with the glitter and other stuff while he was performing too as you will see for yourself.