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Les Lye, Ruth Buzzi, Kevin Somers, Christine McGlade, Jono Gebert, Kevin Schenk, Lisa Ruddy.
Musical Guest:
Cooper Brothers - "Last One a Fast One"


Kevin Somers, Jono Gebert and Kevin Schenk are constantly waiting for the bus as it's been over an hour as they're late for their show and Les Lye plays a bus inspector saying that the bus will be there about 40 feet while Christine is introducing the show herself and improvising that she's talking to the rest.
Eventually they make it and Somers spots some quarters placed on the floor at the studio leading to a box that has a 10 dollar bill and he's trapped in it and taken away.
Miss Take notifies Mr. Dime that Somers was kidnapped.
Ruth Buzzi's character as Aunt Agatha desperately wants to find his nephew Somers and wants to kiss him as she's usually after Marc Baillon but is in the mood for brunettes this time.
Meanwhile, Somers is in a storage room listening to loud music and eating pizza as Les Lye plays the kidnapper and is annoyed by him and then a brick with a letter comes crashing saying the studio will negotiate for his release but Somers says he won't negoatiate unless he gets him more pizza.

Jono asks the bus inspector if the busses run on time and he says they always run on time and tells him it would be better if they ran on wheels instead.

Christine helps Agatha get ready to search for her nephew and Christine asks if she will be ok as those people are nasty but tells her they don't play bingo like she does.

In a living room skit Kevin Schenk arrives home late and Ruth Buzzi as the moter asks why he's home so late and he tells her he couldn't get on the bus cause all dogs on the bus must be carried and he didn't have a dog.

Agatha plays cards with Somers and the kidnapper and she's always winning and cleaning the kidnapper out of money and won 10005 dollars.
Meanwhile at the studio Christine can't announce we'll be right back making it longer before the commercial break which Ruth Buzzi's character Miss Time instructs her to do so and a brick crashes in with a note.
After the commercial break and phone gets thrown in instead of a brick where Somers is kidnapped and the kidnapper says he's free to go but Somers wants to stay and have more pizza.
Suddenly Mr. Dime gets a call with Agatha there as the kidnapper offers him money and he refuses to negoatiate since the show is less annoying with him around.
Somers demands the kidnapper for more Pepsi after he drank a gallon and the kidnapper still tries to find some way to get rid of him even threatening to cut his ear off but tells him the phone company wouldn't like that and explains to him why which could put the kidnapper in trouble.

During another living room skit Lisa tells her Mom her Dad drove off without her for arriving late when they were out somewhere forgetting he retired from working as a busdriver.
Jono is sent to a dungeon after not paying the proper fare.
Another scene with Jono in the dungeon Mr. Nasti says he has a letter which happens to be a chain letter as he has a chain wrapped around his neck with a big G.

Eventually Somers accepts to be let go and returns to the studio but no one misses him that much and in the end he asks Ross for change for the bus and only has a 20 dollar bill so he cons him by giving him only the change and nothing else and tells him he'd better hurry before the bus leaves.

This episode was finally found in a good quality thanks to a taping 20 years ago on YTV but sadly the Cooper Brothers was taken out and it only seemed to air once when it was on that channel so thankfully someone got a hold of it. It wasn't one of the most popular episodes and can see why cause the story was very bland going nowhere.

The Transit skits were originally from the 1979 season of the sister show YCDTOTV's "St. Patricks Day" and was reshot for this one.