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  Original Airdate:
October 23, 1979

Les Lye, Ruth Buzzi, Christine McGlade, Rodney Helal, Jono Gebert, Kevin Somers, Marc Baillon.
Musical Guest:
Troiano - "We All Need Love"

The cast confuses each other about whether or not this episode is a repeat. Miss Time and Ross nag Moose about how her intros are worded in order to be compatible with re-runs, eventually reducing her to do nothing but introduce commercials.

The Dungeon master tells Jono that he served his time in the dungeon but they are repeating his sentence.

Christine and Marc enter a haunted dungeon room pretending not to be scared. Marc says "I'm not afraid of the phone company" and then he disappears in smoke. Christine says "I AM afraid of the phone company! Yes sir!"

Also there are dialogue scenes between Les Lye and Kevin Somers as they are two vampires (Father and son) in a coffin each in the dungeon room. One scene Kevin asks his father when he grows up if he has to do the same thing for a living his father does as he wants to have a different career.

Then there is a phone call in the family living room and Rodney answers it. It is the phone company and he is told that if his family doesn't pay for the bill they will be dissected. Rodney tells his mother this issue but his mother reassures him that what the phone company meant was that the phone company will diconnect their line but however one of the people from the phone company arrives and it is Dracula who plans to dissect Rodney's mother.

Kevin Somers gets the same overcooked steak at the Network Canteen like he did a while back and complains but Lois tells him that it's a repeat meal and to put up with it.

Marc's aunt visits to add plants to the linkset "to make it feel more homey" because she thinks Marc has a behavioral problem (he doesn't like it when she kisses him). A plant is eventually dropped on Ross' head by accident while Marc is climbing up a ladder to place it somewhere in the studio.

At the end of the show the kids are in the family room watching TV and they are communicating with the TV and repeat the communication over and over again.

This episode exists thanks to a taping on YTV in 1989 thanks to Dan Poirer in which it's an 8 out of a 10 quality.

This was one of the best episodes ever! A great show to watch close to Halloween as that was when the show aired.