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  Original Airdate:
September 25, 1979

Les Lye, Ruth Buzzi, Christine McGlade, Marc Baillon, Jono Gebert, Kevin Schenk, Kevin Somers.
Musical Guest:
Ian Thomas - "Pilot"


Kevin Somers goes on the Make A Million game show ("The show that gives away a million dollars every week!"), and almost wins the money, but in a desperate act, Mr. Dime cancels the show before Kevin gets the chance to answer the question and then the opening credits occur.
Later, Kevin brags about being a star after receiving a single (unstamped) piece of fan mail, which Marc talks him into letting him answer. Kevin continues to brag when Ross comes on the set, and dumps a big bag of fan mail on the set ... all for Jono, who must answer all of it by that night. Kevin, embarassed, asks for just one. Unfortunately, it's from the phone company.
Meanwhile Kevin Schenk is sent off to summer camp and asks his drunken father if going to summer camp is a time for enjoyment and relaxation and assures him it is. But he tells his father he's not enjoying himself and feeling relaxed about going to camp as it's not his idea of a good time and his father said the enjoyment and relaxation isn't for him, it's for himself and his wife. Then Schenk and his mother (The same character's that were used in the pilot episode when the mother desperately was trying to get him into the show cause he was in a Glitto soap pad commercial) arrive at the camp and see one of the kids chained up in the cabin Schenk is staying in.
Another time there are three of the kids that shares a room but there are only two beds. The camp counsellor tells them that one of them will either drown, get food poisoning or fall into poison oak.
Then when breakfast is served all they get is bacon from the slobby cook and Schenk tells them that according to the papers that they were supposed to get other breakfast foods and the cook tells them the paper is correct as they got the rest of the meals individually.
Towards the end of the show Schenk realises that his Aunt Agatha is coming to visit and tries to hide in order not to be kissed but then he realises that she wants to kiss Marc and when he walks to the set she tries to kiss him when he asks Schenk to all her off.

The camp's cook was the introduction to Barth in the upcoming 1981 season of You Can't Do That On Television. Plus the skits at the summer camp were reused for the sister show.

Although the show was taped from a YTV broadcast and the person stopped taping it when Ian Thomas came on as a musical guest someone else from Kelowna taped it on YTV showing the whole show except for the musical guest and in good quality too. Oh well we can't win everything. This is one of the most memorable shows of the series and one of the best one's too.