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What do I do to get these shows?
Just drop me an email with what shows you have to offer and we can discuss a deal and exchange snail mail

When I get these shows can I use them to trade with other people?
We'd rather you not for personal reasons. Just guide them to us as we're usually pretty reasonable as one of us would probably like what you've got as we want to make everyone happy.

Is it true that the CJOH studio destroyed the shows?
I'm afraid so but we're looking to find every single episode possible with all the musical guests.

Everyone said that only 12 episodes we're made minus the Saturday morning pilot. Do you have all the episodes now that you got the promo episodes that were the missing one's too?
They made a mistake. There's actually 14 of them made and we have them all now thanks to someone in Kelowna taping them when it aired twice a day on YTV in 1988-89 but the musical guests were cut out of them. However, we put the existing ones in where they belong plus one of our recent administrators Dan Poirer has some full episodes. All of the complete episodes are on a DVD with a menu set for anyone trading shows with us. It looks great. But we're trying hard to track anyone else down who has the full versions of them and in top shape.

Are they really in great quality instead of the one's that were taped in 1979?
They're nowhere near as grainy or distorted as the one's copied on a beta tape from 1979 on CJOH-TV as this was from a 1988-89 taping on YTV. The format isn't totally clear but it's not bad from a VHS taping back then so it's a 7 or 8 out of a 10 quality.

Do you charge money for these shows?
Absolutely not. We only do tape or dvd trade with the shows so it will prevent us for getting in trouble since we don't license these shows and want to be safe about it all.

Did you ever contact YTV seeing if they have these shows still?
We did but they told us those shows were expired a long time ago as they ran with it's sister show when the channel was new and couldn't afford new programming.

Some stills from one of the last episodes of the series which is about Christmas as the studio is having a party but the kids are too young to join since there will be liquor served. Kevin Somers and Jono find some way to get into the party since a naked woman jumps out of a cake as well as Rodney and Kevin Schenk wants to see Santa Claus. However none of them are successful getting what they want so they go to the aid of Moose on how to get in and she tells them to get into the party if they're disguised as carolers only to get pied in the face by Nickelson Dime wearing a Scrooge costume since they gave him the same gift during the beginning of this episode.

Yes everyone we struck luck as someone from Kelowna, BC taped every episode of WTYO when it aired on YTV except for "Commercial Programming" which we have as a promo copy. The bad news is the musical guests were edited out of them. However, new administartor Dan Poirer taped some episodes with the live bands too plus Erich Reinhardt made a complete series DVD with professional menu's and with some found live bands format from a 1979 beta tape level along with some on a promotional show that only has the counter showing on the bottom but that's only a couple episodes with the bands that the counter is revealed. They also come in 5 disks. The quality on episodes is a 7-8 out of a 10 quality. say the least. The Slime Society have all been trying to locate these episodes for 15 years. Kudos to Greg! - Mark Brumfield Member of Slime Society at

DVD 1:
1. Pilot
2. Union Fees

DVD 2:
1. Going to a Concert
2. Fan Letters
3. Boss Helal
4. The Trouble with Social Workers
DVD 3:
1. Repeats
2. Educational Programming
3. Winning the Lottery
4. Commercial Programming

DVD 4:
1. Drama Lessons
2. Public Transit
3. Superstitions
4. Christmas

DVD 5:
1. Kevin Somers Rock Star

*Warning: Although the DVD plays well some TV's or players may not adjust to the volume using a fast forward or rewind button as well as stopping it and then continuing as the show might lose the audio (In which you have to click the menu button and start over again) but most don't have a problem.

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  Union Fees
  Fan Letters
  Drama Lessons
  Boss Helal
  Repeats / Frights
  Commercial Programming
  Social Worker / Child Protection
  Public Library / Concert
  Public Transit / Kidnapped
  Educational Programming
  Kevin Somers Rock Star

Click on the banner or image to check out the stills from this episode as it features Les Lye playing a slobby camp cook which was what inspired the producers to invent Barth for the sister show starting again in 1981.
The show focused on kids at a summer camp which was refilmed for the sister show too since it became popular skits as well as Kevin Somers getting fan mail but later on a load of mail was dumped for Jono Gebert.

Click on the banner or image to check out the stills from this episode as it features Ruth Buzzi playing a drama teacher to coach the kids at learning how to do Shakepeare as well as having Kevin Somers' mouth having his mouth plugged up by a sink plug for constantly saying things no one wants to hear.

Click on the banner or image to check out the stills from this episode as it features the kids waiting for their bus before their late for their show at the studio as well as Somers being kidnapped by some mobsters and can't handle him as he demands them to constantly give him pizza and Pepsi along to listening to loud rock music while Ruth Buzzi's character as his Aunt Agatha tries to rescue him by playing poker with the mobster played by Les Lye. This was a show that wasn't as popular as the rest and didn't air too often.
We do have one clip of the Cooper Brothers performing but was cut off before they break into their song "Last One a Fast One"

Oh yes one of the most entertained episodes of them all and you can see them right here as stills with the studio trying to make more money by doing an educational show for the young viewers which is a pardody on Romper Room called Rumper Room and Kevin Somers plays the Don't Bee (A spoof on the Do Bee) and attacks people with his pillow stinger. Along with Ruth Buzzi playing a stripper and a censored sing flashes on the screen.
No musical guests on this one folks since the series was losing money and the show was nearing it's end during this time period.
There's also images of Somers and Gebert getting green slimed since this is the second (And last) time the show introduced it before the sister show started up again a year and a half later.

A very memorable episode for Rodney Helal as he took over for president for T.H.E. Television Network firing just about everyone and making things difficult. The show was quite entertaining and enjoyable to watch.