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Original Airdate:
October 8, 1979

Les Lye, Ruth Buzzi, Rodney Helal, Jono Gebert, Kevin Somers, Christine McGlade, Marc Baillon.
Musical Guest:
Kevin Page - "I Could Never Love Someone"


Mr Dime is about to cancel the show until Miss Take and Rodney announce that Rodney's uncle is Chairman of the Board as his uncle makes Rodney the new president of the network and fires Mr. Dime as he then works as a cleaning man. Miss Take suggested that since there's kids running the show down at the network that they should have one running the network.

Kevin Somers complains that he only gets paid a dollar a day to Rodney and Rodney finds that too much so he lowers his wage to eight cents and then gives Christine a phonebook-sized intro script as he demands her to memorise it in 28 and a half seconds but finds it difficult so he fires her and Kevin had to introduce the audience the musical guest as that was Christine's job. He also tells Jono that he will only pay him to do the weather forecast when he announces some good weather as he complains it rains too much and fires Marc for the sake of it. Next, he tells Ross he wants the studio mic painted blue.

Suddenly there are no more kids and none willing to work as the network loses money. Then Rodney's uncle is fired and Mr. Dime gets his job back and so does the others. Rodney is also back as the cast on the show and gets a pie in the face by the other kids in the end.

This episode exists thanks to a taping on YTV in 1989 thanks to Dan Poirer in which it's an 8/9 out of a 10 quality.

One of the most remembered and entertained episodes of the series which is alot of fun all the way through.

Kevin Page released this song as a single in 1978 on Attic Records but that version is a much slower ballad along with female singers to back him up and the single sold nationwide. He used this one as a faster upbeat version intentionally for the show. Sadly, he never made it big but nevertheless, the song they perform is an excellent easy listening song and could be liked by fans that enjoy 70's icons like Andy Gibb, Shaun Cassidy, Barry Manilow and Eric Carmen.

Also, Rodney really was in pain when Buzzi's character Ms. Take sat on his lap to take a note.