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Before Jim Hellwig became WWF superstar "The Ultimate Warrior", he experienced some humble beginnings. This compilation covers Hellwig's earliest wrestling days as part of Memphis Wrestling where he wrestled under his own name along with Steve Borden (Sting) as the "Freedom Fighters". It is there, they turned heel and wrestled as "The Bladerunners" (Rock and Sting) - where things really took off for the two. Hellwig's career later took him to the UWF for a short while (still as part of the Bladerunners) before going it alone to World Class Championship Wrestling as the "Dingo Warrior". It was there as a single's powerhouse that he began to show his potential of being a true wrestling superstar

  1. Promoter Eddie Marlin Interview on how "Superstar" Bill Dundee jumped him the previous week, Dundee comes out and jumps him again after talking some trash, Dundee is chased off by Jim Hellwig - Memphis Wrestling
  2. Bill Dundee Interview - Dundee says he could beat Marlin blindfolded with one arm tied behind his back, Eddie Marlin comes out with Jim Hellwig and Steve Borden as bodyguards and says he accepts the challenge, Dundee says he didn't mean it as a challenge but he'll do it anyways - Memphis
  3. Jim Hellwig/Steve Borden Interview - Phil Hickerson comes out and talks trash saying Hellwig and Borden don't know how to wrestle or fight just shoot steroids and that they'd never main event anywhere, they challenge each other and head down to the ring - Memphis
  4. Jim Hellwig VS Phil Hickerson - Memphis
  5. Jim Hellwig/Steve Borden Interview - As part of a heel turn, Borden says they're to now be known as The Bladerunners - Memphis
  6. Bill Dundee Celebration Party - The Bladrunners (Rock and Sting) join Dundee and others in celebrating Dundee's defeat of Jerry Lawler - causing Lawler to leave the territory - Memphis
  7. Bladerunners VS Phil Hickerson/Billy Joe Travis - Memphis
  8. Phil Hickerson/The Spoiler Interview on Bladerunners attack - Memphis
  9. Bladerunners w/ Buddy Wayne Interview on facing The Spoiler/Billy Joe Travis/Phil Hickerson - Memphis
  10. Bladerunners/Korchenko VS Brett Wayne Sawyer/Perry Jackson/Jeff Gaylord - Memphis
  11. Bladerunners VS Ted Dibiase/Steve Williams - UWF
  12. Dingo Warrior VS "Gentleman" Chris Adams (World Champ) - World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW)
  13. Dingo Warrior VS Rick Rood (w/ Percy Pringle) - WCCW

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