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Orleans Gallery, England
   Lacemakers Exhibition
   Participating Artist 2014

Manitoba Crafts Museum
   Feeding the Soul: the value
   of craft in modern society.
   Participating Artist 2014
Red Deer College
   Golden Edge Exhibition
   Participating Artist 2013
Alberta Craft Council
   Golden Edge Exhibition
   Participating Artist 2013

Powerhouse Museum 2011
Cheongju International
   Craft Biennale 2009

   - Cheongju Finalist
World of Threads Festival
   2007 Award Winner

Australia: Blurring the
   Boundaries 2006 Finalist

Alberta Craft Council
Craft Council of BC
Cdn. Craft Federation
Jamieson and Smith
Shetland Isles Museum Shetland Knitting 2013

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Alan J. Thomson

My Contributions to the Year of Craft

Lacemakers Exhibition, Orleans Gallery, England

Alberta Craft Council, "The language of Craft"

Patterns of Space Exhibition, Halifax


Medalta: International Tool Show 2015

Craft Council of BC, "Textile Intersections - Sustainability and Technology Conference"

Image booklets of designs from the studio of Catherine M. Thomson
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