Women in Black (Edmonton) opposes violence in all its forms whether it be in the home, in our communities and cities or full scale military action. Women in Black Edmonton came together in the Fall of 2001 when the United States became involved in the conflict in Afghanistan. Silent vigils are held in front of the Strathcona Farmers' Market and the group has had a presence at many of the peace walks and rallies that have been held in Edmonton. Standing in silence, we bear witness to the violence around the world; wearing black we remember those who have died, are dying and will die at the hands of violence. Click this link for more information on the current focus of Women in Black Edm. (PDF which requires Adobe Reader) Click here to view short video clip on Women in Black Edm. (May require Apple Quicktime Movie download).

An Invitation to Justice

Dear friends,
We would like to invite you to learn some simple ways to change for the better, the lives of victims of human trafficing.
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In a ceremony at Edmonton City Hall on November 15, 2006, Women in Black Edmonton received the 2006 Salvos Prelorentzos Peace Award.

The award consisted of a plaque and a $250 cheque to Women in Black.

Project Ploughshares Edmonton established this Award in 1995 to honour the memory of Salvos Prelorentzos, a citizen of the world who made Edmonton his home for the last 15 years of his life. Salvos was an outspoken and tireless advocate for peace and justice. The award is presented annually to an individual or a group in the Edmonton community who has made a significant contribution to peace, in a non-assuming manner, in otherwords, local heroes who have not been widely recognized.

The committee chose to honour Women in Black Edmonton "as a group that works with integrity without expectation of fame or reward. Your selfless witness is a testimony to the power of silence. You model peace and non-violence in a world deafened by a cacophony of guns, bombs, and increasingly shrill voices fighting violently. Your calm presence instills awe, raises questions, and provides a true alternative.

We thank you for your contribution and wish to honour you with this modest award."

* Please see the "Themes" page for information regarding Women in Black's dispersement of the cash prize from the Salvos Prelorentzos Peace Prize.

Women in Black is an international peace network of women who share a common desire to find peaceful means of conflict resolution. It was started in 1988 in Jerusalem by Palestinian and Israeli women calling for an end to the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. They came together to express their concern and wore black as a symbol of bereavement for victims of the violence. They stood in silence as they felt that words could not adequately express their deep sorrow and concern. They continue to meet weekly to this day.

Women in Black gathered in Saraevo and other parts of the former Yugoslavia when conflicts were raging there. They speak of the tremendous encouragement they received from emails and women around the world who stood in support of them. Today there are Women in Black in Ireland, Cambodia, Italy, USA, Spain, Azerbaijan, Australia, England and elsewhere carrying the message stated above.


" I want you to know you are making a difference. I come here (the market) every week and see you all the time. I think of you everyday. You have had a profound effect on how I think, on how I act and even on how I vote."