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Many people don't realize that there are different versions of Microsoft's Movie Maker, and that the current Movie Maker (Live) is really designed for quick slideshows on Youtube. If you would you like to have a timeline-based Movie Maker for Windows 7*, then download the best Movie Maker to date: Windows Movie Maker 6.0. This isn't the decrepit MM2.6 that is offered for low-end Vista machines. 2.6 is, in fact, a stripped version of XP's even older MM 2.1. WMM6, by contrast, is the upscale Vista movie maker, and has an intuitive timeline, extra effects and transitions, and useful HD video output options.**

Right click on the following link and save the file to your computer ["Save link as" in Firefox & Chrome; "Save target as" in IE]: WMM6.ZIP

After unzipping the folder, copy the contents (the 3 files inside the folder) to your desktop and - using the desktop files only - follow the instructions. I've installed these files myself; they work really well and are 100% virus free. This installation is a 32 bit program, but it works flawlessly in my 64 bit W7. [See below for more help.]

Some words of caution: WMM6 - like most video editing programs - can be demanding, so I would recommend the following **minimum** W7 configuration: dual-core; 2 gigs of RAM; and dedicated 256 mb video memory, though a separate video card with latest drivers is best. WMM6 is GPU dependent! Anything less and you're better off (unfortunately) with 2.6. In addition, WMM6 is an older program that doesn't work natively with some newer file formats. The best video files to work with in WMM6 are WMV, AVI, or MPEG1/2. The best audio files are .WAV and non-DRM MP3's. I've found that the K-Lite Codec Pack allows me to work with MP4, but it hasn't worked for everyone.

To unzip the program, go to and get a free program like Peazip or 7-Zip.

If you're having trouble with sound and video, go to Tools-Options-Compatibility, and play with the different codecs. Avoid Nero and Roxio, as they sometimes create conflicts.

Thanks for reading, by the way!
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*I've recently installed WMM6 on my Windows 8 machine, and it works exactly like in Windows 7.
**HD does not apply to audio.






After unzipping the folder (above), copy the contents (the 3 files inside the zip folder) to your desktop and - using the desktop files only - follow these instructions:

1) Run the Movie Maker Setup program (.exe). It will install Vista's Windows Movie Maker 6.0 onto Windows 7.
2) Then, to get the HD publishing options, copy the "Profiles" folder to the Movie Maker directory. It's either

C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\Shared\ [for Windows 7 32‐bit]
C:\Program Files (x86)\Movie Maker\Shared\ [for Windows 7 64‐bit]

If you already have a Profiles folder inside the Shared folder, just copy the 4 HD files into your existing Profiles folder.

3) The final result should look like this:

C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\Shared\Profiles [for Windows 7 32‐bit]
C:\Program Files (x86)\Movie Maker\Shared\Profiles [for Windows 7 64‐bit]

***Be careful about case sensitive folder names!

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4)There should be 4 HD .prx files inside "Profiles", like above.
5) If you can't find Movie Maker 6 under "All programs", use the search tool.

HD Profiles

If you want to know how to use WMM6's HD profiles, please click here.