The Dry Pen - A collection of artistic endeavours: drawings, leaded glass, ceramics and diverse art.

Anthony Wlock



Assorted artwork 1 A collection of drawings (bizarre faces) created with the computer

Assorted artwork 2 Another collection of drawings

Meeting Drawings Scanned images from the 'meeting' drawings collection

Watercolours Scanned images of selected watercolours

Pencil drawings and ink drawings Random drawings

Leaded Glass

Leaded Glass Images of leaded glass 'faces' and panels

The Aztec Window The Aztec leaded glass window


Mythology Five ceramic faces

Tiles Hand-made, ( mind driven, kiln fired )

Diverse Art

Polymer Clay Faces and sculptures

Wood Carvings Woodcarvings; indoor and outdoor

Linoleum Cuts Four linocuts

Past Paintings 2004 -2006 Recent paintings; acrylic and oil

Recent Paintings 2007-2008 Recent paintings; acrylic and oil

More recent Paintings paintings - 2009 and beyond

Just for the Label a slide show from 1985


The Book

The Book: Crown and Brim Some examples of pages from my only limited edition book


All images are copyrighted; Anthony N. Wlock, 2001-2016

The last Webpage alteration: 2015-03-31 (watercolour and painting page)

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