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June 23 - 28, 1913

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Charles Frohman presents, Maude Adams in her most famous success "Peter Pan", by J.M.Barrie.
Three nights, starting Monday, June 23rd.

Miss Adams would be welcome in anything that she elected to present, but in the role of the boy who wouldn't grow up she is surely doubly welcome. Barrie's play is one of the most successful works that the stage has had in a decade.

Peter Pan is an epic of childish joy and fancy; it is the apotheosis of youth and all of its high-colored fiction and Barrie is probably the only writer in English letters today capable of giving this whimsical conception dramatic form. In the lovable, elfish Peter Pan, the boy who did not want to grow up, and ran away from home rather than become president, the British writer has given Maude Adams a part that suits her and her talents.

The coming of Peter Pan to the Darling's nursery after the children have been put to bed by the faithful St. Bernard dog, Nana, who officiates as nurse, the lesson in flying and the subsequent flight of the children through the window to the Never,Never,Never Land; the arrival in the magic country, infested with strange animals- the monster ostrich, the man-eating crocodile with a clock ticking in its stomach, and the fierce wolves driven away by the children looking through their legs; the building of the house in the woods with a silk hat for a chimney and a lady's slipper for a door-knocker; the attack of the savage redskins and the bloodthirsty pirates; the retreat to the underground cavern; the capture of the children, who are taken prisoner to the pirate ship and sentenced to walk the plank; the rescue by Peter Pan, the worsting of the pirates, and the return of the Darling children to their anxious mother- these are the salient features of this novel drama of children. Mr. and Mrs. Darling, overjoyed at the return of the lost ones, wish to keep Peter Pan, but the boy is still resolved to never grow up, and returns to the little house among the flower-laden trees, where Wendy, according to agreement, visits him annually to attend to his house cleaning.

Miss Adams will be seen in her original role of Peter. She is in turn elfish, wistful, tender, joyous, sad. She dances and trips, whistles and sings as gaily as the rest of the children, and invests the part with the charm, poetry and atmosphere of youth. The company surrounding Miss Adams is well balanced.


Closed for the Season


Closed for the Season


  • Max's Circus!
    • 10 leading European Circus Artists
    • Comical, Mirthful Clowns
    • Carloads of scenic effects
    • Marvelous Equestrian performers
    • Carnival in Three Rings
    • Clever Canine Comedians
  • Charles Bowser and company present his startling one-act  play, "The Watch" by Oliver White. Mr. Bowser portrays a gambler of the new school.
  • Luciana Lucca - The Two-Voiced Phenomena
  • Lew Palmore -'The Juggling Johnnie'-hat juggling
  • Jules Bernard and Florence Scarth - vaudeville frivolities

Lyceum (Photoplays)

  • "The Hero of Little Italy"
  • "Bud's Heiress"
  • "The Widow From Winnipeg"
  • Prof. Blackett's Orchestra
  • Hazel McLaskey sings  

Other Events About Town

Winnipeg Stampede  coming soon! -Aug.9-16
"The Stampede" was first promoted in Calgary last year and in response to its wide advertising prominent corral champions from all parts of the American continent came to claim the belts and prizes which were awarded there. At the same time, while all of the more notable experts came to Calgary, there were many well- known rangemen who hardly realized the importance and the interest which "The Stampede" would arouse and preferred to rest on laurels they had earned in smaller local contests, and preferred to be billed as champions in Wild West shows rather than face the world's comers at "The Stampede".
This year all is different. Every rangeman knows that the enormous prizes offered by "The Stampede" are paid as well as advertised and they know that they cannot claim a title for any championship until it has passed the scrutiny of the contestants of "The Stampede" and received a endorsement of "The Stampede" committee's judgement.
Some of the acknowledged world's champions who won world's honors at the Calgary Stampede and who will be at Winnipeg to defend their titles against all comers, are here listed:

  • -Tom Three Persons, Macleod, Alta.,Champion broncho buster  of the world
  • -Fanny Sperry-Steel, Mitchell, Montana, champion woman rough-rider and broncho buster of the world
  • -Otto Kline, Livingston, Montana, champion trick and fancy rider of the world
  • -Miss Dolly Mullins, Eagle, New Mexico, Champion lady trick and fancy rider
  • -Florence La Due, Montevideo, Minn., champion lady fancy rider of the world
  • -Tex Mcleod, Gonzales, Texas, champion trick and fancy rider
  • Jim Massey, Snider, Texas, bare back bucking horse rider
  • -Ed Echols, Dragoon, Arizona, champion steeer roper
  • -O.K. Lawrence, Sulphur, Oklahoma, champion steer bulldogger
  • -Senor Estevan Clemento, El Rastro, Old Mexico, individual steer bulldogger

(note; there are stories connected to some of these people: Tom, Florence,Tex and Senor Estavan)

The Entertainers on this Page:

  • Maude Adams
  • Max's Circus
  • Charles Bowser and company
  • Luciana Lucca
  • Lew Palmore
  • Jules Bernard and Florence Scarth
  • Prof. Blackett's Orchestra
  • Hazel McLaskey
  • Florence La Due

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List of Performers