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Winnipeg Manitoba Scrabble® for regular and tournament play

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Winnipeg Scrabble Club #498 are now meeting at the Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) - SOUTH Campus located at 600 Shaftsbury Blvd. on the south-west corner of Grant & Shaftsbury.
Attached is a map of the campus.  Red arrow shows the entrance (between 20 and 21, and small red circle by 19 indicates the classroom location.
Parking is available right outside the door in "N" lot. Bus stops are yellow boxes in approximate locations - check for actual with Wpg Transit.
 To see a map of the campus go to Campus

Local member cleans up in Regina and Calgary see pic

To see pictures of winners and players in previous tournaments click here

Here is a very high score, and a high game. If any member can beat this let me know and it will be displayed click here

meets every Monday afternoon (with some exceptions)
at St. Mary Magdalene Church, 3 St. Vital Road, Winnipeg MB
from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m.
Annual Membership fee of $7.00 for St. Vital Seniors and a weekly fee of $2.00 for members, and guests pay a weekly fee of $3.00.
Open to anyone wishing to enjoy a few games of scrabble.

If you have any questions please contact Renate at 257-4014 or Julie at 257-4742 or

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Scrabble is a super game
Not only meant for nerds
Anyone can play it well
Who has a way with words

Strange words are used by one and all
Some "clean" and others "dirty"
The strangest one that I have seen
The one that comes out "QWERTY"

Whoever authorized its' use
Will never be branded smart
His head is obviously used
To keep his ears apart

Ah, I just heard someone shout
That they have scored a bingo
Seven tiles around a lonely "m"
To spell the word flamingo

The time has come for me to end
This silly little poem
I'll wish you all good luck next time
and slowly head for home

This poem was written by John Kaludjer (deceased), a loyal Winnipeg club member

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