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The West Coast Trail is advertised as one of the top five hikes in the world. We hiked it in August, 1999, and it lived up to its billing. Here is our trip report: "Saskatoon Does the West Coast Trail" (by Warren & Bill, with comments and derision from all). (click on the text or the photo)

Here is Tour Canada's description of the West Coast Trail.

David Foster, author of "Blisters&Bliss" has this website Tips 'n Tales about the West Coast Trail

Since doing the hike 7 years ago, I have gotten a fair number of emails from people who have read through our little trip report, and then gone and done the hike. Thanks for the emails. Here are links to sites that a few of them have put up.

Rick McCharles I Need To Know West Coast Trail
Rob's West Coast Trail trip diary
Mudhounds A rainy hike on the West Coast Trail
Benoit Ferrandini put together an awesome report in French
Parry Loeffler hiked in the rain, and includes a packing list

More West Coast Trail reports that I enjoyed, either before or after hour trip:

One Week in the Life (by Bernd Kümmerlen)
West Coast Trail 98 (by Christian Behnke)
A set of West Coast Trail Photos (Mark at "MainFrame")

And the West Coast Trail Preparation Guide (by the Park Admin)

Here is all the stuff that I carried in my pack. This is on Day 6, so the personal snack and lunch stuff is now minimal!

A list will follow... one day...

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