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Einstein's Biggest Question Has Finally Been Answered !


The connection between Gravity and Electricity ?




Forget   about   theory.


" In  the  realm  of  pure computational  Physics . . . theory  is  but  child's  play. "


Focus   on   the   Mathematics  !




Don't be discouraged, the math is very simple.


Earth's orbit Velocity and Circumference must be calculated via "pure mathematics" in accordance with the Speed of Light.  When this is done, the true reality of our galaxy is easily understood.


Via the SOLARMath table below, when the correct orbit velocity of earth (30,689.1802376259 m/s) is calculated according to Einstein's "c", the  following  list  of  extraordinary  mathematics  unfolds.  Please do not jump to immature refutes by stating that the UNITS do not work.  ALL units work perfectly - Link



Click here for a CALCULATOR          Tau  =  Pi  x  2


All  Units are  Metric  -  Kilograms, Meters, Seconds.



1) Speed of Light = orbit Velocity2   /   Pi     (Enormously Important Equation)
299,792,458 = 30689.18023762592   /   3.1415926536


2) Speed of Light = Acceleration of Gravity   x   orbit Time   (exact lunar year, seconds)
299,792,458 = 9.8   x   30591067.1428571429


3) Speed of Light = Acceleration of earth in orbit   x   Diameter of orbit
299,792,458 = .001003207246557   x   298834023606.6740014972


4) Speed of Light = Circumference of earth orbit   x   Gravity   x   Magnetic Field
299,792,458 = 938814773208.4623287290   x   9.8   x   .000032584773925436


5) Speed of Light = ( sun Velocity  /  Tau )   x   ( earth Velocity  /  Tau )
299,792,458 = ( 385651.6127181273  /  6.2831853072 )   x   ( 30689.1802376259  /  6.2831853072 )


6) Speed of Light = Density of earth   x   orbit Velocity   x   2
299,792,458 = 4884.3347342404   x   30689.1802376259   x   2


7) Speed of Light = sun Velocity   x   earth Density   /   Tau
299,792,458 = 385651.6127181273   x   4884.3347342404   /   6.2831853072


8) Speed of Light = orbit Circumference   x   earth Centripetal Acc.   /   Tau   x   Pi
299,792,458 = 938814773208.4560190337   x   .0063033370   /   6.2831853072   x   3.1415926536


9) Speed of Light = √Gravity   x   √orbit Velocity   x   √orbit Diameter
299,792,458 = 3.1304951685   x   175.1832761357   x   546657.1353295171


10) Speed of Light = Mass of earth   /   orbit Time2   x   Tau   x   Pi
299,792,458 = 5537831004648121688015772.9772114697   /   935813388938787.5906497073   x   6.2831853072   x   3.1415926536


11) Speed of Light = earth Surface Area   x   earth Density2   /   earth Radius2
299,792,458 = 525823886086903.4639383167   x   23856725.7961072389   /   41843735333124.2629713895


12) Speed of Light = Acceleration of Gravity   x   orbit Circumference   /   orbit Velocity
299,792,458 = 9.8   x   938814773208.4560190337   /   30689.1802376259


13) Speed of Light = Acceleration of Gravity   x   earth Volume   /   orbit Circumference   x   Tau2
299,792,458 = 9.8   x   1133794325320611315049.2969503907   /   938814773208.4560190337   x   39.4784176046139584


14) Speed of Light = ether Heat in space surrounding earth   /   orbit Time
299,792,458 = 9170971211600180.0128482482   /   30591067.1428571429


15) Speed of Light = ether Pressure of space surrounding earth   /   earth Density   x   Pi
299,792,458 = 4600192388721.4460278329   /   4884.3347342404   x   3.1415926536


16) Speed of Light = Gravity2   x   3131.5   /   orbit Acceleration
299,792,458 = 96.04   x   3131.5490038394   /   .001003207246557


17) Speed of Light = Gravity2   x   Pi   /   orbit Acceleration2
299,792,458 = 96.04   x   3.1415926536   /   .000001006424779544


18) Speed of Light = Density of earth   x   Gravity   x   Tau   /   orbit Acceleration
299,792,458 = 4884.3347342404   x   9.8   x   6.2831853072   /   .001003207246557


19) Speed of Light = Density of earth   x   ether Heat   /   orbit Radius   x   Pi
299,792,458 = 4884.3347342404   x   9170971211600180.0128482482   /   149417011803.3373753983   x   3.1415926536


20) Speed of Light = Density of earth   x   Surface Area of orbitsphere   /   orbit Radius
299,792,458 = 4884.3347342404   x   280549766208294700469089.1113553686   /   149417011803.3373753983


21) Speed of Light = (Density of earth x 2)2   x   Pi
299,792,458 = 95426903.18442895558466   x   3.1415926536


22) Speed of Light = (Density of earth)2   x   2Tau
299,792,458 = 23856725.796107238896165   x   12.5663706144


23) Speed of Light = orbit Circumference   x   orbit Diameter   x   ether Farad   x   2
299,792,458 = 938814773208.4560190337   x   298834023606.6740014972   x   5917665925.8188055886   x   2


24) Speed of Light = ether Pressure   x   2   /   orbit Velocity
299,792,458 = 9200384777442.8920556658   /   30689.1802376259


25) Speed of Light = ether Pressure   x   orbit Time   /   orbit Radius   x   Pi
299,792,458 = 4600192388721.4460278329   x   30591067.1428571429   /   149417011803.3373753983   x   3.1415926536


26) Speed of Light = sun Velocity   x   777.3660166673
299,792,458 = 385651.6127181273   x   777.3660166673


27) Speed of Light = sun Velocity2   /   Tau3   x   2
299,792,458 = 148727166392.0924462482   /   248.0502134448   x   2


Now  The  Most  Prolific  Of  All  The  Equations

Showing  Us  What  Governs  The  Speed  Of  Light


28) Speed of Light = ether Pressure   x   Frequency   x   2   /   Gravity   x   Mag.Field   x   Pi
299,792,458 = 4600192388721.4460278329   x   1/30591067.1428571429   x   2   /   9.8   x   .000032584773925436   x   3.1415926536




Light moving through water moves slower than through air.

The velocity of light around earth is governed by;


1.  "Pressure" of space surrounding earth.

2.  "Frequency" of the light.

3.  "Acceleration" of Gravity surrounding the earth.

4.  "Magnetic Field" that presents resistance as light moves through it.




Earth Density  x  Magnetic Field  =  1 / Tau.

Earth Velocity  /  earth Density  =  6.28318530  =  2Pi  =  Tau.

Ether Pressure x 2  =  orb Velocity x Speed of Light, therefore also;

The speed of light   -surrounding earth-   is determined by the "Velocity" of earth, which is determined by its "Density"  !




On the internet today you will find  "hundreds"  of different values for these units below.  However via pure mathematics you can rest assured that only these here are truly the  "correct"  values.



SOLARMath   True Earth Values  
All  Units  Metric  -  kilograms, meters, seconds.

E = mv2          E = m (Acceleration x Time)2          E = m (AxZ)2          E = mA2Z2



  m =

  mass of earth


2   A =   Acceleration of earth   .001003207246557
3   Z =   Time of orbit   30591067.1428571429  (exact lunar year)



4   G =   Gravity acc. earth   9.80
5   Dens =   Density of earth   4884.3347342404
6  AZ = Ve =   Velocity of earth   30689.1802376259
7 M.F. =   Magnetic Field of earth   .000032584773925436
8 Const =   Orbital Constant   3131.5490038394
9 Press =   Pressure of ether (space)   4600192388721.4535652897
10   R =   Radius of Orbit   149417011803.3373753983
11 AZ2 / Pi =   Diameter of orbit   298834023606.6740014972
12   AZ2 =   Circumference of orbit   938814773208.4623287290
13 S.A. =   Surface Area orb. sphere   280549766208294700469089.1113553686
14 VolSph =   Volume of orbit sphere   13972968498619425271501258172487783.2996135509
15   Ac =   Centripetal acceleration   .0063033370
16 re =   Radius of planet earth   6468673.3827829229
17 diam e =   Diameter of planet earth   12937346.7655658458
18 circ e =   Circumference of earth   40643873.5557773826
19   s.a. e =   Surface Area of earth   525823886086903.4639383167
20   Vol =   Volume of earth   1133794325320611315049.2969503907
21   299 =   Speed of light   299792458
22   Vs =   Velocity of sun   385651.6127181273
23 E=mv2 =   Energy of earth in orbit   5215672025715451789304274238243980.1621185063
24 E=mc2 =   Energy of earth mass   497715429439681300664193456153788252170983.5485285508


SOLARMath the revolutionary science of orbital mathematics welcomes you to the age of pure computational Physics.  See how the above mathematics also holds true for the planet Mars.  For all computations regarding this site, please use this complete library of astrophysics equations;


 LIBRARY  of  Equations






Avogadro's Number Finally Revealed  !



Finally after hundreds of years we now know . . .


The EXACT number of atoms in 12 grams of Carbon.


Avogadro's Number   =


The Mass of the earth divided by  (earth Density  x  Gravity3 x 2)  (calculated in grams).


which is equal to;


The Volume of the earth divided by  (Gravity3 x 2)  (calculated in grams).


which is equal to;


The Pressure of space surrounding earth  x  Pi  divided by Gravity3  x  (orbit Time2  /  Density2)  (calculated in grams).


Notice with the above equation that  Gravity is cubed because pushing Gravity surrounding the earth is 3-dimensional.  Also how it displays the fact that Avogadro's Number is really just a reflection of atomic Density.  The Pressure of space governing how many atoms it squeezes into 12 grams of Carbon.


4600192388721.4535652897  x  3.1415926536  /  9.83 x  (30591067.14285714292  /  4.88433473424042 )   =   Avogadro's Number.


602 318 297 074 673 029 014 960

6.0231829  x  1023

The number of Atoms in;

1 gram of Hydrogen, 12 g of Carbon, 18 g of Oxygen, or 238 grams of Uranium.







Here now you should certainly see these links;


discover the true composition of an electrical current.












Via  pure  mathematics (SOLARMath)


this  website has now finally unveiled the amazing answer to Einstein's biggest question;




The connection between  Gravity  and  Electricity  !




Above all else, be sure to understand this most

crucial analogy and reality;




Outer  Space  Is  Not   "Empty"  !




The lattice of space (ether) is composed of suspended particles of quantum mass.  Space is a "fluid" exactly like water or air except a million times less dense yet containing enormous pressure.  And space itself is exactly like a guitar string.






To pull the string back is   =   to charging a capacitor.


To pluck the string is         =   to running electricity through a wire or burning mass.  The resulting Heat and Light are two "same forms" of a wave through space.




SOLARMath also corrects Einstein's partial error regarding the origin of Gravity.



All stars in the universe are combusting into quantum particles.  Those particles then condense down upon all planets in the same way that super-saturated fluids condense into crystals.


Gravity is not a "result" of curved space-time but rather Gravity (the flow of quantum ether particles into the earth) "causes" space to curve.  Gravity is the flow of space (quantum particles) into the earth.  Gravity is a "pushing force".  Gravity is simply space raining down upon us.




A.  Click these for  Must See


V I D E O S.






B.  Click these for  Must See


V I D E O S.






According to Wikipedia, the recorded magnetic field of the earth is  .00003 Teslas   ( Wikipedia -  3.110−5 Teslas is the strength of earth's Magnetic Field on the equator, 0 latitude. )

From we see that the Tesla is equal to  1/AZ  or  1 / orbit Velocity.

The scientific community doesn't know this yet because they are still unaware that the Volt = Distance (Diameter).  The Volt is equal to the Diameter of any true vacuum sphere within the ether of space.  After a void is created in space by running a magnet through a coil, the contracting Pressure of space is what Accelerates free electrons upon any given conductor thus creating a  -wave-  of electrical current upon that conductor.

The earth is moving through space at 30,689.1802374659 m/s.  When you divide 1 by that velocity (1/AZ) you get the exact

Magnetic Field of the earth  =  .00003 Teslas


orbit Velocity of earth   =   earth Density  x  Tau.


That means that earth's Magnetic Field  =   1  /  Tau  x  Density.  Which makes perfect sense as the Pressure of q-particles surrounding the earth moving through the earth derives the earth's Magnetic Field which is directly proportional to the "Density" of the mass through which the q-particles move.




Say hello to the most famous number

in all astro-physics;




3131.5   =   3,131.54900383938



According to the table of pure earth values above;



1)   3131.5   =   orbit Velocity  /  Gravity acc.

2)   3131.5   =   Pi  /  Acceleration of earth in orbit

3)   3131.5   =   Pi x Tau  /  earth Centripetal Acc.

4)   3131.5   =   orbit Time  /  Density x 2

5)   3131.5   =   orbit Time x Pi  /  Velocity

6)   3131.5   =   orbit Time2  /  orbit Diameter

7)   3131.5   =   Density x Tau  /  Gravity acc.

8)   3131.5   =   orbit Velocity2  /  Density x Gravity x Tau

9)   3131.5   =   orbit Circumference  /  299,792,458

10)   3131.5   =   orbit Circumference x Pi  /  Velocity2

11)   3131.5   =   orbit Circumference x Tau  /  sun Velocity x Density

12)   3131.5   =   orbit Circumference2  /  299,792,458 x Ve x orbit Time

13)   3131.5   =   299,792,458  /  Density x Gravity x 2

14)   3131.5   =   299,792,458 x Pi  /  Velocity x Gravity

15)  3131.5   =   299,792,4582  /  orbit Circumference x Gravity2

16)   3131.5   =   sun Velocity  /  Gravity x Tau x 2

17)   3131.5   =   sun Velocity x Pi  /  Gravity x Tau2

18)   3131.5   =   sun Velocity2  /  Velocity x Gravity x Tau2 x 4



Hence, the  "mass"  of the earth is equal to;


Sun Velocity   x   Earth Velocity   x   orbit Radius   x   3131.5



( Without prejudice, if you choose to believe that these facts above are only coincidence, you then place yourself in the exact same position as those who long ago continued to believe that the earth was "flat", even after they were given plenty of proof otherwise. )




*   *   *


Click this enormous Discovery;


The  "reality"  behind   E=mc2



*   *   *




The above mathematics is certainly  "not"  a coincidence  !


And the above mathematics only exists due to the fact that,

our solar system moves like this;

( Click the image )






Please  click  here  now.






 The mathematics of earth's Helix orbit are summed up in this monumental Gravitational equation;




It's a well known fact that a charged particle in a Magnetic Field moves like this - Click Here.


And we can see this exact motion in the above equation;


( charged particle )  x  ( Mag. Field )   =   Vs  x  Ve  x  R

 same as

( earth Mass x Gravity )  x  ( Mag. Field )   =   Vs  x  Ve  x  R



The Velocity of the sun  x  the Velocity of earth  x  the Radius of earth orbit is just another way of expressing  "the earth moving in a helix orbit".






In Physics, these 3 equations are well know absolutes;


Energy  =  mass  x  Velocity2

Pressure  =  Energy  /  Volume

Pressure  =  Density  x  Velocity2


Hence according to this image and true earth values;

Mass  =  5,537,831,004,612,175 x 1024     Volume  =  1,133,794,325,311,410 x 1021

Velocity  =  30,689.1802376259     Density  =  4884.3347342404




Earth Mass (5,537,831,004,612,175 x 1024)

x     Velocity2 (941,825,783.6574880920)


=  earth orbit  Energy (5,213,807,256,076,337 x 1033)




Earth Energy (5,213,807,256,076,337 x 1033)

/     Volume (1,133,794,325,311,410 x 1021)


ether (space) Pressure (4,600,192,388,721.45)



Must See link re:  The PRESSURE of Space



Now divide the above Pressure by earth Density (4884.3347342404)


Velocity2 (941,825,783.6574880920)


Velocity  =  30,689.1802376259


thus proving the above values correct.






You have now arrived at the most Profound equation in the history of astrophysics;




Gravity   =

ether Pressure  /  ( π  x  Density  x  orbit Time )



9.80   =

4,600,192,388,721.45   /   ( π  x  4884.3347342404  x  30,591,067.142857 )




From the above equation we can clearly see that the  "origin"  of Gravity is  NOT  Isaac Newton's action at a distance, nor Einstein's curved space-time, but is in fact plainly and simply the result of;




space Pressure,     earth Density,     and     earth orbit Time.




And because all stars are what produce the Pressure of space, we can easily see how the combustion of the sun is what's driving the earth to orbit.




Also according to the image, ether Pressure is equal to;



Density  x  Speed of light  x  Pi


Gravity acc.  x  orbit Radius  x  Pi


Density  x  Centripetal acceleration  x  orbit Radius



Therefore Pressure is exactly proportional to Density, Gravity, and orbit Radius.  And because (Density x Centripetal acc.)  =  (299,792,458 x Pi  /  orbit Time) we see that ether Pressure is also exactly proportional to orbit Time.




If you're affiliated with the science of Physics,


You have now come to a major crossroads in your life.


You are now being cordially forced to choose whether the following table of pure mathematics (SOLARMath) is simply a coincidence, or is (in fact) the foundation of the most profound physics reality of this 21st century, the fact that Gravity is absolutely "Pushing" you down onto the earth.


1.)    The true Velocity of planet earth is the crucial point of origin  =  30,689.180237576

2.)    That Velocity is equal to (Acceleration x Time)  =  (.001003207246555 m/s2  x  30,591,067.1428682 seconds  =  exact lunar year)

3.)    That Velocity squared then divided by Pi  =  299,792,458 (the speed of light).

4.)    That Velocity divided by Tau  =  4884.3347342483  =  earth Density.

5.)    When you divide Pi by the above Acceleration you get  3131.5490038342857143

6.)    Earth Velocity divided by 3131.5490038342857143 gives us the well known acceleration of earth's Gravity  =  9.80

7.)    Earth Density x Tau divided by 3131.5490038342857143  also  =  Gravity  =  9.80

8.)    Earth Velocity divided by Pi  =  earth Density x 2

9.)    The speed of light (299,792,458) divided by (Density x 2)  =  our point of origin, the orbit Velocity of earth  =  30,689.180237576




From the above orbit reality we can easily see how the energy contained in the mass of the earth (mc2), divided by the kinetic energy of the earth in orbit (mv2), is equal to;


The speed of light (299,792,458) divided by Pi

=  95,426,903.1844289556


The (Density of earth x 2)2

=  95,426,903.1844289556




7  Direct Steps Absolute Equations   Absolute Numbers
Ve 30,689.1802376259

Velocity of earth.

= orbit Velocity
(AxZ = Acceleration x Time)
Ve = AxZ .0010032073  x  30,591,067.1428682 (lunar year)

Acceleration of earth  x  orbit Time.

= 30,689.1802376259
(orbit Velocity)
Ve2 / π 30,689.18023762592 / π

Velocity of earth squared, divided by Pi.

= 299,792,458
(Speed of light)
Ve / Tau 30,689.1802376259 / π x 2

Velocity of earth divided by Tau.

= 4884.3347342404
(earth Density)
Pi / A Pi  /  .0010032073

Pi divided by the Acceleration of earth.

= 3,131.54900383938
Ve / 3131.5 Ve  /  3,131.54900383938

Velocity of earth divided by 3131.5

= 9.80
(Gravitational Acceleration)
Dens x Tau / 3131.5 Dens x Tau  /  3131.5490038342857143

Earth Density x Tau divided by 3131.5

= 9.80
(Gravitational Acceleration)
299 / G 299,792,458 / G

Velocity of light divided by Gravity.

= 30,591,067.1428682
(orbit Time, exact lunar year)
Ve x 2 Tau 30,689.1802376259 x π x 4

Velocity of earth times 2 Tau.

= 385,651.6127162476
(Velocity of sun)
Ve / Pi Ve  /  3.1415926535

Velocity of earth divided by Pi.

= earth Density x 2
299 / Dens x 2 299,792,458 / 9,768.6694684808

Velocity of light divided by Density x 2.

= 30,689.1802376259
(Velocity of earth)
Gravity x orbit Time Two building blocks of all astrophysics ! = The core number, speed of light.
G x Z 9.80 x 30,591,067.1428570401

Acceleration of Gravity times earth orbit Time.

= 299,792,458
(Speed of light)



*   *   *



Get the big picture of Gravity via this  Video.



*   *   *



Here are the top  7   Physics discoveries of this 21st century.




# 1   The Pendulum has given us absolute proof that Gravity is a  "Pushing"  force.



# 2   The incredible origin of Magnetism and Electricity have finally been unveiled;   Magnetism     Electricity



# 3   The  "Volt"  is discovered to be the Diameter of any volume of void created within the ether.



# 4   The discovery of the direct connection between  Pi  and the  Speed of Light.



# 5   Only TRUE values for earth are acceptable.



# 6   The energy  "within"  Mass is nothing more than space contracting after an electron moves to a lower orbital.



# 7   Newton's  F=mA  declares that a  "pulling"  force in our universe is an absolute impossibility.

(Send us any example of a pulling force and we will inform you how it truly is a  "Pushing"  force.)




With the above equations that contain Pi, you may have asked yourself why the factor of earth Density is times " two " ?  Well you can thank the sad political aspect of man for that sorry blunder because it's been more than 3 long years since top officials in mathematics realized that  " Pi "  was in error  ( see this link - True Pi ).  But like so many things in history that need correction, we only seem to find ourselves barking up empty trees of bureaucracy.  Perhaps tomorrow the replacement  of Pi with Tau will finally be corrected or who knows, maybe . . . NEXT YEAR  ! 

If Pi was replaced with TAU (Circumference / Radius) (the fraction that any expert in mathematics knows that we should be using = 6.28318530) then the above equations would only contain  1 x Density.  Oh pure sweet mathematics, where for art thou ?




For the last  20 years of his life while at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study,

Albert  Einstein diligently struggled to find the connection between


Gravity     and     Electricity.



That     mystery     has     now     finally     been     unveiled.



Be sure to understand that space (the ether) is an ocean of quantum elastic mass.  Hence, please do not use the Michelson-Morley results as any sort of opposition to this reality due to the fact that the ether is a Pressure that surrounds and "moves with" the earth and is therefore not detectable.


In the image below we can see that the decreasing Pressure of space surrounding the earth is the very origin of the inverse decrease of Gravity.  That Pressure of quantum-mass is exactly equal to (Density x Temperature2).  Our density compared to the density of that curved space surrounding the earth is exactly what determines whether we move up or down in regards to Gravity.  This is also exactly parallel to the Temperature changes of a hot air balloon as it moves up or down.



This Pressure surrounding the earth is the very origin of  "all"  Electricity upon the earth.  When a magnet is run through a coil, it causes an expansion within the elastic ocean of quantum-mass surrounding the earth.  Then when any electrical connection is made, the Pressure of space contracts back to its natural place as it Accelerates free electrons upon any given conductor thus creating a  -wave-  of electrical current upon that conductor.


Surely we will not be able to understand the reality of the universe until we finally see our own galaxy as it truly is.  See this video;







20  Indisputable  Facts



1)  Below are seven equations for determining planetary Accelerations of Gravity.  Number 3 is sure to be the universal standard.


1.  AG  =  Orbit Radius  x  Centripetal Acceleration  - divided by -  Pi  x  Orbit Time

2.  AG  =  Orbit Velocity  x  Centripetal Acceleration  - divided by -  2  x  Pi2

3.  AG  =  Orbit Acceleration2  x  Orbit Time  x  2  - divided by -  Tau * *

4.  AG  =  Surface Area of orbit Sphere  - divided by -  Orbit Time3

5.  AG  =  Orbit Acceleration2  x  Orbit Time  - divided by -  Pi

6.  AG  =  Orbit Velocity2  - divided by -  Pi  x  Orbit Time

7.  AG  =  2  x  orbit Acceleration  x  Planet Density



2)  The fact that the planets below are kept in their orbit via their individual Densities is verified even further by the mathematical definition of energy.  The equation  mA2Z2  is energy coming off of the sun.  Mathematically that is equal to Heat2 x Distance x Density, which coincides exactly with what the physical galaxy portrays.  Between the sun and planets is Heat2 which exists over a Distance ending in the Density placement of each planet.



Below are the  7  equations which determine planet Density;


1 Density  =  orbit Radius  x  orbit Time  /  Surface Area of orbit Sphere

2.  Density  =  orbit Radius  x  orbit Velocity  /  orbit Circumference

3.  Density  =  Gravitational Acceleration  /  2 x orbit Acceleration

4.  Density  =  Velocity of Light  /  2 x orbit Velocity

5.  Density  =  √  Velocity of Light  /  4 Pi

6.  Density  =  orbit Velocity  /  2 Pi

7.  Density  =  orbit Radius  /  orbit Time



3)  The Acceleration of earth's Gravity  x  earth orbit Time (exact lunar year)  =  the Velocity of Light.

(9.80 m/s2  x  30,591,067.1428682 s  =  299,792,458 m/s)



4)  The Acceleration of the planet earth in orbit  x  the orbit Diameter  =  the Velocity factor of Light.

(.001003207246555  x  298,834,023,607.1496470118  =  299,792,458)

(further explanation re: this fact)



No  these  are  not  just  coincidences.




From  Earth Facts  we can now easily see that from a galactic aerial view, these factors arranged in size are;


1.  Velocity of Light.

2.  Velocity of sun in Orbit.

3.  Velocity of earth in Orbit.


All of these are specifically related via Density and Tau, and for this to be only a coincidence would be an absolute impossibility.


1.  Velocity of Light equals (Density of earth)2 x 2 Tau.

2.  Velocity of Sun in orbit equals (Density of earth) x 2 x Tau2.

3.  Velocity of Earth in orbit equals (Density of earth) x Tau.


299,792,458  =  (Density of earth)2 x 2 Tau = (earth orbit Velocity)2 / Pi.

299,792,458  =  Density x 2 x orbit Velocity = (earth orbit Velocity)2 / Pi.




5)  Above all else be sure to understand that Light does  NOT  truly exist.


( Stay calm now, don't be quick to reject Reality. )


Right now when you look at the sun or a light bulb, your brain is seeing electromagnetic heat waves that are striking the retina of your eye.


Your brain is simply defining electromagnetic "Heat waves"  as  "Light waves".


A flashlight absolutely does not emit light.  For the simple fact that there is no such thing as photons or light.


When you turn on a flashlight it emits electromagnetic waves (undetectable Heat) (Acc2 x Time3) and because the SI Units of Heat are  Meters2 / Second,  all images are also in that format of  Area / Time.  Hence that  "area"  is susceptible to Pressure and thus the very reason that images get smaller over Distance.  This is also the exact reason why the image of the moon gets squeezed down in size as it moves down through the Pressure of Gravity that surrounds the earth.

Mass does not reflect light, it reflects heat waves.  Hence its quantum surface then reflects that energy back at a frequency according to whatever element the mass is composed of.  This is the very foundation of gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.  Only certain types of mass reflect waves without altering the wavelength (silver on mirrors, etc).


When you look at a light bulb, the light that you see does NOT truly exist.


That light that you see (white image) only exists upon your retina as what we "perceive to be light".  It is not light, it is simply the high frequency of electromagnetic waves (energy) coming off the bulb.  The image upon your retina is being produced by electromagnetic waves (Heat, not light).  It is only "your brain" that sees a heat wave and defines it as light.  The surface of your retina then sends the wave (image) to your brain, no light whatsoever, and hence you see things.


You must understand;


Light  is  NOT  coming  off  of  that  light  bulb  !


The  only  thing  coming  off  of  it  is  electromagnetic (Heat) energy.


A light bulb is not truly a  "Light"  bulb, it is a  "Heat"  bulb.


Because glass is an insulator not a conductor (does not transfer Heat) the surface of glass is not able to reflect waves and therefore does not itself send waves to your eye.  Hence you do not see glass, you only see other waves passing through it.


Photons and Light absolutely do NOT exist apart from what your brain defines as Light.


The world is actually a very dark place, the only thing coming off of it

is electromagnetic energy, Heat waves, no Light whatsoever.


The image on the far left is truly how our world exists.  The image on the far right is how our brains interpret the (Heat) information on the far left.  Our visual world is ONLY "within" our brains.



Exactly like the binary code of a computer, only the computer itself is what can transform a binary code into a beautiful image.  In the exact same way only our brains are what take the "heat wave code" of our physical world and transform it into what   - only our brains -   see as light and color.



6 SILVER says it ALL

Silver possesses the highest electrical conductivity, the highest thermal conductivity, and the highest optical reflectivity of all elements.

Even a grade school child would realize that because the above FACTS are dealing with one single "element", that electricity, heat, and light, all originate from the ONE same source.

And that source is;     Waves that are resulting from the contraction of an expanded volume of space ether !

And the true definition of that Wave is "Heat" = A2Z3 (which is also what "only" our retinas and brains define as Light.  Photons and Light do not truly exist.  When Heat waves hit our retinas, only our brains see them as light.)

Then, the true definition of that wave along any given conductor is "Electricity".

Hence, of all the known elements, you have the atomic composition of Silver that transfers these waves most efficiently.


Electricity, Heat, and Light, are ONE !



Silver is the one metal that transmits Electricity, Heat, and Reflectivity, most efficiently of all the elements.

This is due to the extremely efficient quantum electron excited surface.

All other elements absorb heat waves and their quantum surface then does not transmit that energy with ease.  The result is that those elements transpose that energy back at a less energetic frequency (different color).

However because Silver's atomic structure is so efficient it absorbs Heat waves (no not light) and then transposes those waves back at the exact same frequency that they came in at = a mirror.



7)  Be sure to memorize these two equations below for they are the most prominent equations regarding the Acceleration of Gravity.


Gravity Acc. = orbit  Energy
planet Volume x orbit Radius x  π


We can see so clearly now from the above equation, how Gravity is totally proportional to Density (which governs Radius).  The above equation is exactly equal to the two equations below in which we can also see that Gravity is equal to  Density / Pi  x  Centripetal Acceleration.


Gravity Acc. = m x Velocity2
planet Volume x orbit Radius x  π


Planet Density / Pi  is the  factor which mediates between Gravity and the root of any planet's Gravity which is Centripetal Acceleration.  Centripetal Acceleration = Velocity2 / Radius = Circumference2 / Radius x orbit Time2.  Via these factors we can easily see how Gravity is  "purely"  a product of;

orbit Time

orbit Circumference

p l a n e t   D e n s i t y


Gravity Acc. = Density x Centripetal Acc.


9.80 = 4884.33473426586 x .0063033370316129778



8When the moon is high in the night's sky (to avoid magnification via earth's atmosphere) and a mirror is placed upon the ground, the image of the moon upon that mirror is  1.159 centimeters in Diameter.



When that diameter of the image of the moon is multiplied by the factor of light's velocity (299,792,458) this gives the exact physical diameter of the moon.


1.159 cm  x  299,792,458  =  3474.8 kilometers  (the moon's true physical diameter).


This occurs due to the fact that the "Pressure of Gravity" (pushing force) compresses the moon's image.  After the image wave reflects off of the moon and takes 1.2 seconds to travel from the moon to the earth, moving down through the ocean of electrical-mass pressure (Gravity) that surrounds the earth, the image is then compressed by a factor of the velocity of light.  However it's actually compressed by the velocity of  "Gravity"  because that is the speed at which the ocean of electrical-mass that surrounds the earth is squeezing the image down.  This is also the velocity of  "Electricity"  because it is also the speed at which the ocean of electrical-mass compresses back (after any voltage potential is created) and it then Accelerates free electrons upon any given conductor thus creating a  -wave-  of electrical current upon that conductor and hence every form of electricity anywhere on earth.

This size reduced squeezing occurs for the "physical image" of the moon in the exact same way that it occurs for a "physical object".  When a beach ball is taken from the surface of the ocean down to the ocean floor, the ball becomes extremely compressed.  And likewise this is exactly what happens to the light image as it reflects off of the moon and moves down through the ocean of electrical-mass pressure that surrounds the earth.




9)  According to Wikipedia, the recorded magnetic field of the earth is  .00003 Teslas

( Wikipedia -  3.110−5 Teslas is the strength of earth's Magnetic Field on the equator, 0 latitude. )

From we see that the Tesla is equal to  1/AZ  or  1 / Velocity.

The scientific community doesn't know this yet because they are still unaware that the Volt = Distance = Diameter.  The Volt is equal to the Diameter of any energy sphere.

The earth is moving through space at 30,689.1802374659 m/s.  When you divide 1 by that velocity (1/AZ) you get the exact

Magnetic Field of the earth  =  .00003 Teslas


orbit Velocity of earth   =   earth Density  x  Tau.


That means that earth's Magnetic Field  =   1  /  Tau  x  Density.  Which makes perfect sense seeing that the Pressure of q-particles surrounding the earth moving through the earth derives its Magnetic Field which is directly proportional to the "Density" of the mass through which the q-particles move.




10)  Via geometrical mathematics, the acceleration of Gravity upon Mars equals;

Orbit Velocity2  - divided by -  Pi  x  orbit Time

Orbit velocity of Mars = 24,541.8
Pi = 3.14159265
Orbit Time of Mars = 59,355,036.576 seconds

We see that Wikipedia states the acceleration of Mars Gravity = 3.710

However pure geometric-math declares that;       Mars Gravity = 3.230

Mathematics certainly has dominion because orbit radii are determined via planet mass/volume = electrical-mass Density.



11)  Gravity is truly just a "fraction" of the Centripetal Acceleration of any orbiting particle.  When earth's orbit values are input into the equation for a Pendulum, the resulting value for the Gravity works out to be equal to earth's Centripetal Acceleration.


The equation for a simple pendulum is;


Gravity  =  Length  x  Tau2  /  Time2



When you input the values of earth orbit;

Velocity = 30,689.1802374659

Length = orbit Radius = 149,417,011,803.57462

Time = orbit Time = 30,591,067.1428682


Earth's Centripetal Acceleration = .0063033370316129778


Gravity  =  Length  x  Tau2  /  Time2


149,417,011,803.57462  x  Tau2  /  30,591,067.14286822  =



Earth as a pendulum in space brings its values of;

Gravity   =   Centripetal Acceleration




Before going any further we should realize that our capacity to understand the connection between Gravity and Electricity hinges upon our ability to completely understand three fundamental realities;


A   B   C



A)  The first reality is that true and pure physics cannot be obtained until the Energy equation commonly known as;


E  =  mass  x  Velocity2


is replaced with the more accurate;


E  =  mass  x  (Acceleration  x  Time)2

E  =  mass  x  (Acceleration2  x  Time2)

E  =  mass  x  (A2  x  Z2)


E  =  m A2 Z2



B)  The second fundamental is that space is not empty.  The fabric of outer space is composed of electrical-mass pressure.  The pressure of Gravity.  The pressure of the root origin of all Electricity around the world.



Regarding the image above, an ocean (light blue) of electrical-mass pressure (Gravity) surrounds the earth.  When a magnet upon earth is run through a coil, the surrounding electrical-mass becomes expanded outwards.  Then when a circuit is closed, the contraction of the surrounding pressure Accelerates free electrons upon any given conductor thus creating a  -wave-  of electrical current upon that conductor.  Hence it is this visual that shows us the exact connection between Gravity and Electricity that Albert Einstein spent his last 20 years searching so diligently for.


Relative to density and volume, the pressure at the bottom of the ocean is exactly equal to that of either the total amount of atmosphere  - or -  the total amount of endless electrical-mass in any given perpendicular triangled column.



The hydrogen and oxygen of our Atmosphere are simply finer "mediums" that permeate the same hydrogen and oxygen of ocean Water (H2O).  The above image shows us how electrical-mass is also likewise the finer medium that permeates both the earth's atmosphere as well as the oceans.  Whenever we walk through the medium of water, we are able to both see and feel that medium.  Yet when we walk through the medium of air we can only feel that medium.  However when we walk through the medium of electrical-mass space, we can neither feel nor see this medium but you can rest assured it is most certainly there, pushing us down onto the earth.



When you place your hand behind the exhaust pipe of your automobile, you are feeling the resulting force of the combustion that is occurring within that car's engine.

Now read this very closely;

When you hold a bowling ball in your outstretched hand you are also feeling a force of combustion.  The resulting force of the combustion of all stars in the universe.



As stars combust, they give off energy (mA2Z2).  That energy is in the form of Light x Heat (m/Z x A2Z3).  Energy is also equal to (Pressure x Volume).  The light and heat that comes off of all stars is what creates the pressure of space and is what drives the orbits of all planets.  The pressure of electrical-mass in space is also what creates Gravity around any body of mass.  All bodies of mass  "stretch apart"  the elastic fabric of space which is defined as;

The force of Electrical-mass Pressure.



As the Volume of electrical-mass surrounding the earth increases, the Pressure decreases according to the inverse-square law.  This is the reason that Gravity also decreases inversely as we move out into space.




Einstein's vision of Gravity (above left) (curved space-time) is certainly in error.  The biggest reason being that it is not "uniform" surrounding the entire planet, it produces an erroneous "half planet" curvature (even if two halves were placed together a false seam would still be present).


The true reality of Gravity (curved space, via Pressure) is found in the other two images above.  All planets stretch apart the fabric of space and thus cause the immediate surrounding space to curve as it envelopes the entire planet.



And we see below, the energy of space is in the form of  E=mA2Z2 which is also equal to  (Pressure x Volume).  Pressure is equal to  (Density x Temperature2).  Therefore as volume increases, the Pressure, Temperature, and Acceleration of Gravity, all decrease.





C)  The third reality is that our understanding of potential energy and outer-space must be greatly updated and enhanced.  The four images below give us  4 exact parallels  of potential energy.


1.  The first image creates potential energy by expanding a void within a volume of water (by blowing up a balloon beneath the ocean).

2.  The second image creates potential energy by expanding a void within a volume of atmosphere (by vacuuming the air out of the hollow glass sphere).

3.  The third image creates potential energy by running a magnet through a coil, and doing so is exactly equal to;

4.  The fourth image, the removal of space out of the hollow glass sphere.  Space is  not  empty.  Outer-space is an ocean of quantum electrical-mass.  Running a magnet through a coil is exactly equal to creating a spherical void within the quantum elastic fabric of outer-space.  And when that spherical void compresses back, it Accelerates free electrons upon any given conductor thus creating a  -wave-  of electrical current upon that conductor.



The  Diameter  of any spherical expansion of the elastic fabric of space is equal to the  Volt.  When the sphere contracts back the Diameter is multiplied by the coulomb and the result is Electricity.




12)  This fact is the biggest yet.  It's a physical certainty that  Pressure x Volume = Energy.  With the image below, we are now able to make one of the most profound calculations of this century regarding the earth's orbit.  The earth moving through space is specifically caused by the orbital energy sphere of Pressure x Volume surrounding the sun that the sun exerts upon the earth.


Follow the calculation regarding the image below;


1.)  The Energy of the earth in orbit is equal to the mass of the earth multiplied by its velocity2 = mV2 = 5.215,672,025,664 x 1033

2.)  The Diameter of the earth's orbit (the Volt) = AZ2 = 298834023606.6740014972 meters.

3.)  The energy Sphere that the earth orbits within (image red lines below) = the circumferential Volume = 4/3 pi r3 = 1.3965480449390 x 1034

4.)  To obtain the Area inside that sphere (in order to calculate Pressure, Force / Area), divide the volume by Distance (AZ2) = 1.4878309505317 x 1022

5.)  Now multiply the earth's mass by its acceleration to get the Force upon that Area = mA = 5.9924238612073 x 1021

6.)  Divide that Force by the Area.  This now is the spatial Pressure that is within the energy sphere (red lines) that is pushing the earth outwards and causing it to orbit.  That exact same pressure is also being exerted back against the earth by the surrounding pressure of space = .40276241457847 Pascals (0.000145037738 psi).  Due to the fact that Pressure = Density x Temperature2, the true origin of any orbit radius is indeed Density.

7.)  Multiply the Pressure x Volume of the sphere and we get the initial value for the orbit energy of the earth = mV2 = 5.215,672,025,664 x 1033.


Earth mass x Velocity2  =  mV2  =  5.215,672,025,664 x 1033.

Earth's energy Sphere (Pressure x Volume)  =  mV2  =  5.215,672,025,664 x 1033.



Two completely separate origins of the exact same energy value.





13)  The Centripetal Force of the earth moving around the sun is equal to the mass of the earth multiplied by earth's centripetal Acceleration.  The centripetal acceleration of the earth is Velocity2 divided by orbit Radius = .0063033370316129778.  Therefore earth's centripetal Force is = 3.7651509559105 x 1022.  Hence when you take the Pressure of the electrical-mass coming off the sun which is the pressure within the earth's energy sphere (.40276241457847) and multiply it by 1/3 of the surface area (orange lines) of the energy sphere (the amount of force that pushes the earth outwards), you get the exact same force that outer space is pushing back against the earth, which is the Centripetal Force of the earth = 3.7651509559105 x 1022.






14)  Gravity is absolutely  "Pushing"  us down onto the earth.  We upon the earth are exactly parallel to a Galilean Thermometer.  The force that we feel pushing us downwards is simply the result of the density of our bodies compared to the density of the ocean of electrical-mass that is surrounding the earth.  A simple difference in densities is what man defines as - Gravity.

Isaac Newton can now finally begin to enjoy his retirement.




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15)  In 1730 a.d. Willem Gravesande made an enormous error.


Must  See.



16)  The famous  Velocity of Light  is not exactly what Mr. Einstein figured.


Must  See  Proof.



17)  The new simple equation for the kinetic energy of the earth in orbit is;


E  =  m Tau Density



The velocity of earth in orbit is  30,689.1802374659 m/s.

The energy of the earth in orbit is equal to  mv2.

The speed of light (299,792,458)  x  Pi, is equal to  941,825,783.654427

941,825,783.654427  =  the velocity of earth in orbit.

The energy of the earth in orbit is equal to  mcπ  mv2

The energy contained  -within the mass-  of the earth is equal to  E=mc2.


mc2   </