This page is dedicated to all Waliszewski's families spread in Poland and in other parts of the World.

Our goal is to pick-up more genealogical information, historical research, support family bonds and exchange information.
The root of our name comes from an old-Slavonic name Walislaw -nickname Walisz .
The oldest document known so far where our name was mentioned is a court sentence dated 1397 . MICZEK (Mikolaj or Nicolaus) WALISZEWSKI appeared as a witness in the low suit .Miczek took the name of a village called Waliszewice, region:Wielkopolska Kalisz-county - as his last name.
To be continued...

Calling all "Waliszewskis" in the world!!!  

We're creating a database about everyone with the surname Waliszewski.  Not long ago we've launched a web page under the URL:

We've already collected a lot of information.  Some of our documented branches of the Waliszewski family tree go back to as far as the 15th century.  The first exchange of this surname has been preserved in a document from the year 1397.  The first line of Waliszewskis took the name from a village called Waliszew in Łowicz county, and from another village called Waliszewice, located between the city of Kalisz and Sieradz, in Poland.  These families grew with time and today there are about 2273 people with that surname in Poland, and another  600 all over the world.  Please help us record the history of all Waliszewskis by sending us information regarding your part of the family, such as:

Photographs are more than welcome!  Also the information regarding who emigrated when from Poland. 

Perhaps you have some questions – we will try our best to answer them.  Please help us preserve the history of the Waliszewski family for your children and grand-children!  The opportunity is now!  There are people who gather this information.  Perhaps after appropriate editing of the database is complete, a book under the title "Waliszewski in the world" will be published.  You wouldn't want your family to be omitted, would you? 


J. J. Waliszewski

P.S. Please direct all correspondence to the following e-mail address: