The Ross Herriot Golden Spike Award


The Ross Herriot Golden Spike Award is presented to a member of the 7th Division of the Pacific Northwest Region of the National Model Railroad Association each year - it is a once-in-a-lifetime award. The recipient is selected from nominations received from 7th Division members each year by a committee made up of Ross Herriot Award recipients from the last three years. The award is presented to the 7th Division member who best provides a service to the hobby, someone who works for the benefit of other modellers.

Ted Alexis of Victoria, BC, is the 2001 recipient. Ted founded the Victoria NTrak club over ten years ago and to the members delight, has ran the club every year since it's creation and shows no signs of leaving his post. Ted was also instrumental in conceiving the Victoria Model Railway show and has worked tirelessly as one of the show's coordinators every year and continues to perform that role for the very successful show. Ted has made several appearances on local TV and in newspapers to promote our great hobby.

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