About Me

My name is Vince Hodges and I am a software developer based in Vancouver, Canada. I am currently building my new company HireBrains and we are available for all kinds of development work, from embedded systems to enterprise web applications.

Like most of my contemporaries, I started to program in the early 80's ('81 to be exact - Gasp! Over 25 years).

Starting with BASIC on 8bit machines and growing into 'C' on 32bit machines in the late 80's (ah, the good old days :) and into Java in the mid 90's (and for the next 10 years).

I have been professionaly employed as a software developer since 1989.

I am currently learning Ruby (and other 'Dynamic' languages) and focusing on Ruby on Rails for web development.

I am engaged to be married (next spring) to a wonderful girl named Corey and could not be happier!!

I can be contacted through email: vhodges@shaw.ca

The Site

This site is the 4th generation of my website. The design is based on this one from OSWD. The two images are from stock collection http://www.sxc.hu/

This site is static and fairly basic. It's meant to replace the aging site that is hosted at members.shaw.ca as well as replace the blog at www.imbas.ca (this site is hosted in both places.... imbas.ca will always work). I will be maintaining a technical/company blog @ HireBrains.

What does imbas mean? It's a celtic word and means "Magical source of inspiration".