RADIO CANADA” — VE7KFM — Being Stalked by Brian L. CROW K3VR


My name is Karol [pronounced Ka’rol].  Karol Florian MADERA, hence my Canadian amateur radio ~vanity call-sign: VE7KFM.

+++ Psycho Brian CROW K3VR Finally Got BUSTED by the FCC +++

Brian 'Cue-Ball' CROW K3VR c.2004


For my personal background — which informs my early interest in radio and in part shaped my character and thus explains some of what is recounted/happening herein — click HERE.

Depending on how/where you came across this Website, you may be asking: what’s this all about, in a nutshell? 

Unfortunately, that’s not an easy question to answer, especially briefly….

Or, much more importantly, you might be interested in getting a quick ‘heads up’ on Brian L. CROW K3VR because he also has been stalking/threatening/harassing you and/or your family…. 

In that case I strongly suggest that you quickly:

MOST IMPORTANTLY: If you’re also being stalked/threatened/harassed by Brian CROW and his Gang, don’t forget to CONTACT YOUR POLICE IMMEDIATELY!

Because if you don’t, Brian probably will — and pre-emptively ‘poison the well’ for you with the typically gullible doughnut-eaters, especially Post-9/11….

Or worse, he will actually FRAUDulently send police to your door — sometimes using the ‘tender mercies’ of a SWAT or equivalent team of thugs — as he has to-date done to others [names available], hoping to have you shot/arrested/charged on his various and sundry ‘put up jobs’ — up to/including “terrorism” and conveniently unsolved, brutal local MURDERS [ß as he has tried to do with me generally and on this one in particular]!

And then, Brian will ‘crow’ on-air and on the WWW that police have been to your door!  You get the picture….

For Brian CROW K3VR & Gang this passes for “fun” in amateur [HAM] radio today — and why Brian arguably has a better than 50/50 chance of getting killed — hopefully slowly, but soon…. 

Names of the latest handful of police and related departments thus involved and especially ‘snookered’ — in addition to the discredited/incompetent FCC, US State Department & FBI and on the Canadian side Industry Canada, RCMP & CSIS all of whom are laying low for cause — available on request assuming, unlike most of them, that you DON’T have shit-for-brains and are security cleared at least to RUMOUR. ‘Laying low’, above, in part because ‘iconic’ organizations that supposedly “always get their man” don’t readily admit, if they do at all — that they may have been ‘had’/conned/played for a sucker — especially by an adept psychotic HAMereekan CB quasi-mongoloid idiot, such as Brian CROW.


If you think that what I just wrote, above and what follows on this Front Page is hyperbole — THINK AGAIN especially if you’re being stalked/threatened/harassed by Brian CROW and/or his BAD BULLY ex-COP partner-in-crime Tom WHATLEY N1FM the former N1SOB [ß sic]!


Tom 'Bad Bully COP' WHATLEY N1FM/n1sob c.2006

And don’t just rely on me…. Accurately research/ask Glenn BAXTER K1MAN for example [no friend of mine — but neither an enemy], to explain what Brian previously and similarly did to him for years and is doing to him still:

We really don't know very much about Brian Crow, K3VR. Drop his name or his alleged company (Stockbridge Consulting - no letterhead) into a search engine, and nothing comes up. Brian (or who we know as Brian) says he was with NSA, and they create fictitious people all the time. Identity theft is also quite common these days. Perhaps he is in the witness protection program or his name was taken off of a tombstone and he is not Brian Crow at all. Would the REAL Brian Crow, K3VR, please stand up? Has anyone ever seen Brian personally? Has anyone ever snapped a picture of Brian? Has he ever attended a hamfest? Does he have a phone number? is not exactly traceable, now is it? Has anybody stopped at his FCC listed address to see what is there? He dropped his own web site years ago (it showed more than a passing interest in little boys), and now he creates many free anonymous pages, all about K1MAN. He seems to create dozens of anonymous E-Mail addresses as well and sends me stuff all the time (I assume it is Brian).

He E-Mails me several times daily from and then turns me in as SPAM when I reply! What's with that?

Drop K3VR in a search engine and all that comes up is K1MAN stuff!

On the air, Brian appears to lack the ability to copy CW although listed in the FCC data base as an Extra. NSA types would have no problem getting a ham license by fraud. Brian appears to know little or nothing about electronics or amateur radio theory. On QRZ he has a photo of a big Eimac tube, yet he has never built an amplifier. What's that all about?

He creates phony "experts" like "Dr. Hasenfus" (an attorney who also does not come up when dropped into a search engine) when a real expert would do just as well, and he even authored a printed nasty letter about K1MAN to the editor in local Maine newspapers by pretending to be from Manchester, Maine. He has filed complaints about K1MAN to the Maine and Illinois professional engineering boards, the Maine Attorney General, Maine State Senators and Representatives, the FCC, Vermont Academy, the SEC, the FTC, etc., etc. ad infinitum. He has a copy of my University of Rhode Island engineering school transcript. How did he come by that?

He sometimes writes with third grade grammar and yet claims to have a Master's in Education from the University of Massachusetts. He is K1MAN's number one detractor, and I am flattered by all the attention. The FBI says that such extensive activity is usually paid for by some organization with lots of money and an axe to grind. Who would pay Brian to stalk K1MAN? ARRL? The FCC? The CIA? NSA? The telecommunications industry wanting to grab amateur radio [spectrum]? Walter Cronkite? Who?

Perhaps the FBI is wrong. Perhaps Brian Crow, K3VR, is just a super sick "wannabe" with a legitimate Master's of Education degree from the University of Massachusetts who obtained his ham ticket by fraud (quite easy really).

I forgive you Brian.

73 and GL de K1MAN.”

Also, just for giggles, see for example Brian CROW & Gang’s remaining chief ‘spoofs’ about K1MAN on the Internet: and www.k1man.netNOT to be confused with Glenn’s own

And mark well the more recent words, again, for a partial example only, of:

Fred LLOYD AA7BQ owner/operator of — Glenn K1MAN’s years-long bitter enemy and subsequently, mine — from a 2007 e-mail, before he ran Brian CROW off QeerZ:

K3VR is a bait-trolling bastard who gets his kicks out of pissing people off.

The worst, no make that the "absolute worst" thing you can do with respect to Brian is to respond to his crap….

Brian is a shit head…. we all hate his antics….

Yes, we do need to run him off….

I'm going to review him (again, for the 10th time) and talk it over with the staff.  We'll keep you posted.”

Or Ed OSWALD W3DUB who, despite being a relative ‘newbie’ [then as KB3JGU], journalist and ‘budding Pennsylvania politician’, has been a quick learner, especially after Brian started to Cyber-Stalk him and his grandmother [!]:

Much of what has been posted about me has been at best, a half-truth, and at worst, a complete falsity.  But take fair warning -- once you take these folks on, it takes nothing short of law enforcement involvement to get them to stop bothering you (I know first hand, unfortunately).

Or Joseph ITALIANO, then licenced as N9PH [now licenced as the self-deprecating N0WOP] who is a bright, principled individual and aeronautical engineer and whose employment Brian tried to affect for talking to me [!]:

I was pulled into this because certain amateurs… would tell me who I could, or couldn't, talk to on 20 meters.  And when that didn't work, the QRMing started whenever they would hear me try to make contact with that amateur.  Perhaps you have to know something of my background to understand how that would make me feel, but suffice it to say, that energized me.

Or Bill SHINE K3TP another principled/highly qualified engineer also working within the US aeronautical ‘military-industrial’ complex:

I was having a QSO with Karol Madera yesterday, and you were QRM'ing the frequency.  I am going to politely ask you to refrain from QRM’ing my QSO's in the future.  I have an absolute right to communicate with whoever I wish, and if I wish to talk with Karol, that is my business, and not yours.  I would not dream of interfering with your QSO's, and I expect the same courtesy from you.

Or David TOLASSI now licenced as W4BHV who has known many of these misfits for decades and who together with Jane, his teacher-wife [who has a call-sign, but has never been heard on-air], have also repeatedly/recently been stalked by Brian CROW [Jane even at her Middle-School — where Brian & Gang tried to have her fired — simply for being David’s wife!].  Brian & Gang affected David’s amateur radio licence, employment, repeatedly FRAUDulently complained about him to law enforcement, stalked him through three successive addresses [in VT, TN and GA] in as many years and even called the FBI on him:

If you go against the radio punks and terrorists and speak to certain hams, these guys will do everything possible to get you.  They feel they have the right to dictate to whom you may speak.  They feel they are above the law, right Tommy [ß WHATLEY N1FM/n1sob] with the Jesus holding a gun [ß Tom WHATLEY’s one time profane avatar]?  The punk in Irwin, PA [ß Brian CROW K3VR] decides whom you can talk with and if you DARE talk to Karol, you will suffer the consequences.  Make no mistake, these guys are radio terrorists.  

Or Donald ANDERSON N4TAT a very slow-talking Southener and marginally quicker thinker, who is a reluctant Vietnam Veteran who has known many of these misfits for decades and who has also been harassed/defamed/stalked by Brian CROW.  In addition to the usual LIES and on-air/on the WWW stupidities, Brian & Gang attempted to negatively affect Donnie’s modest landscaping/lawn-care business and have even harassed his siblings and grown children — both of whom incidentally are Psychiatrists!  But it is the harassment of Donnie’s 96 year-old mother that is truly outrageous: they FRAUDulently sent compliance officials to inspect her out-buildings; James O'BRIEN W4AMP one of Brian’s disordered toadies, made repeated threatening telephone calls to her/her home; and most recently [in early 2014] the Gang sent police detectives to her home on FRAUDulent pretenses, inquiring about Donnie…. Unfortunately, Donnie is afraid of his own shadow, often sits on the fence/is ~nice to his enemies and out of an abundance of caution, does not mix amateur radio and the World-Wide-Wasteland, so there are no quotes easily/directly/definitively attributable to him…. But, as this recent audio clip on topic evidences, he’s frequently heard on 14.313 MHz.

Or Mark MORGAN KB9RQZ who suffers from VERY serious dyslexia and possibly more, but whom Brian has nevertheless been stalking/attacking/harassing on the WWW and elsewhere/otherwise for years.  In the Fall of 2007 after Brian tried pitting him against me using spoofed e-mails and similar FRAUDulent attacks on the WWW, Mark posted this very cogent and disturbingly self-explanatory query on an amateur radio related forum under title “need info… on VE7KFM”:

What has been done, is that someone sent Karol, the real Karol it seems, a number of attacks in my name. Karol was polite if a bit strained (something I can understand) in inquiring if I had been duped into attacking him, etc….

Defending myself from the torrent of abusive and forged posts and emails made in my name is something I feel I have to do. The result of ignoring one round of them was the burning down of my home in Illinois. While the perps are mostly caught and in prison, I still haven't managed to collect from the insurance on the old home.

The same forces, which do include Karol’s foes as well in many cases, are ramping up the same attacks against me here (I have seen the stuff sent to local cops, etc.), making Karol of all things my de facto ally, although not likely my friend….

Reading the Karol/anti-Karol stuff seems to have given me a few new insights into those stalking me. Indeed the whole affair may have given me a bead on the last of these stalkers [ß Brian K3VR] for whom I have no ID and may result in another arrest (or may not). This effort to involve me against Karol may perversely have the effect of aiding Karol against HIS foes, but such things happen.”

When Brian’s stratagem failed, he spitefully arranged to have Mark deposed — via FRAUDulent poisoned-pen/threatening letters to the membership — from the “lofty” position of President of his Upper Michigan Peninsula local amateur radio club, apparently consisting of fewer than a dozen active members [Bravo, Brian!].

Or 'young' Todd DAUGHERTY N9OGL who is under a serious speech and related disability, but who nevertheless was/is also one of the latest targets/victims, among minor others being held in reserve, in Brian CROW K3VRs over-flowing hopper of LIES, HATE & PROPAGANDA.  Brian also tried pitting Todd against me — at the same time/using a similar modus operandi (MO) to that he was using trying to dupe Mark [Todd and Mark ~know each other]:


Perversely, Brian CROW then managed, essentially by FRAUD/subterfuge, to have Todd, who styled himself as a “Free Speech” advocate on his Blogs, charged with “Harassment by Electronic Means” — the VERY thing Brian had patently routinely done to Todd and others for ~a decade! 

The manner in which he operationalized this is also telling: Brian posted, on Todd's Blog, 'as if' a Laura ZuHONE of Consolidated Communications, Todd's sometime ISP 'threatening to cut Todd's balls off' for being critical of Consolidated for denying him Blog access to the Internet, etc.... Then, when Todd replied to “Laura”/Consolidated ~in kind, Brian 'snitched' to the law about these “threats”.... Bravo again, Brian, you Psycho!

Subsequently, Brian in quick succession boot-strapped this misdemeanor with Riley HOLLINGSWORTH SCARE at the FCC to get Todd’s amateur radio licence off-lined for possible enforcement action, affected his ultra-light pilot’s licence with the FAA and got Todd fired from his high-level job as a “cart-pusher” [as he ‘crows’ about it], at Wal-Mart!  Bravo, again/still, Brian!

In the Spring of 2015 Brian complained to the Taylorville Police Department that Todd supposedly 'threatened to shoot police'.... Rick BRYAN of the Taylorville doughnut-eaters got VERY excited, roughly interrogated Todd for hours, but ultimately did not proceed with charges, surprise, surprise, when it became patently obvious that Todd was referencing/discussing 'the shootings' as found, wait for it... within the context of the then just released Grand Theft Auto V video game!

Most recently in the Summer of 2015 Brian upped the ante significantly and actually managed to again snooker Rick BRYAN this time to arrest [!] Todd for several days, supposedly for threatening his Chief of Police! But the Judge(s) involved quickly saw through Brian CROW's 'put up job' and Rick BRYAN's shit-for-brains and summarily/perfunctorily punted the incited charge out of their courtroom(s)....

They shoot Psychopaths in 'Stupid-Land', don't they, Todd?

That was/is rhetorical.... Actually, judging by the seemingly never-ending procession of mass-outrages, it's the Psychopaths who are doing virtually all of the shootings.... Be that as it may, Todd should sue EVERYONE in sight/involved into the poor house, but especially Brian 'FRAUDulent Snitch' CROW!

Or poor Brandon DUKE the ex-KC0UWS who on arguably VERY poor legal advice from a ‘Pubic’ [ß sic] Defender, who was then in the 'throes' of getting her “Mrs.”, threw himself at the mercy of the court in 2010 — and is doing a paltry 55 years in CO Prison [effectively for poor decision-making and especially “marksmanship”].  This in part due to Brian CROW relentlessly for more than 4 years stalking/harassing him initially on-air, then on the WWW [where Brian FRAUDulently registered ‘as if’ Brandon on several forums and trashed him/others] and finally/especially in real life. 

Brandon 1st came to Brian’s obsessive attention on 2 December 2006 when he committed the unpardonable and ultimately “mortal sin” of replying to my otherwise innocuous CQ on 20m — but apparently/unfortunately outside of his Band privileges — for which the typical penalty from the FCC is a severe lashing with a wet noodle [if they can find a postage stamp]…. The very next day [!] Brian demonstrably started to dig pit-falls/strewed banana peels in Brandon’s path on QRZ, co-operated from afar with/egged on Brandon’s local CB/amateur radio detractors in CO and started to snitch on him to his friend and co-conspirator Riley HOLLINGSWORTH at the FCC and the law….

It now turns out that Brandon was then a troubled teen-ager — his father committed suicide, his mother abandoned him, he had unfortunate juvenile brushes w/ the law, etc.  Yet Brian — who for a long time maintained that he was a Psychiatrist, after being challenged a Psychologist and when challenged again, a Psychotherapist and still strongly suggests on-air and on the WWW that he works in the so-called “Helping Professions” [see below] — attacked/harassed and preyed on such a patently vulnerable individual, in so many ways/for so many years!  THAT says volumes about Brian CROW.

The following is from a note Brandon sent in April 2013 from CO Prison to Geo. ZARDECKI N9VTB inquiring about Brian CROW:

I wonder what Brian K3VR is up to.  Probably his usual tricks.  He happened to be part of my prosecution, through a letter he sent to the courts!  Is that corrupt or what?”

In that letter to the court Brian CROW vociferously argued that Brandon should get “Life Without Parole”, in part because of his supposed tenuous “association” with the so-called 'Canadian Terrorist', a.k.a. “Commander, Al Qaeda Northern Command”!

Very troubling though not surprising evidence has recently come to light that Brian conspired behind-the-scenes on the Brandon DUKE matter with Riley HOLLINGSWORTH [who was useful, no doubt, for his FCC imprimatur]. The evidence discloses that both Brian and Riley SERIOUSLY mis-led CO law enforcement in general [no great feat, the tragic/still unsolved JonBenét RAMSEY case refers] and a Marcy BECKER, Brandon's feeble-minded/reasoning Probation Officer in particular.... Marcy was snookered into believing everything Brian wrote/sent/pointed her to — including the FRAUDulent website 'as if' mine — and that Brandon was communicating with a 'Canadian Terrorist'! Moreover, years later she not only re-stated this in a formal Summary to Court, but also expressly averred that Brian's FRAUDulent website 'as if' mine, was actually mine! How do you spell “shit-for-brains” and worse in CO Justice? This NASTY piece of incompetence and FRAUDulent conspiratorial work behind-the-scenes cries out to Heaven for Redress!

Or 70+ year-old Michael ADAMS AE4FB who is ill and more than old enough to be Brian’s father and who ran afoul of Tom WHATLEY N1FM/n1sob & Brian CROW & Gang — who call him “Fat Bastard” on 75m where incidentally I never operate — in part for daring to suggest [in 2012] that “The Canadian Army of One” was apparently doing a good job on 20m:

14313 kHz is a 15-year bar fight between the Ugliest of Americans and anybody who disagrees with them.  VE7KFM has been pilloried by "Patriotic" Americans for 13 years and of course some times gives tit for tat.  I had never heard VE7KFM before a month ago; however, I had heard the "Horror" of VE7KFM for years and finally investigated.  What I found was one Canadian sniper holding down an entire Battalion of Super “Patriot” Americans.  All the while VE7KFM allowed these “Patriots” to demonstrate the vileness, ignorance and bully brutality for which my country (U.S.) has become known world wide.

N1FM is indeed and by definition an Adult Bully, a Bully COP and a proven serial destroyer of nets and friendships.  Anything VE7KFM or any other of N1FM's targets does will be spun in an American Angry White Male Hate Radio/Bill Oreilly fashion to make the target appear in the worst light.  I do not know who put the comment below the Video link but it shows mendaciousness or at best, ignorance of the subject and the history behind it…. Although there are some exceptions, my "fellow" "Americans" on 14313 are the worst of the worst.

I well know N1FM…. I have no doubt that he is a Sociopath and anyone who says "good on him" is either grossly misinformed or evil.”

Suffice it to say, the above and more in the same vein, is Brian CROWs demonstrated Socio/Psychopathic Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) — and possible subliminal “Death Wish” — the targets with Italian, Irish (Up the IRA!), Polish and other ‘direct-action-prone’ ancestries/monikers, refer.


As the title suffix suggests in part, this Website — my FIRST & ONLY is mainly about the darker/seamier side of CB/amateur radio and Cyber-Stalking/Bullying…. It is also apparently becoming an increasingly valued compendium on the subject of Brian CROW K3VR and Tom WHATLEY N1FM/n1sob and Gang.

This Website is written at a Canadian ~high school-leaving comprehension level.  Your mileage/comprehension may vary — say if you are an HAMereekan — and especially if you are one of Brian CROWs many retards….

Because this Website has developed into a multi-faceted/headed “resource document”, it will also arguably be difficult if not impossible to read — never mind comprehend — in its entirety, at one sitting.  I therefore suggest that you save this Website as a “Favorite”, for convenient retrieval and initially read this Front Page without clicking on any sub-links.  Letting it simply ‘wash over you’ should be enough for the first sitting….

At the next opportunity — with or without a drink of your favourite to hand — peruse the Front Page again and ONLY read/peruse the sub-links suggested by me previously, above.

Each of the above suggested links is written differently.  The first is in ~standard prose, with the occasional touch of attempted humour.  The next three are collections of attributed short quotations, in easy-to-read bullet form, some very closely-coupled in time, while others require more thought/inferences to ‘connect the dots’.  The e-mail from Laura SMITH, Special Counsel for Amateur Radio Enforcement (SCARE) at the FCC is ~standard if somewhat 'chatty'.  The NALs & FOs are disturbingly self-explanatory. Especially FN # 11 in both NALs [which refer(s) to me] and FN #16 in the Brian CROW NAL proving that Brian is an incorrigible LIAR even when questioned by Federal Agents [for which Martha STEWART went to jail]. The pieces cover partially overlapping time-frames, but fundamentally ~similar ground, with per force different focus.  Each piece should be read, from start to finish, preferably at one sitting, in the sequence shown, for maximum comprehension/utility/effect.

But, since it’s unlikely that most of you will have the time/inclination/perseverance to read all of the above pieces at one sitting, simply Bookmark this site, as already advised.  You’ll need it as a ‘crib sheet’ to monitor 14.270-.275 MHz — and now 14.313 MHz again — and to put Brian’s LIES, HATE & PROPAGANDA there and elsewhere in proper context anyway…. 

And if you are additionally and/or independently being troubled by Tom WHATLEY N1FM/n1sob the BAD BULLY ex-COP — Brian CROWs doughnut-eating feeble-reasoning sidekick, then you should also read or at least peruse this sub-link in the group: 

Preferably, for maximum efficiency/effect, while listening to THIS UNIQUE AUDIO ß which has been described as “a recording that everyone in amateur radio should hearJimmy N5IFI].

The Life of Riley originally written/published to unprecedented positive reviews on eHAM in 2003 and Laura SMITH’s ‘shot across the bows’ of the “14.275 Mafia” [© Steve K9ZW] in 2009 arguably should have been the two ‘book-ends’ of this long-running, but curiously still unfinished, HAMereekan Fiasco….

But we’ll have to wait and see what happens with Brian CROWs recent NAL & FO and that of Mike GUERNSEY KZ8O/nd8v his obese perennial ‘Brown-Shirt’ and his NAL & FO.

Fat Mikee 'Kalamazoo Cuckoo' GUERNSEY KZ8O/nd8v

Then, I suggest that you peruse the Front Page again, clicking sparingly on any other sub-link(s) that, in light of your readings to-date and/or otherwise, suggest themselves and/or are of most interest to you.  Only after you have iteratively perused the Front Page several times — and clicked on/listened to/read, or at least perused many if not most of the sub-links — should you begin to get an idea of the breadth and depth of the vile, fundamentally FRAUDulent attack mounted against me by Brian CROW K3VR and Tom WHATLEY N1FM/n1sob & Gang.

Note peripherally that of necessity, this website is essentially reactive, but only in a macro sense.  This, because I’m a very slow two-finger typist, no ‘compu-geek’, etc. and in any event have no intention of reacting to every twist and turn of these disordered individuals, who are emotionally retarded, but who nevertheless are adept Cyberpaths with much time on their hands.  Or worse, daily becoming obsessed with every detail of my stalkers’ frenetic mischief….

In other words, while the internal content of some of the sub-links herein, especially aspects of the apparently very effective “I COULD NOT HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELFsub-section generally — and the 1,000+ attributed comments in The Life of Brian in particular — will be updated from-time-to-time, this Front Page will only change slowly…. But however imperceptibly, this website will change — especially for you Brian — so keep reading it and all the sub-links attentively, to improve your pitiful HAMereekan vocabulary/diction and especially your feeble comprehension….

Irrespective, this Website will remain until the on-air/on the WWW madness by Brian CROW and Tom WHATLEY & Gang STOPS….


It might be appropriate here to sound an early note of CAUTION to secondary/tertiary/prospective FUCKTARDS mindlessly being led, like lemmings, by Brian CROW K3VR and/or Tom WHATLEY N1FM/n1sob & Gang.

IF you bad-mouth and/or interfere w/ me on-air and/or co-operate with and/or support those that do, then say:

I reserve the Right, in MY CANADA, to defend myself AS I DEEM FIT.

IF you make derogatory comments about me on the World-Wide-Wasteland and:

I trust that we understand each other!

That way, for example, when your current/prospective employer [Welfare, Social Services, McDonalds?] needs to ‘check you out’, they’ll know a little more about your lemming-like character/inability to reason on your own…. But, you’ll be relieved to know that unlike Brian CROW and Tom WHATLEY I will give you a “fair report” and will NOT knowingly propagate a LIE….

To get off this Website, I’ll require an unequivocal [ß read ‘grovelling’] letter or e-mail of Apology and an undertaking that you will never again harass/bad-mouth me on-air, on the WWW and/or elsewhere/otherwise and will not encourage/support those that do….

Finally, be advised that there is a Codicil [ß look it up in a dictionary] to my Will, stipulating that in order for the Beneficiaries to “take”, the gist of this Website must remain on the WWW in substantive form for at least a decade after my no doubt untimely demise….

To the extent that most of you/my detractors, current and prospective — are young enough to be my children and even grand-children — and those of you not yet on Welfare may still need to work for a time, likely flipping burgers, all I can say is: Good Luck in the KKKontest, as Brian ‘Psycho’ CROW constantly spouts….

And govern yourself/ves accordingly, as the shysters are wont to say….


I initially started this Website as a very short ~1 page + 1 link only, on the now defunct Yahoo! GeoCities in the Fall of 2006.  This was after more than a year of increasingly serious stalking, Criminal mischief and worse — on amateur radio, via telephone and even in person via local surrogates. One such surrogate was/is as an obese/skuzzy Canadian CB’er, Gerry SAELENS VE7DCW who used to live in the area, but who neither knew/knows/nor hears me on-air, yet who scurrilously opined ~daily about me for years on, and most recently on the very appropriately named “Island of Misfit Hams”.

Most specifically, this website was started after Brian Lee CROW K3VR aided by Thomas A. WHATLEY Jr. N1FM/n1sobwho was then a BAD BULLY COP working in the Delray Beach Police Department in Florida — began STALKING & HARASSING me on the Internet using a highly deceptive website, whose URL was/is [sic] (hereinafter the euphemistic  It lately turns out that this STALKING & HARASSING website was originally registered in 2006 by Tom WHATLEY in his own name — actually using his Delray Beach PD ‘COP-shop’ address — but for the thinnest of reasons of plausible deniability, Tom’s demonstrated inability to write coherent/Standard English and otherwise, was/is being ‘run’/edited/operationalized by Brian CROW. The website contains my World-Wide uniquely licenced call-sign as the ONLY identifier in the arguably FRAUDulent and certainly highly misleading/deceptive URL….

Concurrently, Brian CROW also started to Criminally jam/attack me almost daily on-air from his “Secret Jamming Location” [© Bill W6WBJ] in the Village of Irwin, Township of North Huntingdon, just East of Pittsburgh, PA:

Brian Lee CROW K3VR & Susannah CROW N3XBU [née MOONEY]

[and Ian CROW & Brendan (or Bredan) CROW ß included here mainly for their school ‘show & tell’/to ‘memorialize’ the school attacks on Jane TOLASSI] 

12201 Longview Dr

Irwin, PA [ß a.k.a. North Huntington, PA]


Telephone [ß if you have a recent verifiable number for Brian, E-Mail Me]

This is Brian’s physical location/address, despite his notorious ‘moveable feast’ of disinformation about his supposed location: he used/uses Monroeville, North Huntingdon, Washington, Westmoreland, Elizabethtown, Middletown, Pittsburgh and several addresses in Maine and Florida, etc., interchangeably.  Or, even what it occasionally, variously, but usually also disingenuously shows on the official FCC database.  For example, the penultimate address in the long FRAUDulent series was a construction/real estate sales shack used by Tom WHATLEYs wife Nina WHATLEY, a RE/MAX “real estate bitch”, as Tom colourfully called her for a time.  Currently, Brian CROW and Tom WHATLEY who may both be “gay” and/or bi-sexual and who certainly are very ‘close’/enjoy “digital” manipulations — share a $10./month strip-mall Mail StopBox” in Boynton Beach, FL which masquerades as a so-called “Suite”.

BTW If you’re in the Irwin, PA area, stop by and have a chat with Brian’s neighbours on Longview Dr. — they have some interesting things to say about him!  While there, you might as well look up the address of/make similar ‘sharp’ inquiries about a Matthew GRAVES KB3FQN who is an infamous author, first mentioned near the end of The Life of Riley, but who apparently does not even know it, as well as being a newbie/inactive Technician licencee/unknown radio amateur:

Matthew P. GRAVES

1710 Trolist Dr

North Huntington, PA


Which address is only some 1.5 miles to the South-East, ‘as the CROW flies’, pun intended…. Note the same ZIP Code and don’t be misled by the supposedly different place names: they’re ~the same ‘Shitsville’, PA.  N.B. According to the FCC database, Matthew may have decamped — notionally or otherwise — to Idaho, recently.  But you can’t trust the integrity/accuracy of the FCC database — or the FCC — these days….

In the Fall 2005 Brian CROW FRAUDulently mis-appropriated Matthew’s name in order to initially twice smear [ß see/read] Glenn BAXTER K1MAN and then me, all from afar, via the Southgate Amateur Radio Club in the UK.  Surprise, surprise, the naiive ‘single-source’ Webmaster of/compu-geek at the SARC is a Brit, one Richard BRUNTON G4TUT.  Richard G4TUT joined the infamous website [a.k.a. ‘QeerZ’ to those in the know], fewer than 3 months previously and soon thereafter for years became the sole “Ham Radio News” Moderator thereon.  If you peruse the remaining though heavily sanitized QRZ Archives, you will still find much evidence that Brian CROW patently lived a very exceptional/charmed life on QRZ — constantly/repeatedly breaking most of the posting rules with impunity — and generally grossly misbehaving, sometimes even criminally, without censure, for years…. This was especially so under the infamous ANONymous regime of “QRZ_EDITOR” a.k.a. Michael JACOBUS N4DIA [ß sic], finally unmasked in 2006 as a twice-convicted FRAUD…. ‘Birds of a feather’ and black at that, quickly come to mind…. For more on all of this, try to ‘connect the dots’ in the immediately previous links in this paragraph, those above/below on this Front Page, peruse The Life of Riley and The Life of Brian around the times at issue and/or search elsewhere….

Unfortunately within ~two weeks of my incipient GeoCities debut and even before the ‘Google-bots’ picked it up — my meager Website was taken down by Yahoo! due to Brian CROW FRAUDulently and perversely reporting that it and The Life of Riley link especially, were “hateful”….

Perversely, because Brian’s website was the one that was/is frenetically false and hateful, even if it is ANONymous, published from afar and now additionally cloaked!  Not only that, because his website FRAUDulently used my unique Industry Canada licenced call-sign as the sole ID in the URL, at first blush it actually ‘looked like’ it was mine!  On this website and several similar-looking others, it was also patently obvious to virtually anyone with a “partially functioning head unit” [© ToeJoe N9PH] that Brian was Criminally Stalking ME!  Shame on the FRAUDulent/unthinking geeks & yahoos — I hope you got ‘down-sized’ and found lodgings under a bridge — at Yahoo!

Perversely also, because at ~the same time Brian mis-appropriated/‘spoofed’ my Yahoo! e-mail address and started a Neo-NAZI website on again, ‘as if’ it were mine!  To add insult to injury, the yahoos at Yahoo! subsequently actually required ME to prove MY true identity — while the FRAUD, Brian CROW, was making outrageous posts ‘as if me’/on a website originally festooned with pink Swastika ‘wallpaper’, which BTW is illegal in Canada:

Brian CROW K3VRs outrageous MySpace link as taken down by my Police12 Apr ’06 - 9 May ’06

Perversely especially, in that subsequently Brian — posting as “nemodorry” and “VE7KFM” [ß sic, NOT to be confused with me/the “RealVE7KFM”] — published several patently stalking/hateful YouTube videos on the Internet about me.  BTW I apparently am the 1st radio-amateur in history to be so “honoured”!  As the ultimate terse YouTube notes about this evidence, these videos seriously affected my Privacy & Security and were clearly contrary to the YouTube “Privacy” Community Guidelines/Terms of Service Agreement…. 

These obviously obsessive videos have finally been removed by YouTube w/ the following & similar “telling” captions:

! This video has been removed because its content violated YouTube's Terms of Service.”

! This video has been removed due to terms of use violations.”

! This account is suspended.”

! This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.”

! nemodorry has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of our Community Guidelines.”

! VE7KFM [ß i.e. Brian the FRAUD, NOT to be confused with me/the real VE7KFM] has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of our Community Guidelines.”

! This account has been suspended due to a violation of YouTube’s policy prohibiting content designed to impersonate another person or user.”

IMAGINE: Brian CROW K3VR engaging in multiple and severe PRIVACY & SECURITY, ToS, ToU and Community Guidelines VIOLATIONS, having his “nemodorry” and his HIGHLY FRAUDulent account ‘as if mine’ [“VE7KFM”] suspended/terminated/removed, because of FRAUDulent impersonation, etc., etc.

So, did Brian CROW K3VR cease and desist?  Well, being the Obsessive-Compulsive STALKER, HARASSER & PREDATOR that he is, NO….

Brian simply engaged his long-time feeble-minded sycophant and co-conspirator, Tom WHATLEY N1FM/n1sob the BAD BULLY now ex-COP to shill copies/variations of some of these patently STALKING/HARASSING videos, using his FCC amateur call-sign “N1FM” and other ANONymous monikers: 

Interestingly, Tom WHATLEY actually discussed cyber-stalking on CBS in West Palm Beach, FL [contact for confirmation of this]: 

Yet perversely and ~concurrently, Tom engaged in cyber-stalking himself!  How do you spell “HYPOCRITE?!

Some, but not all variants of these latest STALKING videos — by a recent ex-COP — have since also been removed by YouTube with the following and similar notations: 

! This video has been removed because its content violated YouTube's Terms of Service.”

Bravo, YouTube/GOOGLE! 

But stay on top of Brian & Tom’s inventive mischief — because they are true CYBERPATHS, STALKERS, HARASSERS, SOCIO/PSYCHOPATHS & PREDATORS and if their past in any indication, will likely return to the scene of the crime [and as their YouTube record alone evidences, have]. 

BTW Tom & Brian also reportedly run something called “Digital Forensics Group(DRG), out of their Mail Stop supposed “Suite” [actually a Postal Outlet “Box”] in Boynton Beach, FL in part to facilitate this mischief…. 

All this is another significant trait of Brian’s well-documented MO: he likes only his ‘one-hand-clapping’, especially when running ANONymous ‘hate sites’/derogatory threads & videos; becomes incredibly obsessed with “The Lives of Others” [BTW Florian Graf von DONNERSMARCK’s ancestral family estate was within walking distance of where I was born]; likes to fawningly ingratiate himself to “Authorities”; and play FRAUDulent ‘snitch’ and Radio & Internet COP…. And to add insult to injury, he routinely blocks the IPNs/addresses of his targets/victims so they can’t read about themselves on the websites that for all intents and purposes ‘look like’ they are their own!


Be that as it may and in order to make a belated attempt at a defence, I then had to upgrade from very time-limited dial-up, to costly high-speed Internet access and laboriously re-constitute my website ab initio from memory [!] using webspace available to me via my local SHAW ISP.  To make the most recent ~8 year story short, this website soon was ~10x harder hitting and ~100x longer than the initial version and the available content soon started to exceed the webspace limits…. All this, without so much as one note/call of concern from my Canadian “Authorities”/RCMP (a.k.a. Royal Canadian Mounted Pussies), CSIS or local doughnut-eaters/Constabulary — who are now ‘too late smart’/well aware of the situation — and who have been/are being force-fed this website/links by me on an occasional basis….

Or, even the FBI who is also following this website with bemused if distant interest…. 

DIRECTOR FBI: Please have one of your Agents contact me, as I requested/was promised by my “Authorities” — years ago, immediately after the “Anthrax” threat to me…. 

BTW The FBI “Anti-Terrorism” task force sharply interrogated both Brian CROW and Tom WHATLEY concerning the white powder marked “Anthrax” mailed to me in early-2007 from the cess-pool of Florida — during the time of the real deadly and arguably still unsolved Anthrax attacks — postmarked very close to Brian’s “virtual FCC address”.  The FBI continues to have both Brian and Tom on a very short list of suspects [and me as a “victim”, despite my not liking the term] in this still unsolved serious Criminal case, the several nearly equally serious ‘SOS/Distress Call hoaxes perpetrated against me [and Mark MORGAN KB9RQZ] starting in mid-2008 and reportedly also other Criminal matters, such as false complaint, harassment by telephone at night, criminal threatening, identity theft, impersonation, LIEing to Federal Agents, etc….

REWARD: I will pay $10,000 CDN and Geo. ZARDECKI N9VTB now AC9KU will pay $10,000 US [for a nominal total of $20,000] for information leading to the arrest, prosecution and conviction of the person or persons responsible for sending me, Karol F. MADERA VE7KFM white powders marked “ANTHRAX” through US and CDN Mails, post-marked from FL in 2007. Contact me at and/or Geo. at and/or your local FBI.

Be careful what you wish for, Brian CROW you Psycho and Tom WHATLEY you BAD BULLY ex-COP you!


In a nutshell: Brian CROW K3VR is a serial STALKER & HARASSER, an adept Cyberpath and a demonstrated glib Socio/Psychopath with all that entails — i.e. he’s a DANGEROUS PREDATOR!

Look up these terms and related definitions of these personality disorders in the links immediately above, below and/or elsewhere. 

Or, if you’ve interacted with/think you know Brian CROW, try perfunctorily scoring him HERE ß being an inventory based on the pioneering work of Professor Robert HARE from UBC, one of my alma maters.  But unlike Brian, be fair/give him the benefit of doubt on any equivocal factor…. 

And listen to Professor HARE briefly explain Psychopathy here:

and the difference between Sociopaths and Psychopaths here [arguably a distinction w/o a difference for our purposes]:

You might also consider perusing:

and if you’re dyslexic and/or prefer the aural/visual realm, as many of you appear to do, listen to/view its ~verbatim video reading/rendition [but don’t be ‘thrown’ by some of the “illustrations”] here:

Whatever you do, keep the chief applicable Socio/Psychopathic traits presented/gleaned well in mind when dealing with Brian, or you’ll soon regret it!

More formally, the Encyclopedia Britannica defines “personality disorder” as follows:

One of the most important disorders is the antisocial, sociopathic, or psychopathic personality disorder. This disorder is chiefly characterized by a personal history of chronic and continuous antisocial behaviour in which the rights of others are violated. Poor or nonexistent job performance is another major indicator. Persons with antisocial personality disorder make up a significant portion of the criminal and delinquent elements of society. Besides persistent criminality, the symptoms may also include sexual promiscuity or sexual aggression and drug addiction or alcoholism. Sociopaths generally accept their behaviour as natural, feel no guilt when they hurt others, see little reason for or possibility of change, and resist therapy.

For those of you used to being spoon-fed Brian CROW's FAUX NEWS [ß sic] and/or others/otherwise, some particular traits, culled ~verbatim for you from the above references generally — and specifically re-ordered as being most applicable to Brian — chiefly are:

As Laura KNIGHT-JADCZYK reported in the link immediately above, all researchers into Psychopathy apparently agree on three typical characteristics of a Socio/Psychopath: (1) absence of guilt for antisocial actions; (2) an inability to empathize/love; and (3) a tendency to be loquacious/garrulous — but in a manner which seriously deviates from reality.

In other words: Brian’s a glib LIAR — without a conscience....

BTW I just noticed that the relatively innocuous link(s) to Laura KNIGHT-JADCZYK standing effectively for that one proposition, above, now also appear to be broken — what seeming “Bad Luck”, again — almost certainly a result of Brian CROWs demonstrated obsession with only his ‘one-hand-clapping’….

For what it’s worth, therefore, have a look/listen to this short video, wherein Laura explains what happened to her, her family and her work — once she started to delve into/research Psychopathy:

For a slightly wider perspective, have a look at these two thoughtful/articulate videos — which, despite discussing the general case, come ‘ohh, so close’ to our Psycho Brian CROW on so many variables/levels:

Irrespective, once you carefully monitor/track Brian CROW for a while be it on-air and/or on the WWW — especially if he also ‘focused your mind’ by STALKING/HARASSING you and/or your family — you will unfortunately confirm much of this and more for yourself and in very short order…. But by then it will probably be too late….

CAUTION: Brian CROW is NOT a Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Psychotherapist — Brian is a PSYCHO!

Brian CROW is NOT a Psychologist/Psychiatrist, Doctor [of Divinity or otherwise] or Professor, etc., etc., despite his occasional assertions to that effect, sometimes even in ~writing!  FYI Dr. Jason a.k.a. Janus HASENFUS [ß sic literally “Rabbit’s Foot” in German] who appeared on Brian’s websites circa 2005 when he was harassing Glenn BAXTER K1MAN is currently on an enforced ‘virtual sabbatical’, thanks in part to yours truly…. But, the apparently real Professor Dr. Brian CROW at the curiously named Slippery Rock University, inter alia do take note that Brian has occasionally been masquerading as you….

In the Fall of 2005 Brian CROW was described, by his good friend and then chief on-air/on-WWW co-conspirator Bob SHERIN W4ASX [now W1ARL], in an e-mail to Glenn BAXTER [Cc Brian K3VR], as follows:

I can tell you that Brian is one hell of a genius in psychology [ß sic], rendering my psychological musings child's play [ß sic]. You are certainly right when you say he sets up institutes and pseudonyms [ß sic], but don't many of us? [ß sic]” 

Fast-forward to May 2011 when — while attempting to miscarry the HEARTSONG murder trial [!] — Bob SHERIN not only admitted in writing that he was diagnosed as a Bi-Polar in the 1980's, but also that he has since had to submit to monthly mental examinations, in order to remain at large:

Part of responsible treatment is a monthly visit to my psychiatrist to insure treatment is on track, i.e. good judgment and mood in the middle. [ß sic]

Sure, using technical argot, I joke about my monthly mental status exam -- from your affect, you'd do well to get them! [ß sic]

To unequivocally drive the point home: Bob calls Brian a “genius in psychology” — and Brian repeatedly/routinely for years returned the favour…. Only we now find out that as a minimum one of them admits to being formally diagnosed as a Whacko — and the other one should!

Or, in the strangely auspicious words about Brian CROW written by me in the Epilogue to The Life of Riley, years earlier, c.2004:

All of this per force reminds us of ‘Miami Boob’ W4ASX who not only likes to practice law without benefit of courses, degree or licence, but like Brian, also sometimes feels compelled to perform Psychiatric assessments on-air and on the Internet…. Brian has called him an ‘award-winning writer’ and quotes him with approbation on CMSPIRG where ‘Boob’, categorically states that Glenn Baxter—a Professional Engineer—is: “a mentally disordered individual, growing worse." Maybe ‘Bi-Polar Boob’ taught Brian all he knows? Let us preliminarily count the ways: Writing, Logic, Law and Psychiatry…. Renaissance men, the both of them…. And Jesus wept!”

Suffice it to say that there is much evidence and after 8+ years of per force close observation I know for a fact that Brian CROW is Machiavellian, Narcissistic, Sadistic and Obsessive-Compulsive and I have reasons to believe, that he may also be a sometime psychiatric patient, with a Multiple-Personality and Bi-Polar Manic Depressive Disorder, among possible others.... 

For more evidence of how thoroughly ‘fucked up’ Brian truly is, research the original website called NIMBUSTERS now resurrected as NIMBUSTERS II:

These closely related websites were reportedly started and are still heavily influenced by the thoughts/writings of the notorious Hal TURNERrecently released from US Federal Prisonwhere he served time, despite being an FBI Informant and like Brian CROW, an Agent Provocateur.

Many of these “fellow travelers”, some of whom, like Brian’s Guru, Kevin STROM WB4AIO, a Neo-NAZI & Liberty Net HONCHOwho also served time in Federal Prison for Child Pornhave had a long-time ~formal presence on the amateur radio bands and have a White-Supremacist/KKK/Neo-NAZI provenance….

Brian CROW, by his own occasional admission, has ANONymously ‘slummed’ on NIMBUSTERSboasting there and elsewhere of his connections w/ “three-letter alphabet-soup Agencies” — and often attacked/s people with disabilities, because of their race/ethnicity, etc. ~daily for years…. With a modicum of intelligence, application and patience, you’ll eventually be able to reliably ‘tease out’ the unbelievably vile but “TRUE” Psycho Brian CROW K3VR constantly ANONymously, PSEUDOnymously and especially FRAUDulently lurking and attacking various & sundry thereon….

THIS is the TRUE Brian CROW.  Everything else, to a greater or lesser degree, to quote Jim LAURSEN, Regional Manager of Industry Canada, is a “put up job”….

But, according to Brian CROW’s self-promotion/propaganda at least, he supposedly “gives counseling to troubled families” — likely using psychological gobbledygook gleaned from perusing the titles in his deceased psychiatrist father-in-law’s library….

To perfunctorily disabuse yourself of the notion that Brian is some sort of counselor, simply for now listen to him: here, Here and HERE.

Then, assuming that you have a modicum of intellectual horse-power: think, Think and THINK.

But, assuming for the sake of argument only that Brian CROWs self-promotion/propaganda is partly true — if you and especially a ‘loved one’/child or dependent should fall within the ‘spell’ of Brian’s nefarious influence — even if under the nominal tutelage/supervision of a supposed “professional” of the ~‘shrink’ variety especially, then:

RUN, don’t just walk away, to your nearest malpractice attorney!

And if, like Terry CARSKADDAN [who in 2006 played Poste Restantepaddy cake’ with/covered for Brian at her office], or Susannah CROW [his wife] you are a Licenced Social Worker being influenced/controlled/directed ‘on the pillow’ or otherwise by the UN-licenced Brian CROW or worse yet, a Psychiatrist/Psychologist even peripherally employing Brian, at a deep discount, to ply your ‘voodoo science’ — advise your insurers and re-insurers [AIG? LLOYDS of London?] without delay…. And “Good Luck in the KKKontest”, as Brian is wont to say.

And, if you’re someone in “Authority” getting ‘schmoozed’ by Psycho Brian, remember that unthinking involvement with him is NOT going to be ‘career enhancing’!

Irrespective and out of an abundance of caution, before it’s too late, be sure to immediately inform the:


either via the link above or using this general e-mail or better yet, making it directly

Attention: Dr. Samuel J. KNAPP, their long-time Director of Professional Affairs, who knows about Brian, Terry, Susannah and the others….

You should also immediately make a complaint of unauthorized practice of Psychology/Psychiatry to the:


Office of Chief Counsel

Prosecution Division

Have the Prosecuting Attorney add your name and particulars to his growing File No. 06-63-10093 [ß quote it] as well as the “informational database”, that they have set up on Brian L. CROW “…to determine if there is a pattern of problems with [this] individual…”.

You should also immediately contact the:

IRWIN, PA Police Department [but N.B. = 3 part-timers/2-vehicles only]

424 Main St.

Irwin, PA


Attention: The latest Constable-in-Charge [the previous — Joseph POCSATKO got fired recently — possibly because of Brian CROW]

Telephone: (724) 863-8800 [central dispatch] or

                       (724) 864-3102 or

                       (724) 864-3103

FAX: (724) 863-4774

But, because Irwin is a ‘shit-hole’ village/its PD has been/is in turmoil and worse, you should concurrently immediately also contact at least the:

NORTH HUNTINGDON Township Police Department

11279 Center Hwy

North Huntingdon, PA


Attention: Andrew LISIECKI, Chief [tell him his fellow ‘Pole’ from the West Coast of Canada sends regards]

Telephone: (724) 863-8800 Extension 119


More generally in our context, Brian CROW is a ~55 year-old accomplished ‘compu-geek’/hacker, on-line ‘gamer’ and ~Kevin MITNIK wannabe, apparently, who appears to specialize in the darker/nastier aspects of Social Engineering and Internet-Facilitated DEFAMATION.

Over the past several years Brian repeatedly, for nefarious and FRAUDulent purposes, variously mis-appropriated my identity [and that of peripheral others], on the World-Wide-Wasteland.  Starting ~7 years ago, for example, there was only a handful of search results on the WWW about me — all positive, some even highly complimentary [e.g. references to my Master’s Thesis, the Prize in Intellectual Property Law I won in my graduating year at Law School, etc.].  Now, there are more than 1,000 nominal results, ~98% of which are derogatory and/or defamatory — some even ‘as if’ authored by me — perversely seemingly against myself!  But, virtually all are single-sourced and are ultimately directly or indirectly traceable to Brian CROW K3VR & Gang.  And, surprise, surprise, there is no longer any mention of my Thesis or Prize….

Did I tell you that there’s a good reason why they’re hunting Americans around the world?

More specifically in our context, Brian CROW K3VR even runs numerous ‘spoofy’, highly defamatory, anonymous, cloaked, fundamentally FRAUDulent and sometimes maniacally hyper-homo-sexual websites against me — which to the uninitiated, inattentive and/or simply gullible [most of today’s HAMereekans are unbelievably gullible] are expressly designed to mislead/look ‘as if’ they’re mine/are published by me…. And GOOGLE supposedly is still ‘sooo confused’…. These websites use combinations and permutations of my proper name(s) and/or my uniquely licenced radio amateur call-sign as their sole ID so as to more effectively “trash” me/‘splash’ this defamation on the WWW.  BTW This in part is directly contrary to the noble, egalitarian and now Century-long radio amateur tradition, of which Brian appears to be ignorant — or more likely, being a Socio/Psychopath, flaunts as usual — whereby the use of first name only and call-sign is de rigeur.

This FRAUDulent and certainly highly unethical but apparently permissible practice in the USA has been noted by a stranger in some Additional Info [subsequently quickly changed/superceded by Brian] on an “AboutUs Wiki Page” as follows:

This is a hate site, devoted to maligning private individuals with whom the anonymous owner(s) disagree or whom they dislike. It has even used an internationally unique identifier - the call sign assigned to a Canadian radio amateur - as the domain name. This is clearly unethical at the very best, and reflects badly on both the owners and the domain hosting service –

That very website was also succinctly described by Bruce K0HWY on QRZ — that Brian hyperbolically calls “the most popular amateur radio website in the world” — as: “a site by a moron for morons”…. I COULD NOT HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF!  [ß BTW be sure to see the sub-section under this title, below, which like my main title “RADIO CANADA” — VE7KFM among others, has also been shamelessly mimicked by Brian CROW K3VR on the WWW clearly in order to mislead. ß N.B. GOOGLE!]

On these websites Brian CROW maligns me and peripheral others without remorse/conscience and daily demonstrates that not only is he an Identity THIEF but also a Pathological LIAR. Actually, from 7+ years of very close observation on-air and on the WWW, there is much evidence to suggest that given a forced choice, Brian CROW would perversely rather float a lie than tell the truth. Brian has even gone so far as to repeatedly say that “there is no law against lying in amateur radio”.  If you’re what passes for “normal” on the human curve and carefully monitor Brian long enough on-air and/or on the WWW this should strike you as very strange indeed….

Some observers knowledgeable in the social sciences have even opined that Brian may be ‘oddly wired, or has a 180 degree phasing problem in his “central processor”…. Be that as it may, Brian is particularly skilled in the use of the old approach of mixing a little truth with many Lies, which he then wraps in outrageous BIG AMERICAN LIES [there being no bigger, lately].  He often also presents opinion/comment as fact, which is actionable in defamation law.  [But US law appears to be an ass, in that in some jurisdictions opinions/comments apparently need not be based on fact — making them “Faith-Based”, I suppose.]  Being a coward, Brian typically wraps all of this calumny in multiple ~anonymous ‘onion skins’/cut-outs/cloaking services from afar…


Brian is extremely inconsistent when it comes to facts, when/if he uses them.  In his diction, writings on Blogs and especially re-writings/edits on Forums — and especially being the chief cases in point — Brian CROW is notoriously internally and externally inconsistent and when in manic state/off his ‘meds’, often over-the-top/hyperbolic.  If you carefully track his writings/re-writings — but especially his shameless, crafty back/’ghost’ edits in near real-time — you will find ample and episodically maniacally recurring evidence of this….

This VERY arguably is Brian’s greatest weakness — use it against him!

Save/record these glaring inconsistencies — before they disappear as they are regularly wont to do — and publish/highlight/exploit them!!!  A good place to start is The Life of Brian, Brian ‘FRAUDulent’ CROW K3VR—Exclusively in His OWN Psychotic Words and Brian CROW is a Sexual Deviant, Paedophile & Coprophiliac

You might also peruse 14.313 MHz and Company being a recent ‘friendly’ but hard-hitting Blog “about K3VR, W7CPA, N1FM and the usual fucktard crew of 14.313 MHz!” 

See also the brand new investigative report into Amateur Radio Operator Brian Lee Crow, K3VR and friends”, apparently still under construction….

Brian CROW also occasionally/eventually breaks virtually every rule of logical reasoning and even appears to have re-invented a few highly aberrant ones — long ago culled by our distant forbears from the human lexicon by means of the garrotte/sacrificial-peat-bog method of improving the ‘village stock’…. Again, document these logical fallacies and perverse/illogical thought processes and expose them!!!  But, arguably, you’ll need to have finished High School — preferably in Canada — to do this effectively, if at all.

Time & Causality, for example, present serious recurring problems for Brian, because in his Universe, time flows in either direction on command and causality suffers as a consequence.  As does his curious construct of Guilt-by-Association, be it distant/tenuous, or most frequently, non-existent…. But, the latter may in part be an artefact of current American educational deficiencies/the Post-9/11 Excited States “if you’se not with us, you’se agin’ usNational Psychosis…. Be that again as it may, because today’s typical HAMereekan ‘Johnny’ demonstrably can’t read and especially reason — and because Brian routinely dis-enfranchises his chief critics from forums on which he spews his LIES, HATE & PROPAGANDA and threatens the rare ‘second stringers’ who occasionally ‘slip under the wire’ to write anything even remotely critical about him — he gets away with these outrageous sleights-of-hand without much negative comment…. These Plausible Lies and typical ensuing silence, Brian then interprets/presents/‘boot-straps’ as evidence of support from the so-called “silent majority” [a.k.a. ‘the great unwashed’]….

The harvesting of this material published by Brian and/or the direct critical quotes about him by others, have been very effective, in that recently Brian has significantly pulled back his horns and/or ceased posting entirely on all but his FRAUDulent website

In brief, therefore, Brian L. CROW K3VR is at best an amoral, all too often Immoral and frequently EVIL gratuitous LIAR, ID THIEF, SLANDERER/DEFAMER and BULLY.  He hides behind Karaoke-type algorithm-altered voices on-air/on the telephone, innumerable aliases, FRAUDulent websites, cloaking services from afar, e-mails and numerous IP addresses on the WWW — and International Borders…. You better get the picture…. If not, “Good Luck in the KKKontest”, as Brian CROW would say!

Brian CROW is a Sadistic Cyberstalker & TROLL…

Brian CROW K3VR is also an accomplished on-air Stalker/Harasser and Internet Cyberstalker & ‘Troll’

It’s as if Brian generally read an early version of the article “Overview of Tactics in Stalking[by a still unknown Internet author] which cogently notes in part:

Cyberstalkers derive their greatest pleasure from disrupting their victims' relationships with third parties, where the third party is (a) the general "unspecified" audience, (b) significant others and current or prospective associates, and (c) providers of services the victim needs to use the Internet.

Some of the most egregious tactics deployed to disrupt the way a victim is perceived by the general population involves the creation of libelous Web sites search optimized through the dissemination of links in news groups. For maximum effect, the cyberstalker houses the libelous material on a network of hyperlinked Web sites bearing the name of the victim (e.g.,, As a substitute for a Web site, a critical mass of deliverables to news groups and other Web-based forums may be sufficient to vandalize the front page of results for a Google search on the victim's name.

Tactics deployed in disrupting relationships with family & friends, colleagues, and other associates are more wide-ranging. Once cyberstalkers sleuth the identities of these third parties, they may begin dropping the names into messages that remain primarily about the victim, but eventually messages may be created as unctuous commentary about these third parties themselves. The goal of most instrumental cyberstalkers is to pressure the third parties to persuade the victim to stop using the Internet. This is achieved by creating a situation in which significant others and associates blame the victim for the stress they begin to feel as the harassment hits closer to home.  In some cases, employers may be contacted directly or indirectly mentioned in messages (which may be accurate or misleading) about the victim's use of company property (e.g. PC) on company time.

Impersonation is also a popular tactic in the disruption of relationships with friends and associates. Victims may learn from a Google search on a name that they are the forged authors of a message (in some forum) that defames an associate or significant other or; conversely, that the associate (or significant other) may be forged authors of messages that defame the victim. Acts of impersonation vary so widely that no exhaustive list is possible, and any act of impersonation can potentially disrupt any and all category of relationship. A cyberstalker may create a faux directory entry for the victim (e.g. Yahoo profile), composed to appear as if they were written by the victims themselves (for maximum effect). The profile could be used to humiliate the victim by including a revealing or embarassing photograph (i.e. "pic"). The profile may be used to "out" a person who has been conducting business on the Web under a pen name. Cunningly sleuthed residential address information may also be included to expose the victim to risks. In cases of jilted or unrequited cyberstalking, a real or "doctored" photo may portray the victim in a sexually compromising position. Not only can everything you see on the Web be falsified, but some Web-based tools were created to doctor communications records that you would not normally associate with the Internet, as when a Web-based Caller ID Spoofing Tool was used to manufacture evidence one victim actually phoned his cyberstalker. Stalkers have even been known to impersonate authors in efforts to cancel speaking engagements.

Similarly, cyberstalkers may use or invent through aliases a confederate network to deliver a critical mass of false, fulsome, or frivolous complaints of abuse to a victim's providers of Web hosting, NNTP posting, or Internet Service. More options are available to the digitally savvy cyberstalker, who may use spam he routed through a victim's PC as evidence of victim abuse.

The cornerstone of the cyberstalker tactical plan is the lie ... and the truth. The same cyberstalker, in the same message, may disclose painfully accurate truths about who you are and where you can be reached and painfully inaccurate falsehoods. More typically, a cyberstalking gang divides this labor, with some members specializing in weaving lies out of whole cloth. In what amounts to great theater, the same cyberstalker may compose a message that feigns fly-on-the-wall knowledge of events / non-events in your life -- from your office to your bedroom. The division of labor available through gang stalking not only makes the individual stalker less conspicuous, but it can be used to divide the once-indivisible crime into a series of acts that cannot be considered criminal when viewed independently. Law enforcement officers are easily daunted by what they perceive as a prohibitively work-intensive challenge of identifying all the members of a cybergang and then attributing responsibility for various crimes or para-criminal acts among the members.

Cooperative networking may be used to recruit other belligerents and full-time flamers on the Web into the anti-victim gang (or to form such a gang). While the tactic sounds like great fiction, it is more the rule than the exception in Usenet's un-moderated "news groups."

In the era before Google, cyberstalkers in the instrumental genre were by and large impotent and could be effectively ignored. However Google gives cyberstalkers the power to affect the victim almost universally, in a way that compels the victim to monitor the cyberstalkers' activities for possible risks to his or her reputation, safety, employment and Web-based business. Many victims need a defensive strategy, a Web-based statement on the propaganda or harassment which, as you might suspect, also draws additional cyberstalking.”

This describes Brian CROW & Gang to a “T!

More specifically, several years ago, Brian CROW was very aptly described, in writing, by Fred LLOYD AA7BQ the founder/owner of a.k.a. ‘QeerZ’ [no friend of mine — I assure you — but someone who knows Brian only too well] thus:

K3VR is a bait-trolling bastard who gets his kicks out of pissing people off.

For a laconic description, few capture Brian’s essence/persona better!

And if you think that Internet trolling is a harmless game, not correlated with serious underlying personality defects/unrelated to deleterious ‘real life’ consequences on its targets/victims, consider the latest scientific findings on the subject in Canada [from the Abstract: Trolls just want to have fun by Professor Erin E. BUCKELS et al.]:

In two online studies (total N = 1215), respondents completed personality inventories and a survey of their Internet commenting styles. Overall, strong positive associations emerged among online commenting frequency, trolling enjoyment, and troll identity, pointing to a common construct underlying the measures. Both studies revealed similar patterns of relations between trolling and the Dark Tetrad of personality: trolling correlated positively with sadism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism, using both enjoyment ratings and identity scores. Of all personality measures, sadism showed the most robust associations with trolling and, importantly, the relationship was specific to trolling behavior. Enjoyment of other online activities, such as chatting and debating, was unrelated to sadism. Thus cyber-trolling appears to be an Internet manifestation of everyday sadism.

Or, in the vernacular/more expressive words of “Internet Trolls Really Are Horrible People, published by “Sadists just want to have fun:

In the past few years, the science of Internet trollology has made some strides. Last year, for instance, we learned that by hurling insults and inciting discord in online comment sections, so-called Internet trolls (who are frequently anonymous) have a polarizing effect on audiences.

That’s bad, but it’s nothing compared with what a new psychology paper has to say about the personalities of trolls themselves. The research, conducted by Erin Buckels of the University of Manitoba and two colleagues, sought to directly investigate whether people who engage in trolling are characterized by personality traits that fall in the so-called Dark Tetrad: Machiavellianism (willingness to manipulate and deceive others), narcissism (egotism and self-obsession), psychopathy (the lack of remorse and empathy), and sadism (pleasure in the suffering of others).

It is hard to overplay the results: The study found correlations, sometimes quite significant, between these traits and trolling behavior. What’s more, it also found a relationship between all Dark Tetrad traits (except for narcissism) and the overall time that an individual spent, per day, commenting on the Internet.”

Having presumably read down to this point, does this remind you of anyone?  The 1st two guesses don’t count!


Most importantly in our specific amateur radio context, Brian CROW K3VR is the psychotic “leader” of a Gang of rogue American CB’ers-cum-radio amateurs — most of whom are Socio/Psychopathic and/or otherwise mentally defective who a decade ago banded together ~14.275 MHz making it the latter-day radio version of an Insane Asylum…. BTW Research suggests that Socio/Psychopaths, like covert homo-sexuals especially — who, incidentally, are also over-represented in the group — apparently have a similar sort of IFF (Identification Fag or Foe) that allows them to recognize and bond with ‘their kind’ from an early age…. Hence, arguably, the double-strong bonding/banding….

As of early 2011 in part under duress from Laura SMITH of the FCC, Brian’s psychotic Gang moved back to its “ancestral home” of 14.313 MHz — yet still makes regular forays to interfere w/ me in the 14.270-.275 MHz range. 

Among Brian CROWs numerous mental and other defectives in the Gang are individuals with:

Many of these misfits are multiple and sometimes FRAUDulent Bankrupts, Convicts [including criminals convicted of prior Aggravated Stalking], some are on Welfare, others are in/out of psychiatric wards, while most collect stipends as a result of their mental and other deficits — and carry “Get Out of Jail Free” cards courtesy of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  But, while “crazy”, to use the vernacular, some of them are far from stupid!  Because most of them are fundamentally unemployable, they also have much time on their hands as a consequence and ~daily appear to feel an obsessive compulsion, individually and especially as a Gang, to prove to what passes for “normal” in the amateur radio and wider world, just how “smart” they really are…. This they often do by engaging in very risky and even Criminal ‘catch me if you can’ type behaviour.  Apparently this is also a sometime characteristic of raving/hyper-homo-sexuals….

Again, if you think that what you just read, above and what follows on this Front Page as it relates to mental illness is hyperbole — THINK AGAIN, Again and consider what Richard J. McNALLY a Professor of Psychology at Harvard and an advisor on the just-released DSM-5 [Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders], wrote at the beginning of his recently published book What Is Mental Illness?:

Nearly 50 percent of Americans have been mentally ill at some point in their lives, and more than a quarter have suffered from mental illness in the past twelve months. Madness, it seems, is rampant in America.

The situation in American CB/amateur radio is arguably MUCH worse.  Based on empirical, FCC administrative and other evidence — and particularly after the passage of the ADA ~twenty-three years ago and the more recent initially perversely titled Sec. 230 of the Communications Decency Act — mental illness in this HAMereekan sub-set on-air/on the WWW clearly appears to be OVER-represented….

Ergo, if ‘madness is rampant in America’, then it’s TRULY RAMPANT in American CB/amateur radio!

As part of this psychopathic mischief Brian CROW K3VR & Gang had for ~a decade illegally and even Criminally attempted to take ~exclusive control of 14.275 MHz and vicinity [and now 14.313 MHz], by among other things, engaging/‘specializing’ in:

All this and more Brian CROW has visited upon me personally in the past ~8 years for his psychotic amusement presumably — most of it with the perverse tacit and in his last year not so covert encouragement and approval of W. Riley HOLLINGSWORTH, SCARE at the FCC!  Instructively, judging by the striking similarity of Riley’s off-the-wall diction and his documented consorting with and even perversely soliciting/engaging these deviants, vandals, criminals and retards to do his dirty work for him for years — Riley HOLLINGSWORTH K4ZDH may also be a mental defective [possibly a Bi-Polar] — especially since among numerous other very odd things said and done, he has publicly admitted to also having been “temporarily insane”….

Think I’m again over-stating as far as Riley HOLLINGSWORTHsoliciting/engaging these deviants… to do his dirty work for him” is concerned?  THINK AGAIN, Again and again!

And consider the carefully chosen words of James DUGGER N4MXZ [a stranger to me] who apparently was a short-time law student and is a Broadcast Engineer, in There is a new sheriff in town on on 1 February 2009:

I am talking about Mr Hollingsworth's network of 'informants'. This subject has been broached by hams for years. Here is what I know:

I have an entire packet of information (unsolicited) from Mr Hollingsworth asking me to help him in building a case against another ham; and detailing what he already had. This ham was a pain in the ass to be sure, but I had not personally made a complaint against him. A number of my 40m group were approached in this way as to this same ham. As I said in another post, my lawyer strongly advised me against this.

Another ham friend, whom I have known for over 25 years, was essentially recruited as a 'spy' against another group. His activities included almost daily cell conversations with RH for months. This is fascinating, as this ham was/is a part of my 75m group which many have considered to be very controversial if not outright outlaw for 26 years. True or not; my friend believed that if he cooperated with RH, his more questionable 75m activities would be overlooked.

Another group of rowdies on 40 had at least 4 of their members recruited to gather evidence against another group on 40. I know this personally to be true as I have seen the correspondence. Rumor has it that this was also true with a couple of situations on 20m[ß sic]

That is how I define "snitches". Since these are just the ones I know about, how many were there that I don't?”

Suffice it to say that Brian CROW K3VR and his Criminal LIEing ilk’ — as well as Riley HOLLINGSWORTH K4ZDH, their ‘perverse facilitator and protector’ — are the worst thing to have happened to amateur radio in the past decade….

For a thumbnail background only [see at least The Life of Riley and search on the WWW & elsewhere for much more on this], many of these same misfits engaged in the original infamous “Radio Wars” on 14.313 MHz for decades [but this was before my return to amateur radio].  Typical of Bullies, Racists, White-Supremacists, KKK-men and Neo-NAZIs — who, importantly, were and continue to be over-represented in the current group — they attacked weak maritime-mobile, foreign-speaking and especially Hispanic stations with virtual impunity for years…. Then, shortly before “9/11” most of these radio and other Criminals migrated to 14.275 MHz in order to ‘lay in wait’ for/start a pre-emptive “War” with Glenn BAXTER K1MAN who had declared his intention to re-start his “Bulletins” thereon.  [FYI Jamming radio communications is a Criminal offence in Canada and virtually everywhere else in the civilized world — but not, apparently, in “StupidLand”.]  After “9/11” under the Socio/Psychopathic leadership of Brian CROW K3VR and with the very curious co-operation of some so-called Boy Scout “leaders” and their charges [N.B. Glenn K1MAN reports that Brian has long had a predilection for young boys, hence the boy scouts — and as amply evidenced in his writings, still routinely “projects” this Paedophilia & Coprophilia] and with his usual close handful of fellow mental defectives, they FRAUDulently embroiled Glenn K1MAN with the FCC and by the end of 2005 effectively drove him out of the 20 m Band….

For a time, this Machiavellian approach Brian CROW K3VR shamelessly called his signature “K1MAN Treatment”….

For a slightly wider background/tie-in to all this insanity, consider what Lloyd A. DAVIES [N0VFP presumably] wrote in Will the great Radio and Flame Wars Ever end? on on 19 July ’06 — incidentally, just as Brian CROW was in turn getting seriously wrapped around my axle, by incipiently starting the website and its immediate pre-cursors:

Some people don’t even know who started what. Some people just take sides for the heck of it. From 14.313 to the Hal Turner message board to NimBusters and from people like VonBluvens and Bill White ( to Herb, KV4FZ and WA9KJI. Groups like the B.A.R.F. and the NSM (National Socialist Movement) have risen and fallen in the chaos.

But why do these little feuds keep going for? Is it for some greater good, or is it to satisfy someone’s ego? I just don’t understand.

First, it started back in the late 70's or 80's in the form of Radio Wars on the 20 and 75 meter ham bands. (Read the KV4FZ Story for more Background info.) It included all sorts of people, who have come and gone. Then The Great Liberty Net came to the scene, and it had its supporters and detractors as well. Glenn Baxter, K1MAN had his 15 minutes of fame too...

All that changed around late 1998 or so, when a "New Sheriff" came to town in the form of FCC's Riley Hollingsworth. He quickly went to work, sending out retest letters and giving people like 6 month suspensions and so forth. At that time, around the year 2000, people began to take the "Radio War" to the Internet. Newsgroups were spammed as people began to take their feuds online. Message boards like "NimBusters" were hangouts for this sort of trash. People like KV4FZ … were replaced by people like Internet talk show host Hal Turner. Radio clubs like the Better Amateur Radio Federation have faded away, only to be replaced by NimBusters and other related groups.

Will it ever end?”

Brian CROW is the self-appointed direct ‘Chaos Master’ successor to this apparently never-ending insanity….

I am Brian’s second main serial target [after K1MAN] in the past ~7 years — now just below 14.275 MHz and on 14.313 MHz — whereon he continues to play FRAUDulent “Patriot Gamesw/ seeming impunity and worse:

Brian obviously is a FUCKTARD — but he is an HAMereekan FUCKTARD — so he gets away with this FORCE, FRAUD & PROPAGANDA!

Again, I trust that unlike Condoleezza RICE my fellow Nominee for and Winner of the 2006 “Islamophobia Award[ß N.B. Brian CROW proposed me for the Award — click on both + internal links to verify this!] — the reader can literally and figuratively ‘connect the dots’, below and at least get an outline of this HAMereekan insanity…. BTW Congratulations, Condi, on your only real achievement — besides allowing “9/11” to happen [as NSA Advisor] and subsequently being part of the cabal that attacked Iraq [as Secretary of State]….

Good Luck in the KKKontest, Brian CROW K3VR & Gang!

And may Al Qaeda drive your teeth out your assholes, Neo-CON Assholes!!!

But, to mis-quote “Dr. Foth”, I ‘doo digress’….

I run a ‘High-Q’ 5-element home-made mono-band antenna resonant on 14.274 MHz [being an amateur, I missed the ‘Polish International Calling’ (design) frequency of 14.273 MHz by 1 kHz], at a height of one wavelength above ground and only when required, as behooves ‘an exemplary Canadian radio amateur’, a 365 lb. linear amplifier with a “tube-with-handles”, HI [ß radio amateur shorthand for humour]….

Fittingly, “RADIO CANADAis often the strongest station heard on 20m [both the moniker “RADIO CANADAwhich ™ I now ‘own’ and the strong signal piss the misfits off no end], unfortunately usually also being pursued/maliciously QRM’ed/jammed by the HAMereekan mental and other defectives already mentioned here, below and/or in The Life of Riley.

Keep The Faith that this too shall pass:

73 GL & CUL on 14.313 MHz and ~14.273 MHz

© 2015

REALITY RESEARCH GROUP [There is no Gravity — the Earth & Brian CROW K3VR suck!]


Dipl(s) ULE, Hons B.A.(RMC), LL.B., M.P.A.

Captain [Ret’d]  ADC

Nobel Peace Prize (1988) [Shared]


a.k.a. “Comandante Carlos”

Viva Madero [reportedly a distant relation], Villa y Zapata. Viva la Revolucion!

a.k.a. “Captain Canada”

a.k.a. “The Canadian Army of One”

a.k.a. “Commander, Al Qaeda Northern Command


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In the imitable words of ‘Psycho’ Brian CROW K3VR, Gerry SAELENS & Patty PEAKMAN can be reached for comment via:

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My Interaction w/ James W. HIRES KE5WRT the DHS EinsatzGruppenFührer !!!

I COULD NOT HAVE SAID IT BETTER MYSELF unsolicited comments/~quotable quotes…

The chief problem ~14.275 MHz since 2001 was Rileywhose perverse influence at the FCC continues via Laura!

UNSOLICITED Writings From American SWL’s/Amateurs & Others

Bravo!  With this one e-mail Laura SMITH has done more for amateur radio enforcement than Riley HOLLINGSWORTH K4ZDH managed in his nearly 10 years on the job. I want my hard-earned tax money — that went towards paying Riley’s salary — back from the FCC!”

Geo. N9VTB now AC9KU too easily impressed & inactive, because Brian & Tom ruined the hobby for him telecon 6 Mar ‘09

Brian CROW’s NESTShitty, Shifty & Impecunious...

Respondent, THOMAS J. CROW, is enjoined from committing an assault, battery, or sexual battery on Petitioner, DIANA L. CROW, or any person related to the parties or who is or was residing in the same home as Petitioner.” Are these the reasons why Brian is an OCD Stalker, Psycho, BULLY — as well as a sexual deviant/Paedophile/Coprophiliac?

Jimmy N5IFI citing Tom WHATLEY N1FM/n1sob’s diction & criminality in “3930 Trash” on 27 Nov ‘07

Brian’s FRAUDulent FILES [recorded/edited/mis-captioned/out-of-context & sent to “Authorities”]

I can make an informed opinion about disordered minds because I have one.’

Brian ‘Disordered CROW’ K3VR about himself in his new Blog 19 Sep ’06 [which then quickly disparued]


The Bizarre Case of Tom N1FM/n1soba ‘BULLY’ Masquerading as a Fraud COP

From the heart of the effected area and the anti-terror station, 73 DE N1FM” [← sic]

One of a succession of Tom WHATLEY N1FM/n1sob’s BULLY/effete/inarticulate/mis-spelled ‘boilerplate’ signatures on

Most HAMereekan ‘Cluster-Fucks’ Obviously Have Shit-For-Brains Funny-Forum Fuck-Ups

Maybe VE7KFM is right, and he is a victim of gang virtual violence on the web. How do I know you guys aren't all picking on him in an ugly mob scene?”

Dave AL2I [Site Admin], a ‘quick study’, in “Welcome VE7KFM and K9STH” on The Island of Misfit Hams 30 Jul ‘07

Main DRAMATIS PERSONAE now again on 14.313 MHz — but still QRM’ing me ~14.273 MHz

To be deleted/moved DN on this ‘totem pole’, stop attacking/QRM’ing/re-broadcasting me.  Or, Eat Shit & Die, FUCKTARDS!

To More of Brian ‘Psycho’ CROW K3VR’s Cock-Suckers on the WWW

Some Immature ‘Newbie’ Canadian Lemmings & FUCKTARDS — various venues

Brian is a Paedophile, misleading pudgy/pimply ~15 year-old boys: Steve, Cal, Kyle, the “Boy Scouts”, etc., refer….

SOME FORMAL APOLOGIES [all delicts caused by Brian Fraudulent CROWK3VR]

RadioLinux Apology

Southgate Amateur Radio Club Apology [see also]

e-Veritas Apology

Henk van DALEN VE9HV Apology [scroll down to 13 Nov ’10 to see the Apology there, for now]


Who are you going to suck off next, now that Riley’s gone and K1MAN is still heard on 20m Brian ???

Laura L. SMITH’s FAMOUS E-mail to Randy ‘Racist’ BEST W7CPA [& Brian K3VR & Gang]

From: Laura Smith

Date: March 3, 2009 7:55:40 AM GMT-07:00

To: Randy COX <>, William Shine <>

Subject: RE: Alledgely [sic] QRMing my signal on 14.275

Normally I would not get involved in what on the surface appears to be a "he said/she said" type of dispute….

I do feel, however, that some guidance is necessary (that and the fact that I have just about reached the end of my rope with all the players in this little drama!).

Randy -- I don't particularly like what Karol says on the air -- but that does not mean that you (or anyone else) has the right to try to drive him off. and to tell you the truth, even if I did have jurisdiction over Karol (which I DO NOT) nothing that I have heard thus far rises to the level of an actionable complaint….

Indeed, were Karol an American, his speech would fall squarely under the 1st Amendment -- you know that thing many of our forefathers fought and died for (not to mention our troops overseas right now).  When you call yourself patriotic, built within that statement is the acceptance of the Constitution and all it entails -- free speech is one of the cornerstones of that fine document.  It doesn't mean only the speech YOU agree with; or only the speech that the majority of folks agree with; or even only speech that isn't offensive to most mature, rational adults.  It means ALL speech -- the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly (as Karol is quite often wont to spout)….

I have requested that Karol tone down his "act"….

He is going to continue the "act" -- and you guys thus far have demonstrated that you are going to continue falling into his trap.  What does that say about the cognitive abilities of the Americans as they are all being led around by a master manipulator?

What is within the confines of the rules, however, is the fact that I can (AND WILL) enforce the rules against any Americans who cause harmful interference to Karol (and any of the folks who elect to engage him in QSOs).  Let me repeat that so everyone understands it -- RETALIATORY JAMMING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND IS IN VIOLATION OF THE RULES!

I hope you all got my message here -- I have just about had it with the juvenile antics on the part of the American licensees. By the way, playing bulletins and tapes of a deceased licensee repeatedly in an effort to tie up the frequency so that Karol (and others) cannot use it actually does rise to the level of malicious interference -- and is subject to a possible enforcement action.  Likewise, I won't even go into the ridiculous sound effects, endless playing of music, and general pre-pubescent behavior that quite a number of folks engage in on a daily basis at 14.275 -- again, all in an attempt to prevent Karol from engaging in QSOs.  It needs to stop and needs to stop right now!

Can you tell I'm pissed?  If you haven't yet figured it out let me clue you in here -- this behavior either stops now or everyone involved will find themselves on the receiving end of enforcement letters.  This is an absolute disgrace -- I know kindergarteners that have shown a higher degree of maturity than the whole bunch of you!!


Laura L. Smith, Esq. | 1270 Fairfield Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325 | 717-338-2577 (phone) | 717-338-2574 (fax)

Spelling/grammar-corrected [Shame!] gravamen of Laura L. SMITH’s secret e-mail [← click for full original + provenance] to Randy ‘Racist’ BEST W7CPA 3 Mar ‘09

Elements of Brian K3VR’s Subsequent PERSONAL ATTACKS on Laura [Note the dates]…

From Brian CROW K3VR’s original ‘Spoof’ of Laura SMITH’s e-mail on the WWW and his 3 Mar ‘09

From ‘Psycho’ Brian’s 1stBREAKING NEWS” about Laura on his [N.B. the sophistry] 4 Mar ‘09

From ‘Psycho’ Brian’s 2ndBREAKING NEWS” about Laura on his [N.B. the explicit & implicit threats to go after Laura’s job] 5 Mar ‘09

From ‘Psycho’ Brian CROW K3VR’s 3rd variation of the attack on Laura on his [N.B. the circular arguments, hyperbole & continuing threats] 6 Mar ‘09

From ‘Psycho’ Brian K3VR’s continuing “personal attacks” against Laura on his [N.B. the sophistry, circular self-referenced reasoning & threats] ~28 Apr ‘09

Karol VE7KFM proves Laura is merely a more fuckable version of Riley.

What does the following say about Laura SMITH’s “cognitive abilities?

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