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Site Last Updated: Aug 22- 2016
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Welcome to the Sunday Open League Website

NEWS - Important info for the 2015/16 season:

April 3, 2016> Congrats to Team Old Macdonald for winning the 2015-16 Season
September 8, 2016> Locker sign up and first open house at the VCC

September 25 , 2016> Registration and first game of the 2016-17 Season

 2016 - 2017 Season>
The Sunday Open is looking for full teams and potentially indivduals to fill up existing teams for the upcoming 2016-17 Season. Please email if you wish to be added.

 Draws & Results > Full Season / Playoffs
The Full Season link has the complete schedule and should be updated weekly. Here is a PDF of the 2014-15 schedule if you wish to download it.

 League Info > League Info
Information about the League format, rules, tiebreakers and playoffs. Here is a PDF of the info for you to download / print out.

 Spares List >
Your Team Rep will have a copy of the Spares List

 Past League Winners> Champs
The Sunday Open decides its champions with a playoff format

 League Background >
The Sunday Open will be entering its 15th year. The Sunday Open is one of the more competitive leagues in the club as most teams there have been part of the league for 8+ years, but it is a friendly league as we all grew out of the novice program together. It is a very loyal league with a high retention rate. The Sunday Open is one of the most active in the club as many of its members participate on the VCC Board, play in multiple leagues, and compete in the VCC bonspiels.

Please feel free to contact - Hamish Macdonald (Ph: 604-688-7855 / Email: - for any information about the Sunday Open League.

Round Robin Standings
Team W-L-T Pts
Brown 11-2-2 39
Tully 12-3-0 39
L.O.B. 11-4-0 37
Roy 8-4-3 34
Sonnies n Cher 9-5-1 34
Snookums 9-5-1 34
Macdonald 8-5-2 33
Orr'Reilly 6-8-1 28
McNic 5-7-3 28

S Rocks

6-8-1 28
G o Stones 6-9-0 27
B t Sheets 6-9-0 27
Lounge Stars 4-10-1 24
Mad Cobras 4-10-1 24
Glidding o All 3-10-2 23
The CIAs 3-12-0 21

* Bye Week Remaining

Points: WIN = 3, TIE = 2, LOSS = 1, DEFAULT = 0