Hideous Destructor - a weapon and monster mod for GZDoom

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Whe People Are Saying

Hideous Destructor still holds a place in my heart, even though I suck at it. It's right around that level of unfairness known as "Nintendo Hard", which is hard enough to make you throw down your controller (or keyboard in this case i guess) in disgust, but not hard enough that you won't try it again. --Ethril
You have my respect for creating a system that drunkenly stumbles down the fine line between genius and insanity. --Greenmarine
This is not the story of the Hero Of Mankind of the original Doom games, invincible in stature and unstoppable in speed and brutality. This is the story of scared, desperate, and very human men in a desperate fight that cannot be won. --Slydir
--Bull. Vae never added the need to eat, sleep, piss, poo, or sleep. :P --It's hard enough that some people will mess their pants, and then eat comfort food and cry themselves to sleep, if that counts for anything. --XutaWoo/Ethril, on whether this mod's difficulty features could be considered "overboard"
--Typically, I hate games that play in this fashion, AKA slow-paced as all get out with a bleeding system that kills you far more often than the actual bullets do, and weapons where unless I've planted myself on my ass I can't shoot a gun for shit, but for some reason I can't stop playing this. Probably because I'm stubborn and it only makes me angry when I get murdered by anything in one to three shots, depending on what's doing the shooting. Maybe because I'm hoping I can take this to a LAN party at some point and have other people who will gladly die in my place. I dunno, it's intriguing, really. --twinkieman93

--This is Dark Souls. This is sci-fi Dark Souls with guns.

It looks like DooM, it feels like DooM, it handles like DooM (or ZDooM). It PLAYS like a vicious ex-spouse.

You will come to loathe the common zombieman for being an ubiquitous asshat who is happy to troll you while more threatening enemies finish you off. The pinky demon is now an angry yip-dog who is happy to lunge into your kneecaps teeth-first over and over again while your shots miss him by inches. The cacodemon is no longer a big dumb flying tomato that shoots slow projectiles---it is airborne death, spewing electric rage with power and accuracy that would make Thor weep tears of joy. The new arch vile is some of the scariest shit I've ever fought in a video game and the new cyberdemon will teach you humility. --Big C

What the hell is wrong with this mod? it's completely unplayable lol what were you thinking? --Lycaon


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