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Merchant Navy Sparks - Part 1

Merchant Navy Sparks - Part 2

Interception of Enemy Wireless

Life in the Yukon

Photos - Merchant Navy Sparks

Photos - Aishihik Yukon Territories

Photos - Ottawa Monitoring Station




Who am I?

I am a retired Public Servant who started working as a Radio Operator in the Merchant Navy, and then in the Federal Department of Transport, in an occupation and a career that no longer exists! New technologies made us obsolete!

My hobby of Amateur Radio keeps me in touch with a diminishing circle of friends who were also Radio Operators, as well as new friends in this hobby.

But I have stories to tell, and memories to cherish, and people to remember.

Why have a Web Site?

Browse my site for the stories and the memories.

The site is dedicated to the memory of Shipmates who shared the same hazards in the Merchant Navy; and to the mentors who, from time to time, encouraged my progression in my career in Dept. of Transport.

If you are also a Radio Operator, or are interested in my stories, I would like to hear from you.

Please send me a note at va3oeb@shaw.ca

Last updates February 8, 2015:
Interception of Enemy Wireless

Photos - Ottawa Monitoring Station