Nambu World: Type 30 Arisaka Rifles

    The Type 30 rifle, the first of the Arisaka series, was the primary Japanese infantry weapon used in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05. The design effort which led to it was led by a Japanese military officer, Col. Nariaki Arisaka. While the entire subsequent series of rifles that evolved from this design have come to be known as Arisakas in the West, this designation does not appear anywhere on any of the weapons. The Type 30 is a five-shot, bolt action rifle that fires the 6.5X50SR Arisaka cartridge. The model designation comes from the fact it was adopted in Meiji 30 (1897). It was a primary battle weapon for only a short time as experience showed it had two major faults: an overly complicated bolt and no means to protect the mechanism from the dust of the dry part of northeastern China where Japan always seemed to be fighting. Starting in Meiji 38 (1905) it was replaced by the similar-looking but simpler and more robust Type 38 rifle. About 554,000 Type 30 rifles and 45,000 carbines were produced. They are fairly scarce today, and most are in poor condition as a result of having been used for drill in schools for many years. Notoriously unreliable Canadian registration records show only 41 in Canada as of late 2006 (before I imported the top one in the photo). Of course, they are somewhat more common in the USA.

    I have two of these rifles. The top one is in its original configuration. The lower one is one of about 10,000 that were converted to blank-firing training rifles after the Type 30 was replaced by the Type 38.

    To see photos and details of the top rifle, the basic Type 30, please click here: Nambu World: Type 30 Arisaka Rifle (this page discusses accessories, manuals, ammo, references and links for further research, etc.)

    To see photos and details of the bottom rifle, the Type 30 converted to a blank-firing trainer, please click here: Nambu World: Type 30 Blank-Firing Training Rifle

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