As on any credible website, there is a listing of other sites that I would be remiss in not directing you to. Some are personal, others for groups and organizations I support, and the rest are simply really great sites. Please visit as many as you like, or I may be forced to send out my little friend Guido....ummm.....I mean....You will really be missing out on some great sites!

The Diego Zone
This is my wonderfully talented daughters website. You can find anything from the talented Dom Diego dela Vega to the Barenaked in Vancouver BNL fan site, to the People Against Barney Association homebase on the web. She has done a great job on both her own site, and mine! Please visit!!

Arabian Horse World
This is the homepage of the Arabian Horse World magazine. I have always loved horses in general, and arabians in particular. Anyone who likes horses will love this site!

767 Dearman Squadron
Dearman Squadron is where both of my children spent much of their teen years. I am still involved myself, and have become a second "Mom" to many of the cadets. Hopefully I will still be involved when I am old and grey and look like I belong in the Legion!

The World of Anne McCaffery
Anne McCaffery is in my opinion one of the best authors today. I have read all of her books, and some of the best are based in the world of Pern. This is a really good fan site based on that world.

The Great Moose Debate
This site is by my daughter-by-another-mother about the correct plural form of "Moose." Among other things...

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