Welcome to The Unicorn and the Jorge, a land where unicorns live in peace and are loved by people around the world. I have gathered what I believe to be one of the largest collections of unicorn pictures on the net, and I guarantee that I have things you have never seen before!
* ALSO * if you happen to notice any doubles in the galleries please let me know!! It is hard to keep over SIXTEEN Thousand pictures straight sometimes! You can also search the site for specific items such as a certain artist in the Search Engine available below the gallery and site links.

If you like my site, please scroll down past the galleries and vote for me in the "Voting & Clubs" section. I am in two competitions, so vote at one, or at both!! Not everyone likes to sign guestbooks, and this quick vote will let me know how well I am doing!! Also, Fantasy Fighters please visit my Cheers page right below the Fantasy Fights icon!

None of the art on this site was created by me. Due to recent difficulties with copyright infringment concerns, I feel the need to emphasize the fact that all art is owned by the artist. All rights are reserved by the artist, even if unknown. Please do not use artowrk to create free clip art or other uses of images to make money. These galleries are for your viewing pleasure only.I would also like to point out that I do NOT take any art that is indicated as being copyright and not available for use by the artist.
If I have used any pictures which are copyrighted, please let me know so I can either get permission or remove them. I always try to give recognition to the artist, if only within the name of the picture. All artists who have contacted me are indicated in the extensive Artists Links section and the picture has been updated with their name and "(c)". If I find any pictures that have the artist name visible I update the picture name to give them credit. If you are an artist and I have displayed your art, I would be pleased to provide a link to your personal art pages. Any artist not displayed on the site that would like to be, please e-mail me! There is no reason why a large site such as mine can't help out those who are not as well known! I support Elfwood, Epilogue, and Deviant as well as individual sites.

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Below you can find galleries full of all of my new finds. I put them separately so you can find them all before they are added to the regular galleries!
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to see Page 3 of the new additions! (a HUGE new collection updated November 20,2007 )

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An extremly informative history of the Mystery of the Unicorn.
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All you ever wanted to know about the Pegasus
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A comprehensive listing of Immortal and Mythical horses throughout history
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My research on how horses have influenced much of the English language
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You can also search my site for a topic or specific artist, or even a certain picture you have seen!!!

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