Important stuff


Wednesday, January 11th 2017 is the start date for the next beginner series. The course will run on all Wednesdays from January 11th to mid-March, from 7:30 to around 9:30. Any time between the end of the series and the end of March will be available to beginners to fence with the regular group for free, in the hope that we can get you hooked!

No need to register in advance, but if you want the full details, please mail me at and I'll fill in all the blanks.

Regular Scheduled Fencing

We start again on Wednesday, January 4th 2017. Looking forward to seeing everyone back and out of shape.. Times will be as before:

  • Mondays - 8:00 to 10:00
  • Wednesdays - 7:30 to 10:00

Ages from early teens to hundred-and-teens, all are welcome. There's more detail on our Beginners page. Mail me and I'll put you on the list

Jake Zehr came by some time ago - my apologies for not getting this done sooner - and shot a short fencing documentary, which is available through YouTube. If you're new to fencing, this will give you a good taste of what you can expect. If you're not new to fencing, well, just enjoy....

Thanks, Jake!

Welcome to Capital City Fencer's Club's new, improved web site. The old one was getting so far out of date, it seemed like a rebuild from scratch might be in order.

We've been in operation now for over six nine ten years!!, and we've squeezed a lot into that time. We've seen new members come, and others go. We've started a beginner program, we've hosted a number of tournaments and clinics, and we've just recently relocated.

If you haven't been around for a while, I'd suggest the first place you'll want to check out is the "where" page, where you'll find details of our location and how to find us. The "when" page will fill you in on times and costs.

If you're interested in learning to fence, your next stop should be our "beginners" page, where you'll find out about times, equipment. costs and so forth.

If you're interested in the tournaments that we have hosted over the last several years, don't check out the "tournaments" page, as it's very much out of date. Someday...

Otherwise, just browse around. Any questions you may have, either I can answer or I can point you to someone who can. You'll find my contact information on the "contact" page.