Lisa Miller, Chemical Oceanographer

Institute of Ocean Sciences
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
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Sidney, BC V8L 4B2  Canada
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As a climate geochemist, my fundamental interests lie in the roles the oceans play in planetary evolution and global change. In our current era, at the dawn of the Anthropocene, ocean biogeochemistry and its impact on the global climate are changing, and my research attempts to understand the causes and effects of those changes and how they feed back into the climate.

Some of my more interesting projects include:
Carbon cycling in arctic waters and response to climate change
The CO2 system in sea ice
Geochemistry of the sea surface microlayer

Eric Mortenson (UVic) – sea ice biogeochemical modelling
Karina Giesbrecht (UVIC) – Si cycling in the Arctic Ocean
Kristina Brown (UBC) – carbon biogeochemistry in sea ice
Yiming Luo (UBC) – particulate fluxes in the global ocean
Owen Owens (UofManitoba) – pCO2 in sea ice

Oliver Wurl – Sea surface microlayer geochemistry
Melissa Chierici – Haida Eddies
Magnus Wendeberg – Sea surface microlayer sampling
Agneta Fransson – Carbon cycling in the Beaufort Sea


Chair of The Centre for Ocean Climate Chemistry, a consortium of scientists at IOS who conduct research in marine biogeochemistry. Kyle Simpson runs the centre, overseeing a team of salty chemists who can measure or fix anything: Mike Arychuck, Glenn Cooper, and Marty Davelaar. Members of the COCC include: Jim Christian, Debby Ianson, Sophie Johannessen, Angelica Peña, Andrew Ross, Nadja Steiner, Svein Vagle, and Bill Williams

As a team, this group also collects surface and water-column carbon data in the IOS Line P and Arctic time series.

Details: Curriculum vitae


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