Across the road from Patterson is a small farm the Society owns. This is nice shot of the pond on that property. When we were there ten years ago the Society just bought the land and the pond was barren with no tress or bushes at all. Ten years sure makes a difference.
This is the main auditorium at Patterson. Itís used for Gilead graduations twice a year, for Family Night - the Bethel talent show - once or twice a year, and for the weekly Family Watchtower Study every Monday night. The auditorium seats about 2000.
The main courtyard waterfall and clock tower at Patterson. The waterfall is about 6 or 7 feet high. Nice watchtower design too.
A model of the temple during the time of Jesus Christ. It's located in the main lobby of the Patterson complex. The display is huge, about 8' by 5'. Very detailed.
We had stayed at the Patterson Inn while visiting the Society's facilities in New York. We filled out an accommodation request form that our congregation secretary had, the service committee signed it, and then we faxed it to Patterson. A few days later we had our confirmation emailed to us. This is a shot of the room we stayed in. Very nice.
A shot of the room from the other end.
Front entrance of the main building at Patterson.
Front lobby of the main building at Patterson.
Lobby of the main Patterson building.
Another angle of the Jerusalem model in Patterson.
The main building of the Patterson Inn.
The waterfall at Patterson.
Patterson sign at main building.
One of the six Patterson Inn buildings.
Main Patterson building.
Patterson sign.
Lobby in the main Patterson building.
Stage of the Patterson auditorium.
Patterson grounds.
Patterson laundry.
Shot from the Patterson dining room.
Patterson dining room.
Patterson dining room.
A nice quiet corner at Patterson.
Another look at the temple model.
Another look at the temple model.
Etched glass watchtower logo on the Patterson doors.
Another shot of the Society's farm across the road from Patterson.
Patterson Inn sign.
A nice little setup in the art department at Patterson.
Main Patterson Inn building.
Small bridge at Patterson.
Main Patterson building.
Chandelier at Patterson.
This is the group we toured Patterson with that fine morning.
Another shot of some of the Patterson gardens.
Letter of invitation to Ulysses Glass for Gilead. He eventually became an instructor at Gilead for many years. This letter is on display in the Patterson lobby.
Main Patterson building.
Waiting area at the Patterson residence building. This is right below the dining room.
The front entrance of the main Patterson building.
The front entrance of the main Patterson building.
One of two large murals in the hallway outside of the main auditorium. They both sit on the wall on the stair landings on either side of the open area. My estimate is that they a 6 feet wide by 8 feet high.
Another shot of the Patterson grounds.
One of the many information boards on the tour route at Patterson.
The kitchen at Patterson.
The clock tower at Patterson.
This is a photo of our tour guide at Patterson, Robert Dunn. The funniest, coolest, and most informative guide we've ever had on a Bethel tour (they are all good but Rob was the best). If you happen to get him as your guide ask him to tell you about the remarkable story of the chandelier in Patterson that came from the Lusitania and has buoyant crystals.
A view from the Patterson hill.
Reflecting pool in front of the Patterson residence building.
Looking at the dining room from the courtyard.
Art Department workflow chart display.
Another information display board.
The Patterson Inn.
Patterson dining room.
One of two large murals in the hallway outside of the main auditorium.
Nice quiet spot at Patterson.
Front drive at Patterson.
Patterson reception desk.
Patterson grounds.
Patterson grounds.
Patterson grounds.
The fountain at Patterson.