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To the left is my book cover collage of the entire Trixie Belden series: Golden Press #1-34 (oval) and #35-39 (square). The center image is from the Whitman hard cover cameo format of #12 Mystery of the Blinking Eye (my favourite story). If you are interested in seeing (larger) pictures of the Trixie Belden series formats (dust jacket, cellophane/glossy, cameo, deluxe, plain, oval, square) there is a link further down on this page.

Most of the tidbits here are less general, more on the trivia side, so it is assumed you already have a basic knowledge of the series. All information contains book and page number references. Each have been taken from Golden Press paperback formats: #1-34 (oval) and #35-39 (square). If the subject is mentioned again, that reference will follow in brackets by (book-page).

Trixie Belden RE-ISSUES

The series was reissued by Random House, starting in 2003. You saw a sneak peak of the new covers for issues 1 & 2 right here, on October 30, 2002. The artwork is by Michael Koelsch, a veteran illustrator of young adult book covers. The cover illustrations were painted from photoshoots with models, based on the look the art director of the publishing house wanted to take.

June 26, 2003 - I picked up my copies of the first two books today. I thought I would have to special order them, but when I went into McNally Robinson (a great local book store) on Monday to do so, the lady in the children's section told me they knew about the re-issue and that they had already been ordered. On Tuesday they phoned to say the books were in stock. My books were published "simultaneously in Canada by Random House of Canada Limited, Toronto." I was disappointed to find out they are cellophane "glossies."

On the left is the artwork for cover #5 and on the right, the published cover. At the time I received a copy of the artwork (July 31, 2003), there are still "some minor changes on this one (i.e. fixing the clubhouse to look more like the old drawings in the book, etc.) but it's close to finish."

October 14, 2004 - Book numbers 8 and 9 are published, but I thought you might like to see the original artwork. As well, here is the artwork for numbers 12 and 13. Click on either of the pictures to take you to to the larger versions of all 4 images.

The "YEARs" follow Trixie's age. When we begin the series, the ages of the original Bob-Whites are: Trixie 13, Honey 13, Mart 14, Jim 15 (just), Brian 15 (and 3/4).

Mansion 1 14 July
Red Trailer 2 24 July
Gatehouse 3 13 (starts) August 22, Tuesday
Mysterious Visitor 4 14-15 Last week of October
Glen Road 5 13 Before Thanksgiving (November) (p.71 the 16th)
Arizona 6 16 Christmas holidays (in Arizona)
Mysterious Code 7 161 Pre-Valentine's Day (beginning of February)
Black Jacket 8 16 Late February (the ice carnival takes place on Feb.27)
Happy Valley 9 14, 43 Spring vacation, April (in Iowa)
Marshland 10 13 End of April (ends on Trixie's birthday, May 1, p.212)
Bob-White Cave 11 49 Summer (in Missouri Ozarks)
Blinking Eye 12 92 August (in New York City)
Up until this point, the books have followed an orderly timeframe. Suddenly, Time Warps abound. It's back to the beginning of summer vacation in #13 - again in #19 - again in #35 - and again in #38 (Trixie remains 14). Inbetween, the calendar bounces to and fro. Perhaps, apart from Time Warps, there are some Parallel Universes going on here, as well.
Cobbett's Island 13 18 First vacation day (beginning of summer holidays)
Emeralds 14 13 Summer (in Virginia)
Mississippi 15 16 Summer (in St. Louis)
Missing Heiress 16 51 Late summer
Uninvited Guest 17 68 End of July (book ends August 6)
Phantom Grasshopper 18 21 October
Unseen Treasure 19 13 Beginning of summer (10 days ago was June 3, p.77) and into July (p.86)
Old Telegraph Road 20 28 Close to Mother's Day (ends the day before Mother's Day, p.202)
Castaway Children 21 16 August
Mead's Mountain 22 21 Christmastime - Saturday, December 26 is coming up (ends New Years Eve) (in Vermont)
Queen's Necklace 23 18 Summer (in London)
Saratoga 24 84 August (in Saratoga)
Sasquatch 25 16 August (in Idaho)
Headless Horseman 26 119 Fall
Ghostly Galleon 27 16 October (in the Catskills)
Hudson River 28 25 October (ends Halloween night, p.198)
Velvet Gown 29 34 January 3
Midnight Marauder 30 17 March
Maypenny's 31 15 September
Whispering Witch 32 14-15 Weekend before Thanksgiving, November
Vanishing Victim 33 205 Summer
Missing Millionaire 34 44 August
Memorial Day Fire 35 title Memorial Day (end of May), into June (p.75)
Antique Doll 36 26 Last week it was Halloween (November) (partially in Paris)
Pet Show 37 10 First day back at school after 2 weeks winter vacation (January)
Indian Burial Ground 38 10 only a few more days of school left (into summer vacation again: June/July)
Galloping Ghost 39 14 summer (in Minnesota)

Kathy K has followed this timeline through and made a great page entitled If Trixie Had Aged, How Old Would She Be? Cumulative ages of the other Bob-Whites, Bobby and Regan are also given. Note: Sadly the link is no longer working and I took it off, but I kept in this paragraph as it was a great concept.

Trixie Belden 3 39 May 1
Honey Wheeler 10 16 She was a few weeks younger (than Trixie or Di). (date otherwise unknown)
Jim Frayne 1 196 This month (July)
Brian Belden 3 39 October. We find out in #28 (p.75) that he is a Libra, but "close enough to a Scorpio." Libra ends October 22 or 23, depending on which reference you look at.

Thanks to great detective work by Denise H., we now know that Brian's birthday must be October 22. On page 89, Trixie is finishing her Saturday morning chores - 3 days after Brian had collapsed at his birthday dinner. The following Friday is Halloween (pp 175-176), thereby making his birthday fall on the 22nd.

Mart Belden 3 40 June 1
Diana Lynch 14 69 "My birthday is next week." Most likely July, as in #13 (after a backwards time warp from #11 & #12) they were "just out of school" and Cobbett's Island was for 10 days and a little later this trip to Virginia, also about 10 days duration, and in #15 Di is away "for a month"
Helen Belden 3 172 Monday is her birthday. (The book started on Tuesday, August 22, therefore that would make it August 28.)
Mrs. Wheeler 18 131 Honey: "My mother's birthday is this week." (October)
Tom's and Celia's wedding 5 71 Sunday, November 15. This reference point is actually for November 16, the day after the storm. Celia and Tom got married the day before. It was a Sunday, the same day Fleagle quit (p. 83). The ceremony was at noon (p.16).
Juliana's and Hans's wedding 17 56 on Friday, August 6 at "half after four o'clock"

Trixie Belden 1 Super sleuth, her hunches are usually correct but nobody ever believes her
Honey Wheeler 1 Trixie's best friend and partner, she's a peace-maker and tactful as can be
Jim Frayne 1 Old Mr. Frayne's grandnephew and Honey's adopted brother, the "most wonderful boy" Trixie knows
Brian Belden 3 The oldest, everything he knows or does well is explained by the fact that he's going to be a doctor
Mart Belden 3 Uses big words and likes to tease Trixie, he's 11 months older than her
Diana Lynch 4 Beautiful but not very deep
Dan Mangan 8 Regan's nephew, he's often not around. His biggest role, apart from this intro, is in #14
Helen Belden 1 "Moms" is a great cook, forever giving into Trixie "just this once"
Peter Belden 1 He's always wondering when the meal is going to be served but never lifts a finger to help, except to do the carving
Bobby Belden 1 The perpetual 6 year old, often annoying
Matthew Wheeler 2 Honey's father, he's rich, travels a great deal and provides the Bob-Whites with many opportunities for travel also
Madeleine Wheeler 2 Honey's mother, she isn't very strong, accompanies her husband on all his travels
Mr. Lynch 4 Di's jolly father, he has a more prominent part in #14
Mrs. Lynch 4 Her biggest speaking lines are in #7 (p.165-167)
Larry and Terry 7 Di's young twin brothers (Di also has younger twin sisters - do we ever find out their names?)
Bill Regan 1 Dan's uncle, he's 22 years old (3-15)
Ben Riker 2 Honey's cousin, a practical joker, he shows up again #5 and #20
Aunt Alicia 3 Belden kids' aunt, mentioned a few times but we never meet. We find out she's a maternal aunt in #4 (p.105) and then we find out she's a paternal aunt in #8 (p.28) Omigosh! What does this say about Moms & Dad??
Grandfather Lynch 4 He "just had his sixtieth birthday". (p.61)
Monty Wilson 6 Di's (maternal) uncle, runs a dude ranch in Arizona
Andrew Belden 9 Peter Belden's unmarried brother, we meet him again in #11
Grandma 10 The Lynch kids are going to visit her (p.41). We can assume this is a paternal grandmother since both Mrs. Lynch's parents are dead.
Uncle Mart 11 Belden kids' uncle, we never meet him, but we find out he lives in Philadelphia (p.163) with Aunt Alicia
NOTE: In the Deluxe HC (p.196) and the Cameo HC (p.213) the note from Moms says "Aunt Helen" NOT "Aunt Alicia"... so Uncle Mart must be a brother... Aunt Helen is never mentioned in the paperbacks
Juliana Maasden 16 Jim's cousin, in #17 she marries Hans Vorwald, an attorney from Amsterdam
Harold Belden 17 Peter Belden's brother who lives in Idaho, father of Hallie, Knut and Cap. We never actually meet him.
Hallie Belden 17 She's 1 year younger than Trixie, we meet her again in #25
Knut Belden 25 His full name is Knutson, p.36
Cap Belden 25 His full name is Capelton, p.15

Book Trixie Honey Jim Brian Mart Diana Dan Bobby
1 13 (p.15) - 15 (p.196) 15 (p.44) - - - -
2 13 (p.18) 13 (p.18) - - - - - 6 (p.205)
3 13 (p.39) 13 (p.204) 15 (p.15) 15 (p.39) 14 (p.40) - - -
4 13 (p.13) 13 (p.14) 15 (p.21) 16 (p.21) - 13 (p.45) - 6 (p.18)
5 13 (p.14) 13 (p.14) - - - - - 6 (p.15)
6 13 (p.13) - - 16 (p.14) - 13 (p.14) - 6 (p.14)
7 13 (p.14) 13 (p.21) 15 (p.21) 16 (p.16) - 13 (p.22) - 6 (p.21)
8 13 (p.13) 13 (p.17) 15 (p.17) 16 (p.19) - - as old as Mart (p.130) 6 (p.13)
9 13 (p.14) 13 (p.14) 15 (p.14) 16 (p.14) 14 (p.14) 13 (p.14) - 6 (p.17)
10 13 almost 14 (p.13) birthday (p.212) 13 (p.14) - 16 (p.14) - 13 (p.16) - 6 (p.18)
11 14 (p.16) 14 (p.16) - almost 17 (p.16) 15 (p.13) 14 (p.16) - -
12 14 (p.13) - - - - - - 6 (p.47)
13 14 (p.22) - - - 15 (p.15) - - -
14 - - - - - birthday (p.235) - -
15 14 (p.13) the youngest (p.141) - - - 14 (p.17) - -
16 - - - - - - - -
17 14 (p.17) - - - - - - -
18 - - 17 (p.14) 17 (p.14) 15 (p.19) - - 6 (p.31)
19 - - - 17 (p.14) - - - 6 (p.15)
20 14 (p.144) - - - - - - 6 (p.108)
21 - - - - 15 (p.40) - - 6 (p.18)
22 14 (p.15) 14 (p.15) - 14 (p.15) - 6 (p.127)
23 - - - 17 (p.16) 15 (p.16) - - 6 (p.13)
24 14 (p.162) 14 (p.162) - - - - - 6 (p.16)
25 14 (p.28) - - - - - - -
26 14 (p.13) 14 (p.14) - - 15 (p.17) 14 (p.18) - 6 (p.29)
27 14 (p.14) 14 (p.14) 17 (p.14) 17 (p.14) 15 (p.14) - - 6 (p.25)
28 - - - birthday (p.76) - - - 6 (p.14)
29 14 (p.13) - - - - - - 6 (p.22)
30 14 (p.14) 14 (p.15) - 17 (p.19) - - - 6 (p.17)
31 14 (p.13) - - - - - - -
32 14 (p.17) 14 (p.17) - 17 (p.16) 15 (p.16) - - 6 (p.15)
33 - - - 17 (p.14) - - - 6 (p.71)
34 14 (p.147) - - 17 (p.147) 15 (p.147) - - 6 (p.39)
35 14 (p.184) 14 (p.184) - - - - - 6 (p.13)
36 14 (p.9) - - 17 (p.13) - - - 6 (p.12)
37 - - - - - - - 6 (p.26)
38 14 (p.9) - - - - - - 6 (p.10)
39 14 (p.9) - - - - - - 6 (p.13)

This is where Jim's age gets screwed up. It's October, he should only have turned 16 last July. He was supposed to be 9 months younger than Brian.

It's Brian's birthday but we do not know how old he's turning. He's 17 in #27 and in #30. He shouldn't be turning 18 if Trixie is still 14, so perhaps this is a time warp backwards, fitting somewhere between "almost 17" in #11 and being 17 in #18 & #27 (which both also take place in October).

This is the only reference ever made to Dan's age, and if we look at where he is in school, we are even less enlightened: After starting off in Mart's class (8-80), he is in the same class with Jim and Brian (9-16/17) , he and Mart are sophomores (26-18), he is in Brian's chemistry class (27-21), he is in Brian's social studies class (31-54).

Some of these are familiar, others mentioned in passing. I really didn't use any specific criteria for deciding what made it in.

James Winthrop Frayne II 1 46 Jim - Or, perhaps the III (36-13)
Queenie 1 18 Old Mr. Frayne's little black game hen
Water Witch 1 109 Rowboat on Wheelers' lake, Honey names it (19-61)
Miss Lefferts 1 168 Honey's awful governess before Miss Trask
Autoville 2 25 Trailer camp in upstate New York where they stayed while looking for Jim
Schoolgirl Shamuses 3 40 First mentioned by Jim, it became a common phrase among the B.W.G. boys to refer to Trixie and Honey. But what's this?? It's used by Sgt. Molison (35-178)
Bob-Whites of the Glen (The B.W.G.'s) 3 157-159 Honey's idea to form a club; first name ideas were Riders of the Glen (Mart), Glen Road Robins (Honey). Bob-Whites was Jim's idea. The jackets were to be red with white cross-stitching, which Honey made.
Madeleine G. Wheeler 3 180 Honey, named after her mother
Beatrix 7 25 Trixie
St. Nicholas 7 69 Name of magazine that contained mysterious code
Spencer family 7 76 Owned Manor House before the Wheelers, they had it built
Spotty 8 28 China cat, a family antique, that Bobby broke
The Cowhands 8 173 Name of Dan's old gang
Troglichthys rosae 11 209 Cave fish found by B.W.G.'s, although not the Amplyopsis spelaeus they were looking for
B and J 12 150 'Bone and Joint', Dr. Joe Reed's railroad
The Moorings 13 31 Where the B.W.G.'s stayed on Cobbett's Island (a.k.a. the old Condon place)
Rosewood Hall 14 29 Where the emeralds were hidden, now in ruins, which Mr. Lynch bought and is going to restore
Briar Hall 16 31 Honey's boarding school before coming to Sleepyside
Katje (Kate) Vanderheiden 16 35 Jim's mother's name
Hoppy 18 14 Town Hall weathervane
WSTH 18 25 Local radio station (35-31) (37-96)
Johnson 20 46 Helen Belden's maiden name
Purple Turnip 22 118 Vegetarian restaurant in Groverville
Hart 23 24 Mrs. Wheeler's maiden name
Marge (Margery) 23 115 Miss Trask
Joan Stinson 24 167 The girl Regan was in love with
Gadfly 24 42 Horse Regan was accused of drugging
Tank 25 53 Old prospector, known by the Belden cousins, his real name is Anders Anderson. "Ay tank de tistles be tick dis year."
Lien-Ting 26 183 Jade goddess on ebony pedestal, owned by Mr. Lynch, she had a small crack in her right arm (p.187)
Pirate's Inn 27 19 Miss Trask's childhood home
Lucy Radcliffe 27 28 Character in Trixie's mystery novels
Cosmo McNaught 27 29 Character in Mart's science fiction books
Sea Fox 27 69 Phantom galleon that appears whenever something awful is about to hit one of the Trasks
Clarence 27 78 Life-sized manikin owned by Mr. Appleton
Campus Clarion 29 118 School newspaper (30-39)
Miss Lonelyheart 30 76 Mart, taken over by one of the school counsellors (p.208)
Wendell 30 153 Sergeant Molison's first name
Sara Sligo 32 27 Ghost who supposedly haunted Lisgard House
Gunnar Bjorkland 39 69 He was hung for stealing a cow
Sleepyside 60303 3 210 Wheelers' phone number
75 cents 3 215 Cost of cab from Sleepyside to Manor House (approx 2 miles)
291 Hawthorne Street 4 125 Crummy hotel run by a shady character named Olyfant
300 acres 5 26 Size of Wheeler game preserve
Sleepyside 96870 7 78 Phone number of Sleepyside Sun
$59.72 13 18 Trixie's college fund, lying safe and sound in the bank
$10.00 13 22 Cost of Trixie's new bathing suit
214 Glen Road 17 97 Address of Ten Acres
10 cents 20 122 Cost of phone call
431 West Second Street 35 38 Robert's Trophy Shop, that blowed up real good on Memorial Day
7 84 S.O.S.

Honey 3 24 Gem expert (with naked eye yet): "Daddy taught me how to tell the difference between real gems and imitations." And again (14-192), this time Trixie, Honey and Di know fake emeralds from real.
Mart 8 49 "When it comes to skating, speed skating particularly, Mart's about the nearest to a professional I've ever seen."
Jim 11 68 Jim pulled his harmonica out of his pocket
Jim 13 215 Training in boxing now stood him in good stead
Diana 15 141 "I wish Diana could be here, too. We could use her. She can almost read people's minds at times, can't she?"
Mart 16 148 "How about getting your guitar, Mart?"
Peter Belden 17 80 Picked up the ukulele kept from his own young years
Helen Belden 18 84 Amazingly good at tongue twisters
Helen Belden 20 37 Was an art major
Diana 38 45 She was such a good artist
Brian 3 45 Brian skipped the third grade
Trixie 3 72 Loves onions
Regan 3 202 Wild about wrestling matches
Honey 4 103 Has a phobia about spiders AND snakes (p.107)
Miss Trask 5 28 Likes to take long walks in the pouring rain, spurning an umbrella
Diana 5 136 Likes country songs
Mr. Belden 8 130 Loves peppermint ice cream
Mr. Belden 13 23 Favourite colour is blue
Beldens 17 178 Have 3 telephones
Trixie 34 26 Likes strawberry pop
Royal blue and gold 4 164 The Lynch decor (17-76)

Laundry service 1 94 The big laundry truck lumbered into the Belden driveway
16 117 Trixie: "I was supposed to pay the laundryman this morning and he didn't come."
Miss Trask 1 28 RECURRING CHARACTER, she manages Manor House and is always such a good sport
Regan 1 30 RECURRING CHARACTER, the Wheelers' groom, he's always after the Bob-Whites to exercise the horses (but what's this??? there's a single reference to "assistant grooms", 10-103)
Celia 1 166 RECURRING CHARACTER, dainty, blond maid, she marries Tom Delanoy in #5
Gardener 3 46 Gallagher, who quit. The next gardener was Nailor, p.55. The gardener is Mike (10-103) but it's possible this is Nailor's first name
Helen 3 102 New maid
Cook 3 133 They've had 6 different ones since Rachel quit. The latest cook quits (5-75)
Marjorie 3 133 Maid
Winnie 3 163 Laundress, she's married and lives in town (named on p.37 but we don't find out she's the laundress until here)
Tom Delanoy 3 213 RECURRING CHARACTER, the second chauffeur, a good friend to the Bob-Whites, he used to work at the Cameo (the first chauffeur was Dick, p.52, who turned out to be a bad guy)
Mr. Maypenny 5 225 RECURRING CHARACTER, the second gamekeeper, sort of a hermit, provides a home for Dan, makes the world's best hunter's stew (the first gamekeeper was Fleagle, p.27)
Bob Murphy 16 132 Mr. Wheeler's pilot (22-29) (36-77)
LYNCH NOTE: 17-50 explains the rehiring of the servants which were fired at the end of #4 (p.231)
Harrison 4 23 Lynch butler, he appears occasionally, is most notably part of #26
2 Nurses 4 18 For the twins
Chauffeur 4 26
Mrs. Bruger 7 204 Cleaning woman
Cook 26 27 um... cook

Each category below is divided into two parts. Part (A)'s are owned by the Bob-Whites and/or their families. Part (B)'s are other people's or, as in the case with vehicles, were temporarily used.

Jupiter (Jupe) 1 30 Mr. Wheeler's big, black gelding (Jim)
Lady 1 32 Mrs. Wheeler's dapple gray mare (Honey)
Strawberry 1 35-36 Honey's horse, a strawberry roan, who "tossed his head and pranced", (mare, 10-141) (Mart)
Starlight 3 27 Newly acquired chestnut gelding (mare, 8-123) (Brian)
Susie 3 121 Miss Trask's sweet little black mare (Trixie)
Spartan 8 94 Handsome 25-year-old roan who can dance because he used to be in a circus (16-54) (Dan)
Sunny 16 20 Di's silver and gold palomino, who "raised his head"
Belle 1 178 Mr. Lytell's gray, sway-backed mare
Prince 2 63 Quiet black horse who Trixie rode while searching for Jim
Peanuts 2 63 Chestnut gelding who Honey rode while searching for Jim
Thunderer 8 40 Regan is bandaging his cut leg
Brownie 8 60 Mr. Maypenny's old mare
Nancy 9 40 Gentle mare at Happy Valley Farm
Satan's Baby 9 40 Roan firebrand at Happy Valley Farm
Black Giant 9 40 Huge black stallion at Happy Valley Farm
Mr. Pony 18 31 Small Shetland pony Regan was training for a friend of Mr. Wheeler
Wicky 21 97 Short for Wickcliff, Davy Dodge's black Shetland pony
Black Prince 23 189 Handsome black stallion owned by Mr. Hart of Hartfield House, Stratford, England
Gadbox 24 118 Thoroughbred, son of Gadfly out of Jack-In-The-Box, owned by Mr. Worthington and later turned over to Carl Stinson
Mur-Elda 39 58 Arabian mare at Murrows' ranch that Trixie rode
Mur-Hadj 39 58 Arabian mare at Murrows' ranch that Honey rode
Al-Adeen 39 59 Prized Arabian stallion at Murrows' ranch
Reddy 1 18 Beldens' (particularly Bobby's) totally undisciplined auburn Irish setter
Buddy 1 22 Honey's fat black cocker spaniel - she gave him to Sally (2-217). However, he magically is present at the Manor House in #19 (p.18-19).
Patch 3 18 Jim's newly acquired black and white springer spaniel puppy
Oscar 10 39 Bobby's chameleon
Cheerio 14 65 Jim's gray catbird
Laddie 2 100 Large collie owned by Mary and Nat Smith
Jimmy 2 100 Thieving crow owned by Nat Smith
Cat (unnamed) 8 110 Mr. Lytell's big ol' tomcat
Betsy 9 27 Mother cow at Happy Valley farm whose calf was lost
Tip and Tag 9 29 Brown and white collies at Happy Valley farm
Blackie 9 66 Huge black cat at Happy Valley farm who just had kittens
Midnight 9 133 Orphan lamb at Happy Valley farm
Moses 9 190 Setter puppy rescued from the flood
Mr. Poo 10 30 Small white poodle owned by Gaye Hunya
Shem and Japheth 11 23 Mrs. Annie Moore's mules
Martha 11 23 Mrs. Annie Moore's cow
Jacob 11 27 Linne's black and tan coonhound
Nancy 21 149 Goat at the old Dutch barn
Loverly 25 63 Tank's pet skunk
Henry the Eighth 26 53 Black Persian owned by Rose Crandall of Sleepyside Hollow
Houdini 37 50 Hamster entered in pet show who got out of his cage 3 times
Beldens 3 44 Ancient Ford roadster
3 44 Station wagon, which "had been christened the Buggy 3 years ago when a queen bee had chosen its interior as a perfect place to swarm." (13-17)
5 234 Brian's jalopy that he bought from Mr. Lytell for $50.00
13 16 Brian's out in the barn working on an old rattletrap car he towed home yesterday.
14 64 "The Queen not only doesn't have a muffler but also... she didn't have a back seat." (referring to one of Brian's cars)
35 31 Maroon sedan
Wheelers 2 15 House trailer, the Silver Swan
3 26 Midnight blue sedan
3 37 Station wagon and Ford
15 105 He (Jim) had a speedboat of his own on the Hudson
16 15 Brand-new Continental sedan, shiny and blue, glittering with chrome (the station wagon is given to the B.W.G.'s)
36 65 Limousine
Lynches 4 66 Big, shiny limousine
14 73 New convertible (Mrs. Lynch's) and a station wagon
17 41 Cadillac
Lemon-colored convertible 5 170 Owned by Ben Riker
Icebox 13 74 Peter Kimball's jalopy
Star Fire 13 99 Peter Kimball's sleek black sailboat
Catfish Princess 15 36 Towboat B.W.G.'s rode on the Mississippi
Comet 15 103 Motor boat owned by Bob that was to transport the B.W.G.'s back to St. Louis
Blue Volkswagen 16 76 Juliana's car
Tan Van 22 36 Beige Volkswagen van rented in Vermont
Maroon Saloon 23 92 Dark red sedan rented in England

Click on the small map above to get the larger version (caution 107K).

Click on the heading above to take a side-trip to my project on the first book of the series, The Secret of the Mansion. It is a comparison on the wording differences between the original Whitman hardcover dust jacket format, 1948 and the Golden paperback oval format, 1977.

First appears in book #3 where it is said 7 times, all by Mart. Trixie first says it in #4 but only once. It is not almost exclusively "her" word until #8. First appears in book #7 where it is said 7 times (by Trixie 5 times, as well as once by Brian and once by Mart). Trixie says it the majority of times after this.
After #3, it appears in every book (except #12) at least once. After #7, its appearance comes and goes. It doesn't appear after #32.
The Bob-Whites say a group Gleeps 3 times. Trixie and Honey also share a Gleeps once. There is no group Jeepers.
Diana says it individually only once. Diana never says it.
Neither Dan, Brian nor Honey say it individually. Dan never says it.
Uncle Andrew says it once. Paul Trent says it once. So does Ned.
The highest occurrence is in #18 at 14 times, followed closely by #28 at 13. The highest occurrence is in #28 at 21 times, followed closely by #13 at 20.
The total count for the series is 186. The total count for the series is 203.
This is everything you never wanted to know about Gleeps but were afraid to ask. This is everything you never wanted to know about Jeepers but were afraid to ask.

Follow this link to see book cover pictures of the Trixie Belden series. (Click on the "Covers" title above.) The first page contains covers of the dust jacket, cellophane/glossy, cameo, deluxe, plain and 2003 formats. The second page has the oval and square formats.

How much do you know about Trixie et al? See if you know enough to advance from one page to the next.
This is the quiz I used to have at the "Cool Quiz" site but I thought it was too cumbersome to play there. Most of the questions are the same; some new ones have been added. Additions on the fourth page include some image questions (more to come).

Page 2 contains the following headings:

Lists: Orphan Annies, Alicia's Allocation, Reasons A-Plenty,
Keeping It Clean, Is There a DOCTOR in the house??

People: Citizens, Teachers/Classmates, The Law, Bad Guys
Places: Landmarks, Glen Road & Vicinity, Sleepyside, Sleepyside Businesses

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