Coaching, Consulting and Facilitation for

Organizational, Team and Individual Excellence




Transformation, Transitions and Results for executives, leaders and business professionals


Consulting and facilitation:

· organizational, team and leadership development and effectiveness

· communication and conflict resolution

· change and transition management

· strategic HR and business issues

· alignment, vision and values-based goal setting

· recruitment and retention

· stakeholder and employee engagement




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OPTIM People Partners

Coaching, Consulting, and Facilitation for Organizational, Team and Individual Excellence



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“Trish Brydon is a results-focused professional with exemplary leadership and project management skills. She has a great deal of commitment, initiative, tenacity and flexibility, and has a natural affinity for problem solving and creating positive change. Trish is a consistently excellent communicator and is exceptionally skilful in dealing with people... Exceptional financial and analytical abilities. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend

Trish Brydon … to any organization committed to excellence and to ongoing improvement.”

- Dave Innell, former Director, Finance and Administration, Department of Fisheries and Oceans


“Trish Brydon has been fantastic. She is always on top of things and has our needs in mind when she presents people. She’s been a great resource for us. Overall my experience has been top notch. She acts not only as someone who helps find the right people for us but also provides very relevant insight into our current and future needs. She is always timely in her touch points. She clearly shows she cares about her clients.”

- Jonathan Guballa, Goldcorp