Toys McCoy/O.K. Gangu - Indiana Jones

Toys McCoy 12" Indiana Jones

Easily one of the rarest (and highly paid for selling from $500.00 loose with box to $800.00US+ MIB) 1/6 scale 12" toys ever produced is from the Indiana Jones movies. There were only 3000 figures produced - each numbered. This figure is ultra-detailed and very made very well. The figure includes many accessories (hat, whip, diecast revolver, sandbag and golden idol). This is a must have toy for each Indy fan. This horse is for the above described Indiana Jones figure from Toys McCoy. The horse also was limited but to an amount of only 1000 pices!! 

The dream starts with the box in your hands: The front of it is illustrated with a picture of Harrison Ford taken from "The Raiders of the Lost Ark", on the sides one can see two photos of the actual action figure and the back shows in details the numerous accessories included. The box unfolds in three parts. The left part contains all the accessories, plus a booklet in Japanese. The central part holds the action figure and the right part is a simple panel illustrated with shots from "Raiders". 
The box shows hieroglyphs and old maps witch perfectly reflect the spirit of the first movie. To unfold the box is to recollect all kinds of pleasant memories from "Raiders"

The body of the doll is a Classic Collection Hasbro Gi Joe and you have two sets of sculpted hands, which allow Indy to hold all the accessories. The work done on the face is incredible; it looks exactly like Harrison Ford playing Indy. The accuracy of the details is dead on, from the scar on the chin to the eyebrows; even the haircut is a perfect match.


The same can be said of the clothing. Indy comes with a real leather jacket with a pocket in the left inner lining, "hand warmer" pockets and "action pleats" on the back of the jacket. The shirt and the pants are made with the same concern for details i.e.: real pockets, one functional buttonhole at the top of the shirt.

You can throw away your hold Kenner doll (maybe not, considering the price it can fetch on Ebay). One has to take this action figure out of the box to really enjoy it; it would a shame not to do so.

Hold on, the best has yet to come! The accessories are the real luxury of this collector's item. Indy comes with a real leather whip, unfortunately it is slightly out of scale. But it is made "by braiding a lash out of skinned horse leather, only 0.5 mm thin". There may be a small scale problem, especially with the grip of the whip, but one cannot help admiring the craftsmanship.

The fedora and the boots are made of soft vinyl. Even so they are excellent reproductions of Indy's hat (people owning the Kenner doll know what I am talking about) and boots. 

The gun is made of metal with a cocking hammer and spinning cylinder. I know that Indy uses several different guns during "Raiders", the one reproduced here is the "Smith & Wesson M-1917 caliber 45 pistol". The gas mask bag is also perfect with its leather strap. And finally Indy comes with knitted socks (underwear fitted for adventuring around the world), a sand bag and the unforgettable golden idol.

The Japanese company, Toys McCoy, was already famous in the collector world for having released three amazing Steve Mc Queen 12 inch action figures. But they did an even more astounding work on the Indiana Jones doll. While the price was not so high in Japan, 33000 yen, it quickly skyrocketed to 800 dollars on auction sites such as Ebay. To put it simply, this is the best Indy collector item released during the last few years.

Toys McCoy 12" Indiana Jones / Arabian Horse

Based on the Marx Toy Company mold, the Indiana Jones Toys McCoy Arabian horse is a beauty. This authentically scaled 1/6 scale horse. All accessories came bagged and comes with an official Certificate of Authenticity certifying that this Arabian horse is the Collector's Edition of "RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK." Only 1000 Pieces of this edition were manufactured or 1/3 of the Indiana Jones Production Run.

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