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An introduction to Unh!

Once upon a time, I had a desire to assemble panels from comic books which contained word balloons expressing discomfort. My friend David Mason described this as a "plap" (a "personal life artistic project") - often conceived, but rarely finished.

Nevertheless, I was determined to gather images, and turn them into a zine. This proved more difficult than I thought. Most panels with "unngh!" in them are incredibly dull. If my zine was going to have only one joke, I had to find entertaining panels to keep the attention span of the reader. Since my comics collection was small, I had to rely on the collections of friends, comic book store bargain bins, and some people on the internet who sent in additional panels.

After a few years of procrastination, the project was finished in 1997. And then it took me four additional years to realize that more people would be entertained if it was turned into a web page. So, enjoy!

Enjoying a brief pre-unh moment Begin

You can also read my dull, pseudo-scholarly
analysis of comics vocalizations.
The compiler, enjoying a brief pre-unh moment.

Frequently Asked Questions that no one has asked me yet:

[Q] Aren't these scanned panels a violation of copyright?
[A] No, because this qualifies as a work of satire.

[Q] Are you looking for more panels?
[A] Heck, why not. If I get enough that are entertaining, I could probably do something useful with them - make a second zine, or add them to the web page (depending partially on how much bandwidth I'm using on my ISP). E-mail me before you send any, though, I have trouble downloading large files.

[Q] Where did you get [specific panel] from?
[A] For the most part, I can't remember. The panels come from all over the place, from popular Marvel titles to independent one-shots that have long since vanished. Avid comics readers will no doubt be able to recognize certain artists and series. If there's a bias present, it's that there are a significant number of panels from D.P.7. As for the others, the comics they're from are inconveniently crammed in a box in someone else's basement.

[Q] What happened to the zine?
[A] I only made 50 copies; and although I still have a handful, I'm saving them for giving to close friends. I could do a second print run someday, I guess. The zine got a review in Factsheet Five.

[Q] What's different about the web page version?
[A] Both the zine and the web version are in black-and-white, regardless of whether the original was in color or not. The image commentary didn't exist in the zine. The panels are mostly in their original order, but a few have been left out. And the layout requirements of a web page are naturally different than layout on paper.


Reference sources:

Bad comics:

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This project didn't happen by itself. I'd like to thank:

Trent Drake, Niall MacConaill and Maxi Rose, for their creativity and for co-writing some of the panel commentaries;
Jason Phillips and Greg Mohler, for supplying me with enough panels to finish the project;
Matthew Brown, for being such a great friend;
my father, for letting me use his scanner into the wee hours of the night,
and finally all my other friends for their input, advice, and judgement along the way.

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