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ExperienceElicits noise
Battle gear is outmatchedNnnnggghhh!
Being crushed by a giant pythonAyeeeiiiiii
Being grabbed by the throatUgh!
Being gripped by contagious mutantAaaah!
Being kicked in face while airborne>Unngh<
Being run into at high speedOooof!
Being spankedOw!
Being trapped under falling boulderAyeeeiiii
Blasted by energy boltAagghh!!!
Butt hit by bookUkh!
Caught by explosion>hng<
Chair yanked awayYoof!
Cutting self while shavingOuch!
Dog biting wristOwch!
Experiencing psychic traumaAargh!
Experiencing the sensations of another man's deathNyaaagh!
Experiencing unimaginable horrorsYyaaaargggg!
Face hit with dangerous chemicalsUUUa--a--
Face pushed in snowMmnnh!
Feeling uncomfortableUngh...!
Fingers burnt by matchOwww!
Group falling to floorOoof/Uhhhh/Oww/Guuuhh
Hit by massive projectileOof.
Hit in stomach with stickUggggg
Hit in the darkUh-unnn!
Hit with barrage of ping-pong ballsUnnghh!
Kneed in the groinOooorf! (1)
Oooorf! (2)
Person thrown to floorOooffff!!!
Picked up by giant hand--Ayeeeeiiii--
Plane crash throws person towards cement mixerAaaaahh!
PunchedOuch! Ow! Ooh! Ah!
Mercy! Oh! Ooph!
Ooder! Ow! Yaroow!
Punched in the faceGnnghh!
Punched in the headOww!
Recovering from a fallOh, my head!
Recovering from painNnggnn
Regaining consciousness>Ugnn<
Rolling down slopeOof! Nnnh. Ehhh. Uhlkk.
Running into someone at high speedOooff!
Scratched in the face>Owww<
Slipping on marblesWhhoooooaaaaa!!
Splashed in the faceMmmpf!
Squirted by grapefruitWoop!
Throat grazed by bulletUrk!
Throwing up in toiletBlurghh
Thrown through window (transfenestration)Aaaaaaaaaa!
Uncomfortable device strapped around neckAkgkh!
Unexpectedly falling into a holeAhhhh
Yanked backwards with a scarf>wurrrg<

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