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NoiseMade when...
Aaaaaaaaaa!Thrown through window (transfenestration)
Aaaaahh!Plane crash throws person towards cement mixer
Aaaah!Being gripped by contagious mutant
Aagghh!!!Blasted by energy bolt
Aargh!Experiencing psychic trauma
AhhhhUnexpectedly falling into a hole
Akgkh!Uncomfortable device strapped around neck
Argggh!Blasted by energy bolt
Picked up by giant hand
Being trapped under falling boulder
Being crushed by a giant python
BlurghhThrowing up in toilet
Gnnghh!Punched in the face
>hng<Caught by explosion
Mmmpf!Splashed in the face
Mmnnh!Face pushed in snow
NnggnnRecovering from pain
Nnnnggghhh!Battle gear is outmatched
Nyaaagh!Experiencing the sensations of another man's death
Oh, my head!Recovering from a fall
Oof! Nnnh.
Ehhh. Uhlkk.
Rolling down slope
Oof.Hit by massive projectile
Ooof / Uhhhh/
Oww / Guuuhh
Group falling to floor (see also Oww!)
Oooff! / Ugh!Two people colliding at high speed (see also Ugh!)
Oooffff!!!Person thrown to floor
Oooof!Being run into at high speed
Oooorf! (1)
Oooorf! (2)
Kneed in the groin
Kneed in the groin
Ouch!Cutting self while shaving
Ouch! Ow! Ooh! Ah!
Mercy! Oh! Ooph!
Ooder! Ow! Yaroow!
Punched (see also Ow!)
Ow!Being spanked (see also Ouch! etc.)
Owch!Dog biting wrist
Oww!Punched in the head (see also Ooof etc.)
Scratched in the face
Fingers burnt by match
UgggggHit in stomach with stick
Ugh!Being grabbed by the throat (see also Oooff! / Ugh!)
>Ugnn<Regaining consciousness
...Uhhnhgh!!!Experiencing psychic trauma
Uh-unnn!Hit in the dark
Ukh!Butt hit by book
Kneed in the groin
Feeling uncomfortable
Unhhh...Regaining consciousness
>Unngh<Being kicked in face while airborne
Unnghh!Hit with barrage of ping-pong balls
Blasted by energy bolt
Throat grazed by bullet
Experiencing psychic trauma
UUUa--a--Face hit with dangerous chemicals
Whhoooooaaaaa!!Slipping on marbles
Woop!Squirted by grapefruit
>wurrrg<Yanked backwards with a scarf
Yoof!Chair yanked away
Yyaaaargggg!Experiencing unimaginable horrors

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