What is SDLTk?

SDLTk is the result of a month-long hatchet job on the Unix version of Tk 8.4.11. SDLTk is the Tk GUI drawn completely inside an SDL surface. Basically there is an Xlib wrapper around various SDL-based rendering operations. Tk thinks it is running under X11.

Screen shots

What's the point?

I don't know. The project may go no further than its current state.

What platforms does it run on?

I built it on Windows XP. It may run on other versions of Windows. There are no Unix or Mac builds.

What's included?

The archive contains the following (EXE and DLL binaries are native Win32, compiled with Cygwin)

What's broken?


DISCLAIMER: If you choose to download, install and run this software bad things could happen to your computer. All warranties are disclaimed. The software is provided "as is".

Extract the ZIP archive to your C:\ drive. If you want to install it somewhere else you will need to edit the various .BAT files to point to the place you install it.


There are 5 .BAT files to choose from. Just double-click one of them or start one from a console window.

The first time you run the program, the Fontconfig library will gather info about all the fonts in your Windows Fonts directory. This should take less than a minute.


SDLTk-0.1.zip (3.01 MB, 8.44+ MB extracted)


SDLTk-0.1-src.zip. (346 KB)
Download the Tk 8.4.11 sources and extract this archive into the tk8.4.11 directory.
You also need AGG, Fontconfig, Freetype, and SDL.
Pass -DPLATFORM_SDL and -DREDEFINE_X_FUNCS to the compiler.

Tim Baker
November 24, 2005