Nambu World: Coming Soon!

Nambu World is gradually evolving into what I hope eventually will become the Canadian Museum of the Pacific War, a virtual museum based on my personal collection that also does travelling exhibits. The vision of this museum will be to become the number one, one-stop site on the Net for anyone interested in Japanese military artifacts from the late Meiji period to 1945, or in Canada's role in the Pacific War. A research-oriented collection will be displayed in photos and text to provide the next best thing to actually being there with the exhibits, with a particular emphasis on documenting materials requiring a knowledge of Japanese.


-Top priority for the next several months will be a huge expansion and upgrading of the section on rifles to reflect a lot of new acquisitions. Later, bayonets and then ammo will get similar treatment.

-A Kokura 9.11 dated Type 14 should also join the family soon.

-Another priority this summer will be to add brief sections on some of the smaller displays I have done so far in 2008.   

-Beyond that, there is a huge backlog of everything from badges, military scrip and documents to gas masks, canteens and helmets, including items related to paramilitary groups like the Imperial Reservists' Association, the Patriotic Women's Association, etc. If it relates to the Japanese military and the militarization of Japanese society from the Meiji period to 1945, or Canada's participation in the Pacific War, eventually you will probably find it here.

This is a labour of love done while holding down a more-than-full-time job, so from time to time there are periods where updates are infrequent. But keep coming back--you'll be surprised at how much is in store!

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