Renegade HO Modular Railway

Important news:
The Renegades have disbanded, and the layout is now the property of the Winnipeg Railway Museum. The layout is currently on display at the museum.

We'll keep this web page online for a while, but it won't change. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Welcome to our strange little world.
The Renegade HO Modular Railway Group are a small group of modelers (about a dozen or so) who met through various other clubs, and decided to get together and build some modules.
Our group has evolved and now do 4-5 public shows a year, as well we help out with clinics at the Winnipeg Model Railroad Club (which we are also all members of).
Our layout is made up of modules which are built to interface with NMRA standard modules. In creating our own club standards we have added to the NMRA standard to create more interesting modules.
Because of the modular nature of our layout, there is no single map of the layout. Any module (or group of modules) can be connected to any other. This allows for us to look like a different layout at each show. Here are a couple of the configurations that we have used. Of course we never stop adding details, changing things around on the modules, or even adding new modules.

Feel free to wander around and take a look at the modules. That's what they are here for!
But be aware that the following pages are essentialy a photo album, and have lots of big pictures. Grab a cold one and wait for the pictures to load.

Check out:
The mountain.
A backwoods logging camp.
A small farm.
A sprawling city.
A coal mine.
And a ghost town.
The most famous module in our group, and the most hi-tech.
Our version of Possum Lodge
Here are some work in progress pictures from the construction of the Posum Lodge module.

And Here are a few pictures of our club layout as we move the layout , setup for a show , and run trains for the public.

A lot of people ask how the modules are built, so we put together a demonstration module that shows the steps and materials used.

Take a railfan's eye view of some of the equipment that runs on our layout.

So who are these guys anyway?

Take a look at our favourite magazine, Canadian Railway Modeller


Ok, ok. I know. It's a pretty low tech page, but we'd rather be in the basement doing 'train stuff' than creating a big fancy web site.

How do you like us so far? Let's hear from you

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