Book Project, "For The Joy" - Status

The following shows the people involved with the book project, including chapter authors, and status for the project to put together this book. Click here for information about the project. Click here for chapter outlines.

Coordinator: Mike Bull, Winnipeg, Canada. E-mail:

Editor Volunteers:
        Muriel Billington (Prince George, Canada)
        Steven Cox (UK...)
        Joan Parker (USA)

Chapter Title Author Contact Status
Finding Godly Principles (Section 1)
God is Supreme Dave Green (Edmonton, Canada) Editing Completed 2003/04/26
Faith in God's Promises Art Bull (New Westminster, Canada) Editing completed 2003/05/05
Walking with our Master Aaron Bull (New Westminster, Canada) Editing Completed 2003/05/02
Principles of Sound Teaching Kay McGrath (Punchbowl, Australia) Editing Completed 2003/07/12
Principles of Service Faye Jones (Calgary, Canada) Editing Completed 2003/04/08
Sin in the Lives of Believers Mark Smith (Durban, South Africa) Editing completed 2003/05/13
Sacrifice Principles Dev Ramcharan (Toronto, Canada) Editing Completed 2003/05/28
Purity Principles Jean Cheetham (Moorestown, USA) Editing completed 2003/05/16
Principles of God's Anger and Mercy David Lawrence (Prince George, Canada) Editing Completed 2003/04/08
Disciples as Christ's Body Shaun Maher (Stirling, Scotland) Editing completed 2003/05/26
Principles of Love David Budden (Barton-Under-Needwood, UK) Editing completed 2003/04/11
Principles and Day by Day Struggles (Section 2)
Overcoming Daily Temptations Brett Maletic (Vancouver, Canada) Editing completed 2003/06/10
Coping with Doubts Rudolf Rijkeboer (Voorburg, The Netherlands) Editing completed 2003/04/12
Fear of Speaking about our Faith Rob Hyndman (Heathmont, Australia) Editing completed 2003/04/07
The Loss of a Loved One Shirley Barratt (San Luis Obispo, USA) Editing completed 2003/05/27
A Single Mother Donna Hiltz (Washington DC, USA) Draft completed 2003/03/28
The Disciple in Prison Keith Billington (Prince George, Canada) Editing completed 2003/02/16
Dealing with Depression Vicky Martin (St. Paul, USA) Editing Completed 2003/04/21
Coping with Adversity Michael Owen (Seaton, UK) Editing Completed 2003/04/24
Loneliness Mark Smith (Durban, South Africa) Editing completed 2003/06/01
Faithfulness to our Wife or Husband Scotte Koll (Fresno, USA) Editing Completed 2003/06/06
Being an Example to Others Tina Battyanyi (Halifax County, Canada) Draft Received 2003/07, Edited 2003/07
Principles and Spiritual Growth (Section 3)
Growing in Spiritual Virtues Bill and Carol Rawson (Oliva, Spain) Editing completed 2003/07/07
Increasing our Reliance on God Andrew Jackson (North Battleford, Canada) Editing Completed 2003/05/10
Choosing Suffering over Pleasure Stuart Morse (Sidney, Canada) Editing completed 2003/04/07
Hospitality Beverly Bull (New Westminster, Canada) Editing Completed 2003/05/14
Growing in Prayer Rob Hyndman (Heathmont, Australia) Editing Completed 2003/06/24
Forgiving One Another Bill and Carol Rawson (Oliva, Spain) Editing completed 2003/07
The Welfare of Others Joe Jackson (North Battleford, Canada) Editing Completed 2003/06/19
Gentleness and Kindness Janet Ribaudo (Finger Lakes, USA) Editing Completed 2003/05/21
Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding Ross Melles (Auckland - Waitakare, New Zealand) Editing Completed 2003/06/26
Graceful Speech Peter Crowther (Stockport, UK) Editing Completed 2003/06/06
Preparing for the Kingdom of God Bob Lloyd (Verdugo Hills, USA) Editing Completed 2003/06/11
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