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Cambrian Mall
Sault Ontario Ph:705-946-5435


628 Second Line West, Sault Ontario
(Corner Second Line West and Goulais Avenue)
Ph: 705-575-0433

The following cats have all been spayed, neutered, and given shots through TAAG unless unless otherwise stated (except young kittens)




Chickadee, a long haired tortie, is a little sweetie of approximately 7 months old and is completely adorable! She absolutely loves affection and seems to get along well with the other cats at the shelte so far. She's also a very vocal little girl, making the name Chickadee perfect for her.




Monty is grey and white female who was found using the feeding station behind the TAAG shelter on the corner of Albert St. and Spring St. She is being housed in our shelter now and has been named Monty! She's extremely affectionate and loves cuddles. Please contact us if you know who she belongs to.




Kali is a short haired calico who came to TAAG with her friend Leonard. She’s very affectionate and sweet but should go to a calm home without young children. She's adjusted to the shelter environment well so far and loves cuddles. She will be fixed in the near future!





Spanky is a very sweet young cat who can be timid at first but absolutely loves affection and cuddles once she warms up to you. She gets along well with other cats and loves to play!





Trigger is a sweet young boy who likes to play and gets along well with the other cats at the shelter.

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Mayzie, Spreckles, Zax, and Dapple - These little guys and one gal are about 8 weeks old as of beginning of April, 2014. Littermates Zax and Dapple have been adopted.
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Riddle is 4 months as of the first week of April. He is a very friendly fellow! He is a special boy because he only has 3 toes on his front left paw.

Cambrian Mall
Sault Ontario Ph:705-946-5435


RavenClaw is 4 months as of the first week of April. RavenClaw is extremely affectionate
and will demand to be loved.
He will make a wonderful companion.

Cambrian Mall
Sault Ontario Ph:705-946-5435

Foster Kittens

Found Male



This cat was brought to the TAAG shelter March 1, 2014. He was found in the Beverly and Cathcart area. The finders have been feeding him since early February. He is an unfixed male.

If you recognize him,
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Willow aka Farewell


Willow was sponsored by
her finder.
Willow was found trapped in a shed this past summer starving. When she came in she was all skin and bones, and now look at her! Willow has filled out beautifully, gaining a lot of weight (She's quite chubby now!) and has beautiful fluffy fur. Willow would probably do best in a feline free home because she tends to get a little sassy with the others if they get too close to her. She keeps to herself for the most part but loves to jump on volunteers' laps when they're sitting close for cuddles. Willow loves to be petted and held. She's now recovered from her experience and waiting for a forever home.

Special Needs Pet


Samson was sponsored by Gary Taylor and his wife for part of his vet bill. Samson was also sponsored in memory of Syd Williams. Samson is a big affectionate Special Needs cat. He was rescued as an abandoned cat and has come around beautifully. He was diagnosed as diabetic and is currently at a foster home but is desperately in need of a loving forever home. Samson will require extra care so we will be waving the adoption fee to an approved home that is caring enough to take this beautiful boy into their hearts.




Eva doesn't venture too far from her cage, but enjoys cuddling with our volunteers. She has medium-length hair. Little Eva is so sweet. She loves to be petted, but is frightened in the shelter environment, so that may be putting a damper on her great personality.




Boomer is a big gentle guy who seems to get along with nearly everyone, people and cats alike. He is very calm natured and sweet. Boomer is with his buddy Lynx.

628 Second Line West




Trapper is a very timid, possibly feral boy, although he is coming around very well. He has recently become friends with another resident cat (Smoky) and they love to play together. Trapper will let you pet him and purrs once you gain his trust but is still a bit nervous about it initially!




Tiggie has made amazing strides recently thanks to the dedication of everyone at the shelter. Tiggie would not come out of his cage for a few months because he was extremely nervous in the shelter environment. Volunteers had started escorting him out of his cage to give him some motivation and we are happy to say that Tiggie now loves to come out on his own and play! He's feeling more confident now and would love to find his forever home soon.





Toots is a female Tortie.

Sir Bob


Sir Bob has been at the shelter for an extremely long time. Bob has a very sassy personality and is full of character. He stares up at you with those huge eyes and you cant help but fall in love. Bob would be best in a home all to himself, as he does not like dogs and although he's alright with the other cats at the shelter, he likes to boss them around sometimes. He is extremely affectionate with people and would love a home to call his own finally! Bob's adoption fee has been waived (to an approved home) in hopes that he can finally get out of the shelter after years.

Miss Millie



Miss Millie is a 6 year old adult who is a bundle of sass. She has a very strong personality and likes to pretend she's the boss! She has a hilarious voice and likes to express herself, can be grouchy sometimes but once she knows you love her she's all snuggles.




Lily is a beautiful cat, but still has feral tendencies. Similar to Cinnamon, she will do well in a quiet home with someone with lots of patience and understanding.




Taffy is a friendly female who much prefers humans to cats. She would do well in a quiet home without children.




Cinnamon is a very shy, gentle cat. She needs an owner who has plenty of patience and understanding. She is good with other cats.




Stripe is Lily's sister, and has a similar temperament to Lily.




SkaredyKat is very good with other cats, and although a bit shy at first or when startled, he adores attention and will be a loving companion.



Robin is a very timid but sweet girl. She came in with her friend Dawn at a very young age and are working on their socialization. She has been doing excellent with the volunteers at the shelter lately and is starting to enjoy the affection given.

Robin and Dawn have been
sponsored by Kelly Godson.



Dawn came in with her friend Robin. They are both extremely timid girls but are coming around with the work of the shelter volunteers! She gets along extremely well with the other cats and has taken a liking to one of the other cats at the shelter - Nicademus. They're always snuggling together.

Robin and Dawn have been
sponsored by Kelly Godson.

Baby Boo



Baby Boo is a very elegant boy. Many people mistake him for a girl. Baby Boo is on the shy side and is a bit nervous around people but once you gain his trust he loves to be petted. He is also very good around other cats.




Nicademus is a beautiful male with big eyes. He is very shy with people, but good with other cats. Once you gain his trust he loves to be petted. He has recently become best friends with another resident cat Dawn! they love to snuggle together and are always hanging out with one another

Baby Boo and Nicademus




Sable is a sweet girl with a hilarious cry! She seems to let out a cute whine when she wants something from you. She enjoys being petted and cuddled by people but should go to a feline free home, unless is is the right fit! She has taken to one of the kittens (Dusty) at the shelter and acts as a mother for him, very cute, but she can act very protective of him around the other cats.



Fritz is lounging in his basket.
Fritz has been at the shelter for a very long time! Fritz used to be very nervous around people but loves affection now. He is still timid but is making huge strides. He gets along with the other cats at the shelter extremely well.




A Christmas sponsorship, thanks to Betty Moerman, has greatly helped with part of Macie's vet care. Macie is a gentle female who gets along well with other cats
and likes to play. She loves attention and getting petted.




Spot can be very fearful of people, but once you gain his trust, he will let you pet him, and he is very curious and playful.

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Dusty who is a spayed
8 months old kitten
as of Apr/14.





Ashes is a spayed
8 month old kitten
as of Apr/14.





Duchess is a spayed
8 month old kitten
as of Apr/14.





Mickey is neutered and approximately 8 months old as of Apr/14. He is still semi-feral and very shy and timid. He would not be good around kids or a busy home and does not like attention..

Two Shy Kittens




Shy black kittens need some special attention. They are spayed and neutered, and approximately 8 months old as of Apr/14.

Gotcha, a feral black stray male (TNR) was sponsored towards his neuter by Brigitte Grant in memory of her sweet black cat Elvis aka Babykins, who sadly passed away Dec 4, 2012.


Gotcha's name comes from the fact that Cheryl and Aria tried to catch this elusive fellow this past summer. Now he can't tomcat around anymore creating more kittens.