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Big Blue Crayon
my lost blue crayon

My little white teddy bear ate it.
He is very sorry that he ate it.
He feels so sad about it.
You could even say he is feeling blue.

But I found a new crayon.  So once again these pages can be blue.

Blue Teddy Bear

do you remember when canadian cents were bigger than dimes - a lot bigger?

Do you remember when a penny would buy something?
I remember buying 3 jaw breakers for 1¢.

1859 Large Cents and a new dime


1943 Tombac (brass) 5 piece do you remember when "nickels" were made out of brass?

do you remember nickels with king george on one side and a v for victory on the other?

I remember when a nickel in my pocket made me feel as rich as a king.

1945 Victory Nickel (plated steel)

do you know what this is?

a Large Tea Cup with Lid?  Close but no cigar.

Hint:  This is not a teacup with a lid to
keep the tea warm, unless you like tea
by the gallon.  The answer is at the
bottom of the page.

Western Riding Saddle do you remember when everybody knew this was a saddle and most people knew how to put it on a horse?

I remember learning to saddle a horse.
I remember really impressing my kids because I knew how to saddle a horse.
I remember not telling my kids that I had learned to saddle a horse only an hour before I showed them how to do it.
Hi kids!

Street Car (photo) do you remember when the street car was the deluxe way to travel in the city?

Do you remember walking five miles to save the nickel fare?
Do you remember the big cars with smoking sections in the back?
Do you remember the little cars that bounced down the tracks?
Do you remember how they would slow down out at the end of the line, especially if there were lots of cars on the line?
I remember that my English Grandmother called them trams.

Street Car (drawing from post card)

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Floral Chamber Pot without lid
do you know what this is?         answer

The item above and the items at left and right are Chamber Pots.  They were kept under beds back in the days before indoor plumbing to avoid a cold trip to the outhouse in the middle of the night.  They were also known as Thunder Mugs, Thunder Jugs or Thunder Pails.

a Large Pee Cup with Lid

This page created 23 May 2000