Reasonable questions when the topic of God comes up.

(1) If the topic of God comes up in a confrontation or even in conversation, e-mail, etc. the following might be asked (especially when it is one to one):

Ask about his personal God if he claims he has one.
What is your personal God like?  (This reflects on the person)
What exactly is your personal God like?

If one of the answers is that his God is the creator and/or upholder of the Universe; this indicates the person can very easily projecting his personal God to dominate others.  The person may claim that his personal God survives the death of the person's brain and therefore worthy of obedience.  This may or may not be dangerous at the present, but may be under different conditions in the future.

Many of the questions in the next section could also be asked here.

(2) Since belief in Jesus as a personal God is common in our society -- that the Bible is often considered the book of Authority or/and that the Church is the Authority -- some questions might be as follows:

Exactly what part of your personal God, Jesus, do you believe in:
-- private prayer or public prayer? 
Matthew 6:5 - 7
-- give all your belongings to the poor? 
Luke 14:33 
-- leave family to follow Jesus?  
Matthew 10:34
-- love your neighbour?   Mark 12:31   Who is your neighbour?  
-- blessed are the poor?  
Luke 6:20

What does your personal God, Jesus, say about:
-- abortion? for or against abortion?
-- stealing? (in all circumstances?)
-- lying? (under all circumstances?)
-- slavery?
-- sexual equality?
-- sex? birth control?
-- murder or kill? in war?
-- gambling?
-- alcohol?
-- people that believe opposite to or different than your personal God?
-- atheists or non-theists or naturalists?
-- science?
-- evolution?
-- other animals in relationship to humans?
-- capital punishment?
-- UFO's, ESP, spirits, miracles and other New Age beliefs?
-- suffering? pain?
-- capital punishment?
-- suicide?

Some personal Gods are better than others, just as some people behave better than others in their relationship with other people, with animals, with the rest of the world.  Since the origin of a personal God is the brain of the person, a description of this God can tell a lot about that person.

When the person mentions attending church, synagogue, temple, mosque, mass, or other religious gathering, ask, "Do you enjoy going to Church?" or whatever -- puts the onus on him -- it has him thinking about why he attends.  If the person continues and asks if you would come to one of these gatherings, you might say, "It may be your choice and I hope you are happy with it;  I am happy not to choose to be there."

Ask these questions out of interest and curiosity.

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