Greetings fellow collectors!

Shitajiki. . . Honestly, it's not a bad word (ok, your wallet might think otherwise ^^;) inspite
of the first four letters. It should be pronounced she-ta-gee-key. Literally it means underlay.
It's purpose it to provide a smooth, flat surface on which to write (paper placed over it). Somehow,
shitajiki came to be known as pencil boards in North America (and elsewhere). It is a board (typically
a thin but not so flexible plastic ~7 X ~10 inches in size) but what does pencil have to do with it??
Oh well ^_^ They're fabulous to collect mainly for the gorgeous art from all those fav anime
series and manga. However, there are LOTS of boards with non anime images of stars, singers,
sports figures, products, you name it. Anyway... hope you find something useful here!

Looking for trading cards? Lots of extras here.
Some other anime items (posters, CDs, lami...) have here
Or could check out what I have up on Ebay ^^

For an awesome selection from A to Z of shitajiki new & old for sale, go to Manga Search!
(located in Japan, run by a dedicated American shitajiki collector for many years now, you CAN'T go wrong!)
Sadly David's been out of commission for a several years now ; ____ ;


All the boards listed for sale/trade are in the condition in which I bought them, which varies
quite a bit from fair to as mint as they're going to get. I keep them stored in binders and
all I've ever done is admire them from time to time.

Given that the boards are (mostly, a few are cardstock) made of a fairly soft plastic, it is easy
for them to be lightly marked. Even the plastic sleeves they come in can create light marks
on the board during the shipping of the boards (due to rubbing). So even brand new boards
tend to have the odd light mark. Ergo, absolutely flawless boards are few and far between.
By light mark mean it's only on the top surface of the board, it's pretty much invisible unless
angle/tilt the board a certain way. These marks definitely do NOT effect the appearance of the
shitajiki in any way. However, some collector's are incredibly fussy... *_*

Any that have VISIBLE damage (dent, pig, dings, scratches, marks can see at EVERY angle) will be noted as such.

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