Story, characters, seiyuu, art, music are all absolutely fantastic. Hagaren is definitely my favourite anime
that started in October 2003. Alas, after 51 episodes, the anime has come to an end. Well, there is the movie
The Conqueror of Shambala " (Shanbara wo Iku mono) ) that came out in Japan in July 2005 (which meant being
deprived of Edward & Alphonse Elric until sometime in 2006
**). Of course, there is the manga (by Arakawa Hiromu
that's serialized and published by Gangan Comics (Square Enix)) which is far from being over as an alternative
(the anime only followed the manga somewhat and then went it's own way - not that this is a bad thing, at least
for FMA). Uum, sorry, the DUB version currently airing on Adult Swim (USA) I would not consider to be a viable alternative.
If that's all you've seen, then PLEASE at least try the Japanese original when you
pickup the
Funimation DVDs that started coming out in 2005.

** The Japanese DVD release of the movie came out Jan 26, 2006. The limited Edition Box is 3 discs:
1st disc is the movie which has optional English subtitles! And an excellent subtitle track too! ^___^
Disc 2 is making of and behind the scenes as well as an interview session with the director,
Paku Romi (Ed), Al's seiyuu and the mangaka?? 3rd disc is alternate audio commentary versions of the movie
(1, staff talk; 2, Ed, Al, Winry and, d'oh forgot, Riza? seiyuu) and all the trailers) It also comes with a 64 page
guide book (nice pics, sketches but also lots of text) and a 10 postcard collection. Everything is contained in an artbox.

Artwork in the above 2 postcards is also the art on the 2 sides of the the DVD box

Aug 2008: A new anime series will be done. Based on existing anime or the manga storyline or?
Dec 7, 2008: New series starts in April, 2009. Seems to be leaning to a retelling rather than a continuation
of the existing anime. Dang. Same voice cast at least I hope! Official page.

March 6, 2009: More of the main seiyuu cast is known now. Last month learned Ed and Al's seiyuu would be the same
in the new series as before. YES!! Some other characters will also be the same while others have changed.
List of seiyuu with characters and who voiced the role before put in my LJ post.

June, 2010: The manga has come to an end, with Chapter 108 being the last.
The anime ended with episode 64 (aired July 4).

Ok, the focus of my page is one of the many, many, many kinds of merchandise out for FMA, the trading cards
which alone has been a challenge to keep up with. But I have other items as well, just scroll down further.


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009 anime series)

Alchemist Board Clear: May 25, 2009: 16 Set: 8 regs, 8 specials.

aka Clear Plates aka shitajiki although a bit smaller and much thinner (= more flexible) plastic
than standard shitajiki (pencil boards) aka big plastic "cards" with pretty
pretty artwork on it to compel you to collect/buy it. ^^; Size is A5, ~ 6 X 8 inches.

Regs: D,E,G $5US each
Rares: A,E,F,G $7US each

Alchemist Card Collection 1: July, 2009:
75 set: 54regs, 6 SP clear, 15 clear: 4cards/pack, 20packs/box. 4200Yen/box.

Would be much like the Bleach Clear Collection card sets. I don't have plans on getting these cards.

Card Gum 1: Kabaya: July, 2010: 20 in set. 20packs/box. 2000Yen/box
1 sticker card (sticker on top, peel off and another image is below) and 1 piece of gum in a pack
Image from Kabaya... some sticker and some bottom images in image I think.

Gaming cards: Alchemist Card Battle ... several sets out. I'm not a gaming card fan, so I don't collect these
and as such don't know much about them. I do however have one reg set of File 2 (2004) (76 (96 cards in complete set))
with instructions (Japanese) and a Roy Mustang coin. $20US EG

Carddass Masters:

Trading Card Collection 1: March, 2004: 72regs, 9 SP : Episodes 1-13 of anime covered

SCANS / details:
1-9 (Illustration cards), Back of 1-3 is the list (index) of cards in the set, 4-9 form a picture of Ed & Al (manga style artwork)
10-18 Shots from the first OP (Opening) song
On the back are cute pictures of Ed&Al as kids plus some black& white sketches of designs of objects in the series, EG

19-27, 28-36 are main character cards: Edward Elric, Alphonse, Winry, Roy Mustang, Maes Hughes, Riza, Lust,
Gluttony and Scar. The backs have a character stats & profile including the seiyuu (voice actor) for the role
along with pictures, EG

37-45, 46-54, 55-63 are story cards covering episodes 1-13
On the back of each is a profile of a guest character from the episode as well as an episode summary (spread over 2-3 cards)

64-72 are shots from the first ED (ending) song.
The nine cards on the back form a picture of Ed and Al from the ED sequence.

SP1-9 artwork by Kumiko Takahashi & Asahi Yamaguchi

Regs: $0.50US each: 69,49,48,47,36,28,18,15,3

Trading Card Collection 2: July, 2004: 90regs, 9 SP, 3 AR: Episodes 14-31 of anime covered

SCANS / details:
SP 1-9
Alchemist Rare (AR) cards: Ed (#1), Roy Mustang (#2), Scar (#3) : Lettering is in gold foil

Illustration cards: 1-9, 10-18
Back of 1-3 is the list (index) of cards in the set, 4-9 form a picture of Roy & the gang
(manga style artwork)

Back of 10-18 are cute pictures of Ed&Al as kids plus some black & white sketches of designs
of things/places, EG

19-27 Shots from the second OP (Opening) song, on the back are shots from the 3rd OP
28-36, 37-45 are main character cards: Edward Elric, Alphonse, Winry, Roy Mustang,
Hughes, Riza, Lust, Izumi, Scar...
46-54, 55-63, 64-72, 73-81 are story cards covering episodes 14-31
82-90 are shots from the second ED (ending) song. The nine cards on the back
have pictures from the 3rd ending.

Regs: $0.50US each: 23,38,39,45,46,57,61,66,68,73,77,79, 81,89

Trading Card Collection 3: November, 2004: 90regs, 9 SP, 4 AR: Episodes 32-40 of anime covered

SCANS / details:
SP: 1-9
Alchemist Rare cards: Ed (#1), Winry (AR-2) and Riza Hawkeye (AR-4), Roy (#3). Lettering is in gold foil.

Illustration cards: 1-9, 10-18, 19-27:
Back of 1-3 is the list (index) of cards in the set, 4-9 form a picture of Roy, Riza, Ed and Winry
Back of 10-18 forms a picture
28-36 Shots from the fourth OP (Opening) song (and on the back too)
37-45, 46-54 are main character cards: Edward Elric, Alphonse, Winry, Roy Mustang, Riza, Lust, Greed, Dante, Scar...
55-63, 64-72 are story cards covering episodes 32-40
73-81, 82-90 are Memorial Cards: Special moments / characters / scenes to remember

Ho ho ho! Get this exclusive present inside Animedia 12: NFS Carddass Masters card

Regs: $0.50US each: 66

Trading Card Collection (4) Final Part: Feb 2005: 90regs, 9 SP, 4 AR: Episodes 41-end of anime covered: 4945Yen/box
Usual 10cards/pack, 15 packs/box

Need 2 boxes (if lucky with the AR cards) to finish a complete set... but also
mostly need 2-3 boxes to just get one REG set too ! ~_~

SCANS / details:
SP 1-9

Alchemist Rare (AR) cards: Lettering is in gold foil, and REALLY reflective
gold prism = absolute bugger to try and scan ~_~
Ed/Al/Winry (1), Armstrong/Riza/Roy (2), Ed (3), Al (4)

Illustration cards: 1-9, 10-18, 19-27
Back of 1-3 is the list (index) of cards in the set, 4-9 form a picture
of Ed&Al traveling along a road.
Back of 10-18 has more illustrations, Back of 19-27 has first ED shots

28-36 Extremely cute SD shots!! Back has promo MOVIE pics!!

37-45, 46-54, 55-63 are story cards covering episodes 43-50

64-72 are shots from the 4th ED (ending) song on the front & back of the cards.
73-81, 82-90 Memorial cards: Special shots (highlights) from eps43-50


You know those papers in each foil pack? They were needed to do the mail in for a CHANCE to win a super rare card.
Don't know how many were made, but overall, not many. There was one for each set. These are the pictures
(no I don't have them) for
CM3 (Roy) and CM4 (Ed & Roy)

Movie Carddass Masters Set: Aug, 2005
72 cards in the complete set: 10cards/pack, 15packs/box: 6000Yen: 18SP, 54 regs. One SP in every foil pack

SCANS: SP1-9, SP10-18, 1-9, 10-18, 19-27, 28-36, 37-45, 46-54


SPs: $4US each: 16,15,12,8,3
Regs: $0.50US: 50,47,45,43,32,12

Movie Snack Food Promo Set: Clear plastic cards, teleca size/shape: 20 in the set

Spares: $1.50US each #4 (Al),7 (Ed & bad guy)

2 Original Visual cards: OV01-019, OV02-020

Morinaga has already done 4 other FMA plastic card sets!!! One is 3D collection (tilt the clear card and the image shifts).
The other one covers the whole TV series, Wafer Chocolate Cards / Fullmetal Fan Cards.
One card sealed in plastic. At least 81 of them.
Then there is the "Original Visual Card Series" and also a "Moving Collection Card". I don't know how many cards are in these sets.
Released all in 2005 I think... OK, wait, not 4 sets but ONE set divided into 4 sections/types:
81 in the complete set. JP page with list here: 9 3D cards, 9 Moving Visual, 9 Original Visual, 54 Memorial Story Cards.

Scans of the ones I have... boy these numbers aren't easy to follow >.<
Memorial cards: MS01-028,MS02-029, MS03-030,MS04-031,MS05-032,MS06-033,MS07-034,MS08-035
Visual cards: OV03-021,OV04-022,OV05-023,OV06-024,OV07-025,OV08-026,OV09-027
3D cards: 3D02-002,3D03-003,3D04-004,3D05-005,3D06-006
Movie card ... hard to scan ... changes between SEVERAL images, only have MV08-017
3D01-001, MV08-017

SPARES: $2.00US each: MS02-029,MS03-030,MS04-031,MS06-033,MS07-034,MS08-035,

Jumbo Carddass : Alchemist Plate Collection 1: Spring? 2004
Jumbo clear (can see through them) plastic cards 8.25 inches by 5.75 in size ... they're almost like shitajiki (pencil boards)
rather than cards although this plastic is a little more flexible than a standard board.


1: Ed sitting on Al's head, 2: Ed & Al with their mom on a picnic, 3: Ed, Al, Roy surrounded by Sakura blossoms
4: Ed & Al by a campire at night of a full moon, 5; Roy Mustang making things a little hot for Ed
6: Roy & Riza at Hughes grave, 7: Roy, Riza, Hughes and company, 8: Lust, Gluttony and Envy
RARES: Ed & Al in a sea of feathers; Al & Roy back to back sitting on a railway track

Jumbo Carddass: Alchemist Plate Collection 2: October, 2004

1: Ed and Al sitting back to back beside a railway track, 2: SD (cute super deformed) shots of main characters,
3: Winry's driving, look out!, 4: Ed on a swing as a kid with Al & Winry nearby
5: Ed shirtless and wet ^.^, 6: Roy Mustang, 7: Roy Mustang and his other officers, 8: Lust, Gluttony and Envy
Rare 1: Winry & Riza baking; Rare 2 :White Day (March) when guys give gifts to girls in thanks for the chocolate received on Valentine's Day

Jumbo Carddass: Alchemist Plate Collection 3:
July 28, 2005
Set for the movie release, 9 regs, NO rares. BUT, Lawson's (convenience store chain) had 3 clearplates
as a bonus if bought a ticket for the movie with them between certain dates. Only way to get these 3.

SCANS: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (see below), 6, 7, 8, 9
Lawson's 3 set: R1, R2, R3

Singles: $4US each: 9


Collection Card R (L) amune: July, 2004: 75 in set: 45 regs, 30 (18 "holo", 12 "foiled") inserts: 12packs/box: 1260Yen one box
3 cards (2 regs and 1 SP) in a pack plus one candy in a foil wrapper (12 different kinds of wrappers with FMA art)
Covers anime episodes 1-30. Great art on the back of all the cards too!

SP 1, 2, 3, 4-9 , 11, 10-12, 13, 14, 15, 16-18, 19-27, 28-30
Regs: 1-9, 10-18, 19-27, 28-36, 37-45; Example of the back: 37-45

Inserts: $3US each: SP10,11,15,17,28
Regs: $0.50US each: 4,5,6,9,20,24,30,34,36

Collection Card R (L) amune Vol2: July, 2005: 87 in set: 45 regs, 42 inserts: 12packs/box: 1260Yen one box
3 cards (2 regs and 1 SP) in a pack plus one candy in a foil wrapper. Numbering continues up from set 1.
Covers episodes 31-52 and some movie images too. 12 different foil wrapper pictures.

FIVE boxes and still not a complete set. Short 8 SPs and only got one reg set. >.<

Regs: 46-54, 55-63, 64-72, 73-81, 82-90
SPs: 31-36, 37, 38-39, 40-42, 43&45, 44, 46-48, 49-51, 52&54, 53, 55,56, 57, 58-60, 61, 62-63, 64-66, 67, 68-69, 70-71, 72

Reg set:
Regs: $0.50US each: 78,77,76,73,71,70,67,66,65,64,63,62,60,59,58,57,55,54,53,52,51,50,49,48,47
SPs: $3US each: 35; $5US each: 33

PROMO card (Only get from Animate I think... goes for $$ on auction >.<)
This is PR02. PR01 is of Armstrong.

Bromide Gum Collection 1: May 2004: 36regs, 9 SP: 3cards (2 regs & 1 SP) /pack plus a piece of gum, 20packs/box
LOTS of doubles so not quite so easy to get a complete set.
FYI: bromide is a bigger sized trading card, 4.75 by 3.25 inches in size

1-6, 7-12, 13-18, 19-24, 25-30, 31-36; Example of the back; SP1-4, 5, 6, 7-9

SPs: $4US each: 1,2,3
Regs: $0.75US each: 1,3,4,6,8,9,13,14,18,19,21,29,34,35,36

Bromide Gum Collection 2: Aug 2004: 36regs, 9 SP: 3cards (2 regs & 1 SP) /pack plus a piece of gum, 20packs/box

37-40, 41-44, 45-48, 49-52, 53-56, 57-60, 61-64, 65-68, 69-72; SP10-13, 14-17, 18

Near reg set: $20US (missing #45)
Regs: $0.75US each: 42,44,49,50,52,53,56,58,59,66,68,69,70

Also put out a seal (sticker) collection set in August 2004... and a can badge (24kinds) / card (9) collection.

July 2005 Animage insert shitajiki (flexi, clear plastic, more mini size than regular)


Photo Collection 1: April, 2004: 36regs, 3 SP AND Parallel foil stamped cards of all the regs: 6cards/pack, 15pack/box

Promo 000, Specials 001-003, 004-007, 008-011, 012-015, 016-019, 020-023, 024-027, 028-031, 032-036

Promo was available in Aug 2004 issue of Animage

Regs: $0.50US each: 5,13,15,16,17,26,31,35,36

Photo Collection 2: June 12, 2004: 36regs, 3 SP AND Parallel foil stamped cards of all the regs: 6cards/pack, 15pack/box

Specials 037-039 , 040-043, 044-047, 048-051, 052-055, 056-059, 060-063, 064-067, 068-071, 072-075

Photo Collection 3
: Aug 2004: 30regs, 6 SP AND Parallel foil stamped cards of all the regs: 6cards/pack, 15pack/box
Cards numbered 076-081 for rares, 082-111 for regs

Regular 30 card set: $18US

Photo Collection 4: Dec 2004: 36 in set: 3 SP (112-114), 33 regs (115-147): 4410Yen for a box

Photo Collection Television Anime Best Shot Special Box July, 2005
54 card set: 36 regs, 18 rares: 3 cards (2 regs, 1 rare) per pack, 18 packs/box: 6228Yen for a box
Also a NFS box card, number is 202, picture is Roy & Ed, similar to 000 card but they have different expressions.


18 rares are clear plastic cards:
148-151, 152-155, 156-159, 160-163, 164-165

36 regular cards:

166-169, 170-173, 174-177, 178-181, 182-185, 186-189,
190-193, 194-197, 198-201


Rares: $5.00US each: 150
$3.00US each: 148

Regs: $0.50US each: #196,193,187,184


Some of the books released:

Some of the books

releases in Japan

for Hagaren:

Anime Characters Collection Book (Dec 2004)

TV Anime Artbook 2

Anime Complete Book Material Side

Game novel

TV/Movie Anime Artbook 3
Jan 2006 release

Other items available for purchase:

There's also gorgeous Japanese fan made stationery (binsen) here.

Hagaren belongs to Arakawa Hiromu, Square Enix, BONES, TBS, Aniplex

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