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My Own Creations


About this site

Welcome to my LEGO pages

This is the place I share my LEGO hobby and keep track of what I have done in the different themes in which I have built, am building or would like to build.

LEGO me.

I have been a fan of LEGO since my parents bought me my first sets in the 1970's and I still have some of the fading, tooth-marked, yes even cracked and broken pieces to prove it. Around 2002 I discovered that there was a large group of people out there known as Adult Fans Of LEGO, AFOL's for short and I had an epiphany. Not only could I admit to loving LEGO but I could actually share a grown-up hobby based on a childhood toy. I had flirted with model ship building and often thought about model train building but by using my old bricks (and acquiring lots of new ones) I found I could build trains, ships and thousands of other models in a wide variety of scales and amazing detail.

Being a father of a young family I get little time to build but I am now taking digital pictures of what I build and will be sharing these MOC's (My Own Creations) on these pages. Currently I build mostly in the Castle theme but I am planning and buying sets for some Train/Town themed MOC's. All of these eventually will come together in Stackton, a fictional town that I hope will provide a unifying theme for all my building as I can build the history of this small town from Roman times until today with various stops along the way.

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