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1963 — 1969

25 JUN 2008 —— Operating


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C-2 Two unidentified TVRCs, each a laser-guided Civis trolleybus. The first line links the Castelló University with the seaside (presumably the Mediterranean). Photographer unknown. MAR 2008. Robert Stüssi was a guest and Ignacio Inglada was a guide. It is not known which one took which of these pictures.

C-frdoor The front door of the low-floor Civis. Photographer unknown. MAR 2008.

C-Turc The front end of the Civis signed 'Tur-Cas'. Photographer unknown. MAR 2008.

C-4 One of the three Civises being tested. Photo by Geoffrey Tribe. MAY 2008.

C-3 Another (or the same one) Civis being tested followed by another one. This photo is great. The bridge is one of two known cable-stayed bridges with trolleys running on it. The other one is in Riga. Photo by Geoffrey Tribe. MAY 2008

C-146-148 Civises 146 and 148 at one of the termini on a special tour by Intraexpress. Photo By Dirk Budach. 23 MAY 2008. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion.

C-146 Civis 146 in diesel mode at the Parque Ribalta terminus. Photo by Dirk Budach. 2010. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion.

C-1 Unidentified Civis trolley. Civis is no longer being manufactured. Further acquisitions will be from a different company. Photo Dirk Budach. 30 MAY 2011. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion.

A Lyon Civis on a trial run on the new overhead in Castellón. The system opened on 25 JUN 08 (YouTube).

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