Flora Mundi

Flora Mundi, by Nancy Ewart

A Trivial Page of Fanfiction

Welcome! This web page is designed to present several sets of fanfiction, by Nutmeg9cat, macha, Nicolas, Lisa, and Sylvia. We hope that you enjoy!

Newly posted, The Gift and 3Deep episode 5, Roman Holiday!

Also recent: Seven Vemons vol 2, by Nicolas, Psychomachia, part six, Buffy's Villanelle and Hark the Herald Demons Sing, BtVS, by Sylvia.

The As Time Goes By series by Nutmeg9cat:

Fundamental Things

On That You Can Rely

When Two Lovers Woo

Still the Same Old Story

3Deep, episodes one, two, three, and four, a collaboration by Tea at the Ford

Descant descending Buffyverse, by macha

Go here to find Tea At The Ford, where there's other stuff, mostly of a nonfiction nature and concerned with the Buffyverse, by Sylvia.

By Sylvia, these Buffyverse stories and poetry:

Crystal Cave, Dream Sequence, and London Hellmouth (Walks With Heroes and RDA nominee).

Alba, The Chambermaid's Tears, and Keystone Vampires.

Holes/Shells, The Lost Girl, Phoenix, and Oroboros.

Shanshu, The Wanton Folly of Me Mum, Blue's Clues, and Spike tries to write a sonnet about Dru.

Monsters under the Mistletoe

Psychomachia one, two, three, four, and five

And these Highlander stories:

Recent series:

The Clock Strikes Twelve, Letting In The Jungle, and The Tigress.

Seven Venoms, The Chameleon, and Murder.

Older series:

Adamas, That Which Survives, She, or The Slave Girl, The Good Student, The Reflecting Pool, Tall Tale .1 .2, Lost Horizon .1 .2 .3 .4, The First Horseman, and Living Water.

Gogmagog .1 .2 .3 .4, The Demon Lover, Matadora, Millennium, Pen and Sword, Mistress of Turquoise, Sorcerer's Apprentice, and

The Good Teacher.

Highlander Fanfiction by Nicolas

The Watcher Millennium Database and also Fair Rosamund and Iman Fasil, a Watcher's biography.

The Immortal Database, a Highlander story by Sylvia and Nicolas

Fanfiction by Lisa Chilton

Do Ghosts Lie? for DS9

Queen of the Goblins,

Trial by Fire and Time to Die for Labyrinth.

Go here for a page of Asia, and here for a page of Myths.

And, finally, here for a September 11th poem.

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