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I am now officially retired. That means that I am no longer required to hang around the house at all times, but "free to roam about." Sometimes that will turn out to be at the same time as a new issue of Swedish Press comes out, and you may notice that the SweMail comes a bit later than usual. But never fear, it will continue, just perhaps a bit later than you might have hoped. .... Ingemar
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I have just received a notification from my ISP that they are going to discontinue some of their web services, including these pages, in three months. Their rationale includes the phrase "... have become redundant and no longer provide the best value and best experience to our customers", which is just ever so close to my favorite "in order to serve you better". Whatever. Clearly they are simply cutting costs, and throwing their customers under the proverbial bus.
I will be looking for alternative hosting locations, but have not yet decided on exactly where. When I do decide, I will post it here, of course. So if you're an irregular visitor, please remember to check back here a bit more frequently.
... Ingemar

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Featured letter.
We will periodically publish one of your letters, especially if it is particularly glowing and complimentary! So if you'd like to see your name in print, even if fleetingly, send me a letter!

It is absolutely remarkable what you and the volunteer translators: Eva Grenier, Jan Sundin, Laine Ruus, Randy Nord, and Valentin Petcu achieve. The translations are available on a regular, continuing basis. You are the unsung heros of the readers of the Swedish Press. I very much appreciate what you do and I can't thank you enough. Många tusen tack.

Gary Petrus Johnson

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