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Coven of the Stone and Cauldron is a Gardnerian teaching coven in Calgary, Alberta, lead by Autumn River, a 3rd Degree HPs. Coven of the Stone and Cauldron was founded in August 1998, as a friendly hive from Coven of Caer Logres in San Jose, California.

We practice Gardnerian Witchcraft in the Long Island lineage of our faith. We offer in coven training for select individuals. You must live in Calgary or the immediate surrounding area to be a member of the coven. Due to our hectic schedules we do not offer any Internet or correspondence training.

Please note: The coven only accepts other initiated Gardnerians who have moved to the Calgary area. If you are not a previously initiated Gardnerian then you will be expected to complete additional training unless your previous initiation and experience held in another formal craft tradition is applicable.

Each application for Coven membership will be assessed individually.

Contact us via email at:

We have been receiving many email requests from people who would like information on Gardnerian or Wiccan covens or association in their areas. If you are looking for groups or covens we recommend checking out our Links page. We have local and international links that should be helpful for you to get in contact with some one in your area. So, unfortunately, emails concerning references to other covens and groups will not be answered.

It is true, many Traditional witches are what some might call “hidden children” and you will not find them on the Internet. An elder once said to me, “the best way to find a teacher is talk to other people in the local pagan community, they know who is well respected and trustworthy”.

Seek and ye shall find…

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