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The History and Musicians of
The Robin Trower Band

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About some the pages and what you will find.........................

Trower Tour History Timelines 
An ongoing data base on the shows and cities the RTB have played over the years. List includes numerous links to reviews, pictures, and other information. You can help by submitting the information to this site. 
       Magazine & Newspaper 
Articles,  Reviews &  Interviews
  Did you miss those great classic interviews from the
70's, 80's and 90's?  You might find it here. 
 A history of hard to find publications and the articles they 
contained on Robin Trower.
                                                  Lyrics Page
                                     Complete lyrics to the albums
"In City Dreams" "For Earth Below",
"Caravan To Midnight" and "Someday Blues"
Plus links for "Bridge Of Sighs" and "Living Out Of Time" lyrics.
   Pictures and Promo
      This section continues to grow with hundreds of images,
promotional material, press releases, and much more.
Exclusive pictures submitted from both the fans and the band members
that you won't find anywhere else. If you want to see the history of the RTB spend some time going thru these pages. 
Memorabilia My personal collection of promotional items 
 My music room to view my collection 
     An interview with Dave Bronze May 29, 2001 
  An Interview with  Davey  Pattison Jan. 20, 2000
An Interview with  Davey Pattison and friends "Pictures" Nov 20, 2003 
      An Interview with Bill Lordan  Mar. 13, 2000
An Interview with Bill Lordan and BLX " Here Comes The Storm"
April 18, 2003
An  Interview with Pete Thompson Page/News
An  Interview with Richard Watts  Sept. 10, 2001
A very special Interview with James Dewar Oct. 12, 2001
An Interview with Alvino Bennett  April 2, 2002
Information Page on Reg Isadore
Quotes   from Robin Trower and others
  In City Dreams  Promo kit and biography 
 A Little Bit Of History    My personal introduction to Robin's Music. 
My Favorite Links Please check these great sites and musicians links. 
 My California Adventure 2000
Read all about my first Robin Trower show 
and meeting the man himself. 
A trip of a lifetime!!!
A trip to London to meet the band 2005
During the 2005 tour in the UK I took a trip over to
see the band perform. Some great pictures!
 Around the UK with the Passion Band 2006 
Another trip to the UK to tour around with the band
Robin Trower Band Complete Discography
The official albums with track lists and some interesting 
links to stories and lyrics pages
 Your Trower Stories
If you have a great story about meeting Robin or any band members past or  present e-mail me at
  James  Dewar
Click here to read about Jimmy......he will be missed
 Stumbledown Romancer Jimmy's solo recording
Funky Paul Olsen 
The man who did those great album covers for Robin has an  incredible site with some amazing stories. Check out how the covers  came about and the other interesting pages on Paul's site. 
Paul also did the logos that you see on some of my pages. 
 The Song Writing
By himself or collaborating with others, 
it's the songs that make us keep coming back
 Trower Trivia         A little bit of trivia
Jude     a picture and more history
Robin Trower "Live "shows My personal collection

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